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2070 Chapter twenty four – Book II

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Sometime later, Tyler awoke with a start, but from what, he wasn’t immediately quite sure. Of course, waking up in a dark and strange place, understandingly at first, can be a little disorientating. He could tell it was definitely still night though, probably deep into it too, by the look of it. But he soon discovered the reason why, because, he had actually been only moments before, in probably the deepest and most refreshing sleep he had had in a very long time. Usually Tyler was a very light sleeper and for some very obvious reasons, so it was hardly surprising that he was still somewhat groggy at first. It didn’t take too long for his sleep fueled malaise to wear off though and since neither of the boys had thought to pull the shades before getting into bed, there was more than enough light coming in through the window from the moon outside, which meant he was able to look around and get a good enough idea of where he was. To be fair though, at the time, he wasn’t even exactly sure if he was actually awake or still dreaming at first, but he was beginning to think he might be still asleep. This was especially true, when his eyes fell on the contentedly smiling, still sleeping face of Corey. Of course he was still asleep, how could all this not be a dream? He thought to himself.

Because it was a dream, or at least, he thought he was dreaming, getting caught wasn’t exactly foremost on his mind. So feeling a bit bold, Tyler reached out with a free hand and gently stroked the soft lightly fuzzy skin of the boy’s face. Even after all the time they had spent together so far, he couldn’t help but marvel at how truly beautiful he was and with the yellowish moonlight from the window dappling his supine form, it made him even more so. Initially, Tyler was content with just gently stroking the boys cheek, but as his courage grew, he took the opportunity to let his eyes and fingers drift up and down the boy’s body, taking in every little minute detail that he could see or touch, especially since he had the opportunity  to do so without comment or complaint. The warm night and the fact that at least one of them, had kicked the covers off at some stage, made his observations a little easier. Outside, the moon was still high, full and bright in the sky, but it had obviously moved some, because over time it gave off a more decent amount of soft light and with his eyes starting to adjust to it, he was able to take more in, watching his fingers run a light trail up and down the silky smoothness of the boy’s arm.

After a while his eyes had drifted far enough, to finally follow where his arm had gone and when they slowly made their way down to his hand, he found it just so happened to be now lying snugly on the top of  Corey’s hip. At first it was entirely innocent, as if his hand had simply just landed there somehow, but by the time he realized what he was doing, he felt himself lightly rubbing the soft skin and taught muscle just above the boy’s waistband. Corey stirred slightly at the touch and Tyler almost stopped out of fear, he knew he was doing something he shouldn’t, but he just couldn’t help himself. He didn’t stop though and luckily Corey didn’t waken under the feather-lite touch of the boy’s fingers. What Tyler did find amusing though, about the whole situation, was that he was inextricably, or more to the point, intimately entangled, within a very strong cocoon-like embrace. At first, he sort of felt like he should be worried, he certainly didn’t want Corey to wake up and be upset. But the more he thought about the whole thing, the more he came to realize, that Corey really would probably be fine with it, after all, he’d been fine with everything else so far. So consequently, after the initial shock wore off, the more comfortable he became and in the end, he just simply melted into him and the ensuing warmth of the embrace for a while.

After what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few minutes longer, he became a little too comfortable and consequently, he started to feel himself hardening. By it itself, this was not really surprising and wouldn’t have been a problem, given that he was a healthy boy and the embrace was warm and safe, not to mention somewhat exciting. But, he wasn’t sure how Corey would react to him, when he was like that and he felt it prudent to back off a little bit, just in case his bed mate woke up. In doing so, he discovered he needn’t have bothered anyway, when his hand slid between them and brushed up against that which had been, up until that point, very comfortably resting against his thigh. How he hadn’t noticed it before, he couldn’t even begin to imagine, but it was definitely there and his curiosity very much got the better of him again. At first, he’d pulled back, like he’d been burnt, but very slowly and even more carefully, he moved his hand back to lightly rub against the steel like tube covered in light cotton, gauging its size and firmness. As exciting and interesting as that all was, his still tired mind didn’t register a whole lot, other than it felt very nice that is and after a few light brief strokes, he slid his hand back up and onto Corey’s hip.

