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1001 Chapter one – The Sailor’s Awakening.

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Five years ago I was a young Lieutenant in the United States Navy, a graduate of Annapolis, on the fast track to a long high ranking career. Five years ago, I commanded a Seal team, stationed out of Newport, Rhode Island. Five years ago I had a loving sister with a devoted husband, and two adorable twin boys. Five years ago I had a dusty old two story, which I only used when I wasn’t away working. Five years ago two policemen and a set of adorable twins that I hadn’t seen since last Christmas showed up on my doorstep….

Having only just arrived home from an assignment…, one that had lasted the better part of three weeks…, I hadn’t even had time to fix a sandwich. Even though I was starving, all I was thinking about right now, was a shower and sleep. I was dead on my feet, when the doorbell rang, so I wasn’t overly unconcerned. I figured it to be my neighbour, bringing over my mail, or some such. She was a lovely lady in her sixties. I had known her for years. I knew she cared about me greatly, having lost her husband, also a sailor, to a war long ago. What I found when I opened that door would change my life forever.

Still in my uniform…, I hadn’t even had the time to change, I went and answered the door. The shock on my face was obvious, as I was greeted solemnly by two Newport City Police Officers. The sad part, was that it was all too familiar…, I could almost see it in their eyes. In a way that was trained and ingrained in me, I assessed the situation quickly, and unfortunately…, came to the right conclusion.

“Lieutenant Trevallian?”

“Yes Sergeant, how can I help you?” I said as my heart died a little inside, knowing surely what was to come.

“I’m afraid we have some very bad news sir…,”

“How? … When?” was all I could say, as the rage started to build.

Slightly taken aback by my abruptness, the Sergeant continued, “Well sir…, on June the second at approximately 7:20pm, Dr and Mr. Mctiernan’s vehicle was driven from the road by a drunk driver, into wall of the…”

“Was it instant…, did they suffer?”

“We are very sorry for your loss sir…”


“Sir please calm down.”

There has always been something incredibly futile…, and somewhat suicidal, telling someone, who is trained in the special forces to “Calm Down”. But from the second I had opened my front door on that sunny late summer afternoon, I had known what was coming and had steeled myself to the inevitable.

“Please…?” was all I able to say, a small tear slowly trickling down my cheek….

My brother in law had died at the scene The Newport City Fire fighters, had however managed to cut my sister free still alive…, I will always hold them high for that, they have my deepest respect. My sister had fought for seven and a half days, to stay alive. She was a well respected, and much loved Paediatric Surgeon, at the very same hospital she was taken to. All the staff had done their very best, but in the end the multiple injuries she had sustained, proved to much for her. She was buried next to her husband only a few days later. My two nephews, luckily, had been tucked up in their beds while all this happened. Since then, they had been taken care of by friends of their parents. That is, until the courts could locate me…, their last living relative.

“Should I go and get them sarge?” I overheard the younger of the two officers say.

“What? What was that…, the boys are here? Where?” I was horrified and thankful at the same time.

“Yes sir.” The young officer said, “They’re in the cruiser.”

“JESUS YES!” I yelled, then calmer…, “Yes officer, please, go get them.”

Five years ago, I had not a care in the world. Five years ago, I was a lone wolf. Five years ago, I had two young boys to take care of.

*                      *                      *

“What have I gotten myself into?”

I used to say that a lot, ok…, maybe I still do…., occasionally. What do you expect though? When the kids arrived, I was still in my mid twenties; I could barely look after myself…, let alone anyone else. Now I had two very young, and somewhat fragile kids to take care of as well. To make matters worse, those very same kids had just had the proverbial rug, torn out from under them. I loved them both dearly though…, so I figured I would have to just make it work…, somehow.