When Tyler snuggled back in close, if he’d been looking, he would have seen the small dreamy grin of satisfaction, slowly spread across the other boy’s face. Corey, on the other hand, was a heavy sleeper and had in fact, been asleep the whole time, comfortably stuck in a dreamland where things like that just didn’t matter. But he had still on some level felt most of what was going on, including the loss of warmth when Tyler pulled away. Somewhere in the back of his being, he’d also felt it when he came back again and his arms reflexively embraced the boy a little tighter. Whether it was to protect him, or just to simply not let him get away again, Tyler couldn’t actually decide and didn’t really care either, he just enjoyed being in the moment. The problem was, he was awake now and getting pretty desperate for a smoke at the same time. He also knew, no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t going to get back to sleep anytime soon, because he was just too keyed up, from everything that had happened that day.

Almost an hour later, Tyler was still awake and although very warm and comfortable, not only was he now dying for a smoke, he couldn’t remember the last time it had been that long without one, but he was beginning to feel the need for a bathroom as well. So very reluctantly, he decided to make a move and slowly, not to mention very delicately, extricated himself from Corey’s strong arms. Of course, this wasn’t as easy as it sounded at the time, given that the two boys looked more like a complicated pretzel than anything else and he had to stop every now and again to rethink his plan. In the end, he decided he had no choice but to slither his way downwards and with a little work, he managed to pull himself loose. Corey just rolled over into the space left by the other boy, shivered slightly at the loss of warmth, but stayed blissfully asleep, a fact which Tyler was greatly appreciative of. However, now that he was away from the warm body that had held him so close and kept him warm all night, he started to feel an ever so slight chill in the air and the first thing he did when he was free, was to pull on the first t-shirt he saw, blue, he noticed. He then spent the next minute or two rummaging through his pack, looking for his smokes, which he found towards the bottom. Standing at the foot of the bed, he smiled, although slightly sad, while looking down at the sleeping boy. He was almost sorry that he wasn’t still in his arms, but he had a very pressing need. A need which had to be addressed and soon, because he really just wasn’t in the mood to clean up afterwards.

Not wanting to wake anyone up, Tyler used the bathroom at the bottom of the stairs, then went to the far door in the great room, deftly slipped the lock and easing himself quietly outside. He was good at that sort of thing, having never been able to sleep anywhere he didn’t feel safe, he’d had to do that a lot in the first few months of his enforced and unwanted independence. That’s not to say he didn’t feel safe in Corey’s house, it just didn’t change the fact that he could pretty much get into and out of, anywhere he liked, without making a sound. Closing the door silently behind him, he finally lit up and took the first very rewarding drag, before going over to sit on the step. Of course, being the first smoke he’d had that day, it was making him feel a little light headed, but he just ran with it, very much enjoying the tingly sensations spreading throughout his body. Though face and body might have appeared serene, as he sat on that porch step, looking out over the lake, even in the darkness that surrounded it, his mind was a mess and so far from the peaceful environment, it just wasn’t even funny. Even the movements of his arm and the sucking back of his breathing, became merely mechanical, as if no more than a ghost-like echo of conscious thought, while his mind tried desperately to sort out all that had happened to him in the last two days.

In the end, he just couldn’t believe how lucky he’d been, in finding Corey and his family. Sure, he wasn’t naïve or foolish enough to believe that they were the cure to all his troubles. Those were, in fact, very much far from over, but he somehow felt, because of Corey and through him, his family, that his life had just become a little easier. Or at least, a little more tolerable, than it was before anyway. So intent was he, on his thoughts, that he barely even noticed the small, but content smile, creeping across his face, while he sat there blankly staring out into the darkness, his mind absorbing and his inner self beginning to echo, the peaceful soft rhythm of the lake’s small waves, as they lapped against the sandy shore, somewhere off in the distance.

“You know… the last person I saw, with a stare like that, ended up going batshit crazy…”

“JESUS FUCK!” Tyler yelled, falling backwards against the veranda floor, in his attempt to get away, but stopped dead still when he looked up and saw the sort of apologetic, smiling grimace of Cam, as he leaned against the half wall, smoking a cigarette of his own.

“Yup… that just about covers it, I think…” Cam said, chuckling softly, all the while reaching out a hand, to help the boy back up. “Sorry I scared you kiddo… I didn’t mean too…”

“I… it’s ok… I didn’t think anyone was up… wow… you did scare me… sorry…” Mumbled Tyler, as he took the proffered  hand and was pulled back into a more stable sitting position.

“What are you sorry for?… It’s my fault really… I should have known better…” Cam stated firmly, sitting down next to the much smaller boy.

“Um… ok… ah… what did you mean about me being batshit crazy?… or whatever…” Asked Tyler, while trying his hardest to get his heart rate back under control, the serenity he felt only moments before, long since gone.

“Oh… I didn’t mean you were… it’s just that I’ve seen that look before a few times… in my line, or what was my line of work, I guess now…. it was pretty common… do you know what I used to do for a living?” Cam asked, flicking his butt onto the lawn, then taking another two out of his pack, lighting both, before handing one to Tyler.

“Um… thanks… and no… I don’t know what you used to do… but you’re pretty buff, so I doubt it was like, office work or whatever…”

“Actually it was…” He said, and Tyler spun his head to look up at him in shock, which of course made Cam chuckle again. “Well the last bit of it was anyway, but I still kept in shape… I was in the Navy…”

While he let that one sink in, Cam just sat there watching the young man. Being the very astute guy that he was, he’d made a few observations of his own, but unlike the others, he’d kept them pretty much to himself so far. He knew the boy was troubled, that much was glaringly obvious, but by just how much and what, he wasn’t yet sure. There was something about him though, Cam thought to himself and not for the first time since they’d met, something calculating, yet gentle, like he was sizing everyone up for some reason. But at the same time, he could see so much goodness, so much untapped worth in the boy. Though he still didn’t know that much about him, he felt an innate sense of ease, when around him and wondered where that could be coming from. He did know, that the boy lived in a home, because he was kicked out of his own by his father and he also knew the reason why. Corey had told him the night before, after all, there were no secrets in his house, not the important ones anyway. Maybe that was it, he thought, maybe he was just more mature, because he had to grow up too quickly. Regardless, he was very satisfied with his nephew’s choice in friends, satisfied and very proud.

There was one thought he couldn’t get out of his head though, he just couldn’t stop wondering, if things had been different, was this how Carl might have ended up, or worse, Dale. As soon as he thought of his nephew though, he immediately scratched the idea, even if he wasn’t the way he was himself, there was no way in hell, he would have kicked him out of his home. Cam’s love of family and sense of loyalty, were far too strong to have ever let that happen, but what about Carl? He was another matter entirely, the relationship his adopted son and his nephew had built together was no passing fancy, anyone with half a brain could see that. Just like Dale, Carl was always going to be gay, that much is certain, because quite simply you are born that way. Be it straight gay, or somewhere in-between, you are what you were always going to be, no matter how hard you try to fight it. But if he hadn’t ever met Carl, or was not able to do everything that he had, for the boy he loved as if he was his own, would he have survived like Tyler was certainly doing? Of course, if he’d known a little more about how Tyler had survived so far, he would have been greatly more concerned about the matter, but the simple fact was, he didn’t, or at least, not yet.

“Some call it a ‘Thousand yard stare’… but whatever you call it, it usually means whoever’s wearing it, is greatly troubled for some reason.” Cam stated flatly, before the silence grew too long.

“Yeah… I’ve heard of it… I see it sometimes too, but I didn’t think I’d ever do it… um… what did you do in the Navy?” Tyler replied, trying desperately to change the subject.

“Oh… well, I started as a pilot… I flew fighters…” Cam replied.

“Wow… that’s pretty cool… fighter pilots don’t look like you though…”

“Yeah it was pretty cool… and yeah… well… I guess I spent a few years with the teams too… if you know what they are?”

“Um… yeah… actually I do… I saw the movie… it wasn’t very good, but I can see you doing it pretty well… is that how you got that?” Tyler said, pointing to the rather vivid scar on Cam’s thigh, one he usually tried to keep hidden, along with the rest, but the leg of his boxers had ridden up when he sat down.

“Ah yeah… sorry…” He said, trying to pull the leg of his underwear down enough to hide it, sadly, with the way he was sitting, his shorts just weren’t long enough and eventually he gave up. “Ah… it was a gift from someone, who didn’t like me being where I was at the time…”

Tyler was quiet for a while after that and both man and boy just sat there, taking in their surroundings. He still felt pretty comfortable though, and so far, he could tell where most of Corey’s personality came from. He even went so far, as to pull two smokes from his own pack, light them and hand one to Cam, as a sort of pay back from before. Cam took it graciously, but wasn’t overly convinced that Tyler was old enough to be smoking anyway, even though he’d given him one earlier, which he really did, on reflection, regret. Tyler could almost see it too, though he kind of misread the way Cam was looking at him. For Cam it was simple observation, like he had done many times and in many situations, in his life. For poor Tyler, he was so used to being looked at in a certain way, he sometimes forgot other people didn’t have an ulterior motive. On that score, he was still that little boy with the teddy bear and usually acted like one, thinking that was what all men wanted, because most of the men he knew, did.