To put things into a little perspective…, I was eighteen when the boys were born. And had not long graduated from high school. I was gearing up to head off to Annapolis, when two cute little blond packages…, that their loving parents named Corey and Dale, arrived. I did, however, manage to get three great months with them before I left…, I had always been quite partial to kids and looked forward to having my own some day. After graduation from Annapolis, I went to Coronado, for primary flight training. Having qualified in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, I was posted to a squadron…, which was assigned to a fleet carrier in the north Atlantic. With a home port, near my own home town, every leave chance I had I spent with my parents my sister and the kids. After serving two tours with the squadron, and on the advice of an old academy buddy…, I applied for SEAL CRT training. I had been there until that night.

Before my sister and brother in law died, the boys were happy little carefree eight year olds. At the time I could only pray that they would be strong enough to cope with what had happened. I will never forget that night…, the night, that they had come back into my life. As soon as the young officer opened the back door of that cruiser, two little bundles of energy ran at me…, bawling their beautiful little green eyes out. My heart broke as I dropped to a knee, taking them into my arms. Like I said we had always been fairly close. I had done my best to make sure I was always posted nearby, and always sent pictures, letters, and then later, emails home. I did my very best…, sometimes under extremely difficult circumstances,  to make sure they knew who I was…, it was lucky that I had.

My tears mixing with theirs…, Dale said, in between sobs “Uncle Cam mommy and daddy are dead.” What could I do…? My heart just shattered at that, and I held them tighter, so tight I could feel their little hearts beating against my chest. No man is made of stone I noticed, as even the hard bitten Police Sergeant shed a tear…, placing a strong hand on my shoulder…, almost the way my dad had done when I was sad.  Picking the boys up in my arms,  I took them into the living room. Not knowing what else to do…, I guess…, the officers followed. I settled the boys in front of the TV, wrapping them up together in an old throw cover…, that had been a favourite of my mom’s. As they drifted off to sleep in eachother’s arms, I took the officers into the kitchen.

“So what happens now?”

“Well…, the courts have signed custody over to you…, as you’re the only known…, living relative.”

That was hardly surprising…, My mom was an only child, and my dad, had immigrated from Ireland, when he was eighteen. Since my parents had passed on about five years earlier…, leaving me the family home…, and my brother in law had grown up as a ward of the state. That only left me…, there was bound to be others…, especially from dad’s side, but no one had ever attempted to make contact.

“I don’t know about this…, I don’t know if I can…, my job…”

“The only alternative is the boys be placed in foster care…, are you sure you want that?”

“No! … No…, that can’t happen…, I will make this work…, I have to make this work…, what do I have to do?”

With the court papers signed, the officers left. So I went into the family room to check on the boys. I must have stood there for ages, just watching them…, still cuddled up in a little ball on the sofa…, sobbing quietly in their sleep. There was no way in hell, I could ever let them go now. I don’t know how I could have even considered any other options. They were family…, my last family…, and family’s important. No fully committed, I went back into the kitchen to make a phone call. The call was to my CO, I told him that we needed to talk. He said that he would head over soon. Like I said we had been friends since the academy, he had been the one to convince me to enter the SEALs. He only lived down the block, so he was there fairly quickly. Once I put the phone down…, I set about making a few plans.

When Doug arrived, we headed into the kitchen, sitting down at the table. I noted the concern on his face, when he’d seen the boys.., but had left it alone till we were by ourselves. With his full attention, I laid it all out to him, everything I could think of…, and what I had to. I even went so far, as to offer to resign my commission…, I could no longer put my life on the line…, I also couldn’t be away for any length of time. Doug convinced me not to, however…, he said that I’d be throwing away a great career. Without even thinking…,  he offered me compassionate leave…, to sort out what needed sorting. I didn’t want to leave the Navy so I took him up on it. We must have sat there for over an hour going over my options, when he mentioned he had a buddy at the School of Warfare. Just so happens that, that buddy was looking for an extra pair of hands. Once again I jumped at the crumbs he offered me, and asked him to speak with his friend.

Hours later…, after he’d left, I changed out of my uniform, into some sweats and a hoodie…, I needed the comfort. The only thing I had left to do that night, was sort the boys, so I went into the living room and cuddled up with the boys. I asked them if they were hungry…, they said no, but I ordered pizza anyway. Good thing too, they pretty much demolished it as soon as the box was open.