“I guess you know what I do for a living though, huh?” He stated, just out of nowhere.

“I know some…” Cam replied, but before he could continue, Tyler cut him off.

“You can have me… if you want…” He blurted out, although now somewhat unsure of himself, with the confused look he was getting from Cam.

“Have you… what do you mean ‘Have you’…?”

“You know… um… fuck me… no charge, I promise…” Tyler said, feeling less and less sure of himself.

“Oh… OH!… Jesus Christ kiddo!… no!… I don’t want to fuck you…” Cam was angry at first, especially at being caught totally off guard. But the sad, lost and suddenly very scared look on Tyler’s face, calmed him down in an instant and his paternal instincts kicked in. “Look Tyler… you are very cute and so far, a very sweet kid… and if I was into little boys, I would certainly go for you… but I’m not… do you understand?”

“Yeah… I…”

“Listen to me kiddo… I know you hustle a little… maybe more than a little with what you just pulled… but here’s the thing… not all guys are into that, even if they are gay, which I am… in fact, I’d like to hope that at least most gay guys would never even think of it… not that I know that many… I’m sorry I got angry… I’m not angry at you, I promise… ok?” Cam said, not even realizing that he had in fact, said that he was gay out loud to a total stranger for the first time.

“Ok… I…”

“No, let me finish… you have a pretty shitty story to tell, I can see that now, but I’m not going to push it out of you… but I want you to know that from now on, if you need any of us we’ll always be there for you, if you ever want to talk, Reggie and Danny too… Danny’s probably a better choice though, but you’ll have to ask him why… it’s his story to tell, not mine…. but it has to be your choice… ok?…”

Cam waited for a response, but all he got was a timid nod towards the affirmative. He had a very strong point to make though and reaching over, he lifted Tyler’s face with his hand under the boy’s chin, so that he could look straight into the boy’s eyes.

“I don’t know what kind of guys you hang around with on any kind of regular basis, though I’m starting to get an idea… and it’s probably because of them, that you thought you had to repay me or something and that’s why you made that offer… which in a way I guess, was very sweet… but you don’t owe me, or us, anything… we do what we do, because we want too and because we can… not for some kind of reward… do you understand?…”

Tyler stayed silent, for the longest time, while Cam was talking, even though his hand felt like it was burning a hole straight through him. He had completely misread the situation and not for the first time, wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole. He knew instantly with the look on the older guy’s face, that he’d fucked up royally, but somehow, while he listened to what the guy was saying, he started to see that all was not lost, especially with the way Cam was talking to him.  He was talking to him like a dad would, but even more than that, he was talking like a friend and he was starting to say things that young Tyler, never realized, he ever needed to hear. In that moment, he felt like an adult actually cared about him, more than just wanting to screw him and because of it, he started to cry. When he did, Cam pulled the boy a little closer, but he wasn’t finished yet…

“… Look kiddo… I want you to know that from now on, you’re always welcome here… anytime… I mean that… day or night and for as long as you need… I’m starting to understand what it is that you think you have to do to survive, but I want you to promise me something…” Cam said, waiting for Tyler to acknowledge him, the boy just nodded again silently, tears still slowly dripping down his face. “Good… I want you to promise me, that while you’re here, you’ll just be a kid… ok?… just have fun, run around, hang out… whatever… but, just be a kid…ok?”

“Ok…” Tyler replied, through a hearty sob, lifting his arm to swipe it across his face and take with it his tears.

Of course, he missed most of them and Cam let go of his chin, only to place both of his hands on the side of the boy’s face, deftly and tenderly swiping away what was left with his well practiced thumbs. With that small act of affection, Tyler completely lost it and started crying again, his body wracked with unstoppable sobs. This time, just like that time all those months ago with his nephew, Cam didn’t hesitate. Not even caring how Tyler felt about it, Cam reached out and pulled the boy in, wrapping his strong arms around him and held on for dear life. Eventually the sobs calmed down and with them, so did Tyler, but Cam still held on, slowly rocking the boy back and forth, feeling he needed it more than he let on. When Tyler’s breathing got closer to something approximating normal, Cam loosened his grip and looked down at the boys face. The kid was a mess and so was Cam’s shirt, so being that it was already past hope, he slid his free hand under it and lifted it to the boy’s face, gently wiping it as clean as he could make it. When he’d finished, Tyler looked back at him and smiled bashfully. He was about to say something, but Cam beat him to the punch this time…

“So how much did that hug cost me…” Cam said, with a smile. “Because I think I left my wallet in my other pants…”

Tyler pulled back, though he was smiling stronger now at the obvious, but very bad joke. He could feel the building affection behind it though, so he took it in stride. Tyler was a smart kid and because of it, he was also pretty quick witted, so simply replied with…

“Usually ten dollars… but how about you just keep your arm on my shoulders and sit with me for a while… cool?”

“Very cool… smartass…” Cam chuckled, but kept his arm exactly where it was.

*          *          *

Corey awoke some time later, only to find the bed empty. He looked at the clock and saw it was just after five thirty in the morning, far too early for him to be awake, but even as still drowsy as he was, he was worried about his friend and wondered where he’d gone. Sliding his legs over the side , he sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes, while trying to clear the stardust from his brain. He still had his boxer shorts on, so he just walked quietly downstairs and into the kitchen. It was when going to the refrigerator, that he saw Tyler sitting out on the porch with his uncle. At first he was tempted to go out there and sit with him, but for some reason he stopped himself. It was like he just instinctively knew that he shouldn’t intrude and went back to the fridge, grabbing a glass from the sideboard on the way, to pour himself some milk. He put the glass into the microwave for a minute on high, then stirred in a teaspoon of sugar and skulled it back.

Putting the glass he’d used for the milk quietly in the sink, he looked over his shoulder through the window. The two hadn’t moved an inch and when he stepped over to the door leading to the veranda, he could tell they weren’t talking either. Standing there he gazed at the backs of his friend and uncle surrounded by a sea of glimmering gold made by the strong but subtle lights of the veranda. It became suddenly obvious to him that Tyler had been crying, though how and why, he didn’t know, but he could feel it somewhere deep inside him. Maybe it was just the set of his shoulders, or the way his uncle appeared to be comforting him, but whatever it was, he again fought the urge to rush out there. What troubled him was, over what, he wasn’t sure why his friend was crying, he knew his uncle wouldn’t have made him that way and felt safe in the knowledge that whatever it was, Cam was there. With that same feeling he went back upstairs and climbed back into bed, hoping that he could get another few hours sleep, knowing again, that Tyler wouldn’t be too far away

Corey was certainly right about one thing, Tyler wasn’t that far away. In fact, it wasn’t at all that long after he’d left the kitchen, that Cam told Tyler, he was going to go and change for a run. Of course, an invitation was extended, but the boy declined, feeling well and truly wrung out by then. Instead, he just followed Cam inside, then made his way back upstairs to Corey’s room, slipping off his t-shirt and crawling gratefully back into bed. Corey had nodded off as soon as he’d done the same, so he was asleep when Tyler got back. He was sort of half on his side, in such a way to face the other direction on  the far edge of the bed that he was lying on. Having said that though, as soon as he’d felt the weight of Tyler compressing the springs, Corey instinctively shifted in his sleep, rolling inwards and sliding his arm comfortably over the smaller boy’s body. Before he closed his eyes, Tyler slid his hand into Corey’s, intertwining their fingers and held it tight to his naked chest. The last thing he did that night, or morning as it were, was to nestle back snuggly against the bigger boy and though it barely registered to his conscious mind, a contented grin broke out on his face, while he drifted quickly back into the blissful arms of Morpheus.

This time he did actually dream and he was happy to note, Corey was in there somewhere too, but as these things often tend to be, it wasn’t anything at all like he would have hoped or expected. In fact, for the longest time, he wasn’t sure, or even aware of what was happening. All manner of images, thoughts and feelings swirled through his subconscious mind, pulling him this way and that, never really settling on one thing in particular, as most dreams tend to do. But one part did stick out, planting itself firmly into his memory, even after he woke up the next day. The two boys were fully dressed sitting on a grassy hillside surrounded by trees, both looking out over a large valley. In the dream, Tyler was sitting between Corey’s legs, the grass was wet and usually that would have really bothered him, but this time, he didn’t care for some reason. In fact all he cared about, was the way that Corey was holding him, so tight, yet so gentle and even though there was a rapidly approaching evil looking dark cloud, all he felt was love.

*          *          *

When Corey awoke the next morning, it was with a strong smug-like grin, he was certainly feeling very happy that morning. Especially when he found Tyler snugly spooned up in front of him, his arm still draped across Tyler’s side, with his hand resting lightly against the boy’s chest. He didn’t remember, or at least not consciously anyway, when the boy had slid back into bed, but he was certainly glad he had done. He was a little surprised at first, by the overt intimacy of the situation, but on a moment’s reflection, he decided that he didn’t actually care about the overly intimate embrace they were in, with both boys facing the same direction, Corey pressed tightly against the smaller boy’s back. He did care that he had a rather impressive hard on though, but what was worse, was that he could feel it pressing against Tyler’s very firm butt. He was pretty sure the state he was in, had nothing to do with being attracted to Tyler, or to boys in general, for that matter. Though in the back of his mind, there was a question starting to form, one he tried to ignore at that moment.