“What’re we going to do Uncle Cam?” Corey said his eyes still puffy from sleep and crying.

“You’ll be staying with me now, little man…, both of you…, the rest we can sort out later.”

I looked at them both, taking them into my arms again. They were smiling softly again, as we finally drifted off to sleep on the sofa. It had been a rather emotional day for all of us. Within the month, I had been transferred into the training role at the Naval Warfare College. This suited me perfectly, as it meant that I would be home every night for the boys. That first month was pretty hard, and it took a lot of adjusting, but the boys seemed to settle in well enough, all things considered. They had a choice of the three spare bedrooms, but chose to live in the same room. Having said that though, for the first couple of weeks their bedroom saw little use, as they spent most nights cuddled up in my bed. That took some getting used to, I assure you.

It was summer, so we had plenty of time to get them acclimated to their new surroundings. Reggie, the neighbour from next door, became a godsend to me. Having not been able to have children of her own, she took to the boys like a surrogate grandmother. After all, she had been somewhat of a mother to me for the past five years, since my parents passed on. She helped with getting the place liveable for children, something I would never have been able to do! She sorted out the groceries, and made sure the boys had everything they needed. She also spent several nights over at our place cooking and cleaning up after the boys. If I hadn’t had her around I don’t know what I would have done, she taught me so much. I guess every woman just instinctively knows how to handle children.

We made several trips into the city, and collected everything the boys wanted from their parent’s house. After that I sold it, putting the money into a joint trust account for the boys…, none of us really wanted to go back there. We didn’t need the money, I had a decent salary…, and my parents had left my sister and I, a comfortable inheritance. At the end of the summer I started my new job with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and the boys started their new school. We had been almost inseparable over that summer, the boys hardly leaving my side. So standing at the gate, watching those little guys leave on the bus…, well let’s just say if it had been a movie then there would not have been a dry eye in the house.

Over the years the boys grew up nicely, they were no trouble really. Both were very active in sports, as well as other extra curricular activities. This had made them quite popular with the girls all through elementary school, not to mention putting them firmly with the “In Crowd”. By the time they hit grade school, they were firmly entrenched with a good bunch of people, friends I certainly approved of. I could see so much of myself and my sister in those boys, they made friends so easily. With those smiles, how couldn’t they.

Five years ago, my life changed forever. Five years ago, two sad little boys came into my life. Today I am the happiest “Parent” I never knew I could be.


Written by bigct/Octavius

October 26, 2009 at 01:18

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  1. Just found your story…nice start.


    December 27, 2009 at 14:22

  2. I just read chapter one of your story!

    You did a good job placing us right into the heart of the plot. The parents are dead and the children are “adopted” by Uncle Cam right from the start. No unnecessary wasting of time!

    I felt a connection to the sailor and the twins and am rooting for all of them.

    I look forward to seeing how their story progresses!


    Dean Grey

    January 17, 2010 at 22:41

  3. Great start to the story,well done.

    ian henniker

    January 31, 2010 at 07:14

  4. Fri. 12:09 AM. 6/10/10

    Saw you over on RB some time ago and decided to read your story.

    You are a good writer, in the sense that it reads well and easy.

    That’s just ONE of the things I love about RB. it reads well and easy.

    chapter 1 hell-of-a-start.

    caring…. sunny


    June 11, 2010 at 16:14

  5. Hi,

    Just found your site by accident, by using a link on Cody’s Twinergy story. Any idea where he is? I’ve been doing a lot of editing for him and sent a pile of e-mails but haven’t heard a word from him since November. Are you still in contact with him? Hope he is OK.

    I’ll start on your story in a dayor two.


    March 16, 2012 at 17:27

  6. Nity gritty start to the point. Definitely a start that makes you want to read more.

    Remmy Meggs

    April 26, 2012 at 10:42

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