With the more rational part of his mind, he justified his condition, by putting it down to being simply indicative of comfort warmth and morning. But still, for some reason he couldn’t quite get a handle on, he was starting to feel a little embarrassed by it and backed away from the boy gently. Once free, just like Tyler earlier on, he could feel a pressing need, so slipped out of bed, padded into his bathroom and assumed his usual morning pose, sort of hunched over the bowl, in an effort to control his somewhat uncontrollable boyhood.

“Ah-hem… um… do you mind if I join you?…” Came a somewhat timid voice from the door, startling Corey so much he near missed the toilet, before regaining control of himself. He turned his head slightly and saw Tyler standing in the doorway, his hands holding onto the front of his boxers, which were rather obscenely sticking out, clearly showing a need of his own.

“Shit dude… you scared the crap out of me!” Corey said, as his eyes scanned over Tyler’s front, Tyler seemingly not in the least self-conscious about his current condition. Corey just grinned at him and nodded his head. “Come on then… I’m almost done anyway.”

Tyler didn’t waste any time, rushing over to the bowl, he already had himself out and ready, being very used to having to ‘go’ in these kinds of situations. For his part, Corey just chuckled softly, finished and shook himself off a couple of times, before pulling the front of his boxers back up into place, stepping away so that Tyler could move better into place. While Tyler was busy, finishing up the seemingly long evacuation of his bladder, Corey washed his hands, then went back into the bedroom and opened the window, before sliding back into bed. Several moments later, the toilet finally flushed and he heard the sink running for a moment, just before Tyler reappeared. Now that his need wasn’t so pressing anymore, the boy seemed embarrassed at the way he’d acted, so much so, that he had a full on blush from head to toe. But once again, Corey didn’t care and just lifted the covers, making the invitation very plain. An invite that Tyler couldn’t turn down and he moved quickly across the room, to climb in beside him.

They lay on their sides facing each other under the covers, the bedroom window now wide open, allowing a slight breeze to blow through the room and bringing with it, the still somewhat cool, but fresh morning air. Which of course, forced the two boys into huddling a little closer to conserve heat. Corey asked how Tyler had slept, not mentioning what he’d seen earlier, wondering if the boy would bring it up himself. He didn’t and initially, neither boy mentioned their aroused states either, both being thoroughly confused about the subject, though for very different reasons. What they did both talk about, was having woken at various times in the middle of the night, either holding the other one or being held. Tyler broke the ice by commenting on Corey’s cock up against his butt and giggled when he asked the suddenly very embarrassed boy.

“You know… I’m just curious… but do you always wake up that hard?… I mean, it felt like I was sleeping against a tree or something… I’m pretty sure it was just pee and not love, but Jesus!…” He said with a smile, causing the usually unflappable Corey, to blush deeply.

Corey recovered quickly however and not to be outdone, he retorted, “How do you know what it was… just cause I got up to pee?… how do you know that maybe it wasn’t both?”

Corey was smiling smugly to himself just then, thinking he’d gotten away with whatever he should be getting away with. Quite what that was, he was no longer sure though, because the morning was becoming more and more confusing for him. He was pretty sure, however, that he was just being played with, after all, he had made his feelings on the matter very plain the night before. But Tyler’s eyes never left Corey’s during the ensuing pause and for the longest time they stayed that way, lying there, staring at each other. It reminded Corey of the time he’d been in bed with Sam, she’d had the same look in her eyes, that he was starting to see in Tyler’s and it was really beginning to scare him, because he realized, on some level, that he was starting to feel the same way.

With his heart rate increasing exponentially, along with the turmoil in his mind, Corey lost a little of his composure. He was beginning to think about things in a different light and that concerned him greatly, but what worried him the most, was the excitement he was starting to feel. He really didn’t care about Tyler being gay, that didn’t bother him in the least, but he wasn’t, he liked girls, he wanted a girl and really didn’t know why he was even thinking about it in the first place. He knew for a fact, that if he asked, Tyler would do anything for him, or to him as the case may be, because he could see it as plain as day in the boy’s rather striking deep brown eyes. He was just so confused, it might be fun, but what would happen after? Would Tyler understand that it was just for fun, or would he think it was something more, something it could never be.

Corey certainly didn’t want to lose Tyler, but he didn’t want to confuse the guy either, because he was really starting to feel strongly about him, he might even be falling in love with him, in a way, but it wasn’t a romantic love. The really sad thing, was that he was also pretty sure Tyler was headed fast in the romance direction and he just knew that he could never feel the same way. He knew that for him, anything they did with each other, would simply be a different way to get off and he was instantly disgusted at himself, to have even considered using his friend like that. But for a moment, it was very tempting and he was equally sure about how good it would feel. What would happen to Tyler when he couldn’t reciprocate though? Hurt is what would happen and as soon as that thought entered his suddenly wrung out mind, so did a question ‘Could he live with himself afterwards?’ The answer to that, was quite simply, no, he couldn’t.

The silence was growing long and not a little strained, but neither boy had broken eye contact. Tyler did catch the shift in the other boy’s thinking though, especially when he started breathing a little faster and while Corey was riding his rollercoaster, Tyler began to worry, trying to think about what he might have said to cause it. Of course, the boy wasn’t a mind reader and although at the back of his mind, he had a little nugget of hope brewing, he couldn’t possibly have known what Corey was going through right then. He was a patient boy though, so decided to simply wait it out and see what might happen. It soon became obvious that he wouldn’t have to wait that long either, when a flash of intensity shot through Corey’s eyes, just before a slight grimace washed over his face, it didn’t last very long though. Tyler let slip a very small, almost inaudible sigh of relief, when Corey’s expression settled and he once again looked like he had just moments before. Gone was the worry and confusion from his eyes, just as suddenly as they had appeared and Tyler felt like, whatever it was that had been bothering him, was somehow settled. So much so, that it gave him the courage to do what he did next…

“Soooo… which was it then, love, pee, or both?”

“What… ohhh…. wellllll… I did have a pretty long pee in there…” Corey responded, with a touch of humor, feeling better about the argument he’d had with himself and the decision that came from it.

“Hahahaha… whatever dude… I know you want me…” Tyler replied, taunting the boy almost to his level of endurance.

“Dude seriously… if I felt that way, you’d be the first to know… I promise you that… but I don’t… I like the bun too much… not the wiener in it… you know that right?” Corey said flatly, catching the quick sad look in Tyler’s eyes, when he realized that nugget had just burst.

“I know… I was just teasing… I know you don’t like me like that… you don’t have to keep saying it…” Tyler replied, a little hurt, with a touch of sadness causing his voice to crack a bit, all the while trying desperately to hold back the tears he could feel building.

“I do really like you though… just not that way…” Corey said quickly, reaching out to run his fingers lightly over the boys cheek, trying to stop the hurt he saw there. Tyler started to smile weakly at the show of affection, a smile that grew with great intensity as Corey smiled back.

“I really like you too… and I’m glad you’re my friend… but I can still tease you about it can’t I?” Tyler said, with a cheeky grin starting to form at the edge of his mouth.


“…And I can still hug you … from time to time… right?”

“I’d be hurt if you didn’t… I love your hugs.” Corey said, wondering where the boy was going with this.

“Sooo… if I can tease you… and hug you… does that mean I can get a little feel in every now and again too?” The grin was full blown now.

“Hey!… that’s…” Corey was going so say ‘pushing it’, but then he realized that Tyler was in fact teasing him, so rather than getting angry, he rolled on top the other boy and proceeded to tickle him. Forcing his way under his arms, into his ribs and wherever else his fingers could manage to get to, all the while saying. “You asked for this… you know that right?”

Tyler giggled and squealed like a little girl at first, but after he managed to get his breathing under control, he started to fight back valiantly. Within seconds, his fight became desperate and he managed to keep Corey’s hands from finding any more targets, than he already had, because peeing the bed would really not have been a good look. A moment or two later, Tyler got a good hold on both of the Corey’s wrists and pulled them down against him, holding them to his chest. By this time Corey was on his knees, straddling Tyler’s body, their crotches all but pushed together. Corey was a little hunched over, his face looming above Tyler’s and as if together, both boys realized the position they were in and the struggling stopped in an instant. The stayed like that for quite some time, both quiet, their faces only six inches or so apart and both moving ever so slowly toward complete arousal.

Both boys were petrified, but again for very different reasons. All that was running through Corey’s mind was one simple question, could he kiss Tyler? Which led further to, did he want to kiss him? But as soon as that question was asked, the argument he’d had with himself from earlier came crashing down on him and he pulled back before things went too far.

“You know…” He said, his voice a little husky from the heat of the moment and the exertion they’d both just been through. “Sometimes I wish I was gay… then this wouldn’t be so weird…”

“It’s not gay if you’re just experimenting…” Tyler stated, he was starting to feel a need and was getting more than a little upset with all the ups and downs lately. Especially when Corey slumped back onto his heels and said…

“I couldn’t do that to you though… I couldn’t just use you like that… it wouldn’t be right.”

“Who says I’d mind… dude I get used all the time… what difference does it make?”

“It makes a big difference… especially to me Tyler, because I’d mind… I’d mind a lot  because you’d just end up getting hurt and I couldn’t live with myself if I caused it… I’d rather be a monk or something, than ever hurt you…”

As if a light-bulb went off in Tyler’s head, he could now see what all the conflict within Corey was about and he felt his affection for the boy surge through him. It’s true, he certainly wouldn’t have said no, if Corey had wanted to do something with him. The simple fact that he could see that, although straight, he almost did, but wasn’t going to and simply out of concern for him, made Tyler feel something that he hadn’t in a very long time. He’d loved Scott dearly and the boy had treated him well in their short relationship, but he realized that even he hadn’t been that good to him, having happily taken what was on offer the very first night. But Corey was different, he now understood that Corey was someone who actually cared about him and just for being him, not for what he could get from him. What made things really interesting though, was that he suddenly realized that he’d known it all along and that he was actually ok with it.

“You know what…” He said, reaching out to interlock the fingers of his left hand, with those of Corey’s right and gently stroke the smooth skin he found there. “I think I can actually live with that… I’m sorry if you felt like I was pushing you… but it’s not gonna stop me from teasing you… or even from perving on you when you’re not looking… but I really love that you’re a real friend dude… I don’t have many of those.”

Corey laughed softly when he heard those words and laid back down beside Tyler, pulling the smaller boy back into his arms, reforming that protective cocoon.

“I wouldn’t even dream of trying.” He said, as he nestled in snuggly.

This time, when silky soft skin, met silky soft skin Corey was completely flaccid, his inner turmoil a thing of the past. He kind of felt like, within himself, he’d passed some kind of test or something, although who was testing him and why, he had no real idea. But instead of dwelling on it, he just enjoyed the cuddle and was again thinking about sleep, when fate intervened with a sharp knock at the door.

“Breakfast is ready… if you boys are hungry…” Came the voice of his uncle, through the door.


Written by bigct/Octavius

October 26, 2011 at 18:43

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  1. Funny how its 3:30 in the morning and I’m up smoking too. One of your best so far and well worth the wait. Nothing more to say but keep it up.


    October 26, 2011 at 22:18

    • Me too!


      October 29, 2011 at 19:58

      • Me three! But sleep is over rated anyway!


        November 30, 2011 at 10:53

  2. How much did you say it was going to cost me to get the first signed copy of this WHEN it gets published? Like others have said, quit your day/night/day/night job, take an even more vow of poverty (though short lived as it will be!), and start writing full time! That way, you can get published sooner, and we can get more posts faster!

    Seriously though, it’s always a good day when I see a new post come up. And you really should consider making writing a full-time profession.


    October 26, 2011 at 23:02

    • I actually think we ought to get free signed copies.. All kidding aside, I would gladly pay for a copy. Listen to us C.T. You are far better than you give yourself credit for. This chapter was the deft touch of a master story teller.


      October 27, 2011 at 11:25

  3. That was the best story part I have read from you. It was so soft and so gentle and so cool. It was awesome the way you wrote that. I still think Tyler going get in Corey’s pants one day. I think Corey really loves Tyler too. Maybe not in a gay way that Carl and Dale do but pretty close. If anything could happen it be between Tyler and Corey. Keep writing I really like this story.

    Just A Friend

    October 27, 2011 at 16:17

  4. I don’t even know what to say….




    October 29, 2011 at 19:58

  5. CT sorry it’s been a while, it’s been a busy few months here. It was really nice to come here and find a few new chapters. Really enjoying the inter
    action between Tyler and Corey and Tyler’s meeting the family. You covered some confusing emmotions between the two boys very well. As always some great reading.
    Take care Stef.


    November 7, 2011 at 18:24

  6. Love this chapter, definitely a great build up to what I imagine to come. Keep up the great work.


    November 7, 2011 at 19:18

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