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2068 Chapter twenty two – Book II

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For both boys, their last two classes of the day, did nothing more than blend inexplicably into each other, as if to seemingly drag on without end. Far too long, they had both thought, almost at the same moment, in each of their respectively school wary teenaged minds. Though of course, in those minds they felt they were right, at the time, in point of fact, it really wasn’t far longer than seemed to fit within the realms of any kind of sane reality, that’s just how it looked. They were not at all helped in any way by the shock, bordering on frustration, which they experienced every time they looked at the clocks on the wall either. Especially when each gaze or sidelong glance, was only to find the slow and steady hands, hadn’t moved any where near as far along as they should have since the last time they’d checked. Having said that though, the afternoon itself didn’t care about the needs of two teenagers and stretched itself out in the most agonizingly languish manner and in so doing, kept almost the exact same time it had since time began.

But that day and to the two young boys having to live through it, it was almost as if old father time himself was mocking them, using those same clocks on the wall above the teacher’s heads, as instruments of the most intense medieval-like torture. Holding the hands back against the natural flow, forcing them into a snail’s pace, with every beat, every tick, every tock, even the slightest of movements, becoming a Herculean effort far greater than the last. After a while, which really wasn’t that long to begin with, the waiting got so excruciating for one of the boys, sitting through the monotonous and sometimes extremely boring lectures he had to endure that he decided, thumb screws and the iron maiden would have by far, been kinder and quicker. The other boy however, wasn’t quite so morose, but the simple fact for both of them was this, their building levels of excitement on what lay ahead and promised to be nothing but a great weekend, were rapidly threatening to boil over. With that distraction alone, looming over their heads as it was, the last bell of the day could not come soon enough and that thought, really wasn’t helping them any at the time either.

First up for Corey, after the lunch period, was english, which was a subject he particularly despised, though as to why, he was never quite sure. When he had nothing better to do and actually thought about it objectively, he knew there were some things he enjoyed about the subject. In the end, he figured it was probably all that reading, never a strong suit of his to begin with, which put him off in the long run. Of course, it’s not that he couldn’t read, he could and read very well, he just simply and often, preferred not to. Graphic novels and skate magazines, especially if they had the hot girl skaters in them, were one thing, being forced to pour through something a century old, with more pages than your average department store catalogue, was something completely different! But like anything else, if he was forced to admit it, there were times when he did enjoy to read, not that he’d ever actually admit that to any one. You see for Corey, it was the stories that did it for him, when he had nothing better to do, fanciful tales of far away times and places intrigued him to no end and allowed his very fertile imagination to truly soar. As for the rest of the subject, as far as he was concerned, he spoke the language well enough, in his opinion anyway, so he didn’t really need to know how it actually worked. After English, it was math, again not a favourite, but at least he was pretty good at that one, good enough not to be totally bored anyway. If truth be told, he was in fact, more than just good, he was simply able to hide it very well.

For Tyler, it was human biology, then economics and although he really enjoyed both of those classes, that budding excitement over his upcoming weekend was holding more than just a little sway on his quickly waning attention span. Sadly though, as that excitement grew, so did a very real sense of trepidation. It started with a sudden sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, when he remembered the plan they’d made in the bathroom and exactly what Chris had told him the night before. Almost immediately after that realization hit the boy, Tyler’s body betrayed him and he started uncontrollably sweating bullets. The stronger the sensation grew, it spread rapidly, ever outwards and upwards, with a hot tingly prickle like feeling. Not at all unlike thousands of invisible insects clawing and crawling their way up his back and over his limbs and wherever else they wanted to make their presence known, with their imaginary hot sharp pincers digging into the delicate softness of his skin. Although he knew no one really cared about him enough to take notice any way, as uncomfortable as this feeling made him, he still wouldn’t let it show.

Ever so slowly, Tyler mastered his mind and body and in doing so, he came to the conclusion that there was no way, under any circumstances, for the time being at least, that he could take Corey home. If he did, he knew for a fact, all this would achieve, would be to put Corey in danger, or worse and he simply couldn’t risk that. Not right now anyway, not at the beginning of what could be the best relationship he’d ever had. But what could he do about it, the plan was set and it was far too late to back out now. Besides, he knew Corey would be waiting for him outside after school and for the last few minutes of his last period, Tyler wracked his brain for any way out of his current predicament. His immediate concern, of course, was keeping Corey away from the home and therefore, away from the evil clutches of Chris.

While he thought about it more and more, he realized he had no idea where the other boy lived and that alone, put a serious crimp in any plan he had so far come up with, but Tyler was a smart boy and because of that, was very methodical. Whenever he’d had to solve something in the past, he always started out with the broad strokes, then made his way towards the centre of the problem and by consequence, filled in the blanks as he went, kind of like moving your finger over the rings of a tree trunk. From a great deal of experiences in his so far, young life, Tyler knew that all problems can be resolved relatively easily, by placing each set of variables in it’s own circle. Once each set is resolved to a satisfactory level and you move inward towards resolution, you form more, smaller and smaller circles, each time starting all over again with the next set of variables, filling in the gaps as you go. Annoyingly for Tyler that afternoon, was that his current problem just had far too many unknown variables, that just couldn’t be easily resolved by this approach and in the end, he felt like the little Dutch boy. But, unlike that fictional character of old, Tyler’s problem had more holes, than he had fingers to plug them with and he started to panic a little.

Time, it seemed, was against him again that afternoon, but this time for very different reasons. It was as if, his own personal grains of sand were tied inextricably with the drum beat clanging tick of the school clock. Which, much to Tyler’s horror had, in the last few minutes, shaken off it’s tortoise like speed and was now, doing a very good impression of it’s nemesis, the hare. Tyler even jumped a bit with shock, when those metaphorical sands of his finally ran out, with the shrill wail of the bell. He still didn’t have a real plan of action, but while he pulled his things together, he made the conscious decision to just wing it and see where fate would take them. After all, fate seemed to have been doing pretty well for him so far that day. One thing was for certain however, he was still desperate for Corey to have nothing to do with where he lived and while he made his way to the front doors, he wracked his brain for any kind of last minute reprieves. As luck would have it, by the time the bell rang for it’s final time that day, a slow unfurling of an idea started to form in his mind and like a drowning man, who will grab hold of anything to keep him afloat, he latched onto it, he just had to hope Corey would go for it.

Corey was indeed waiting for Tyler at the main door after the last bell, he was lucky in that his last class was so close to the main entrance, if it had been any other, he might not have made it in time. But even then, Corey had only been sitting there for a minute or two, before Tyler himself left the building and for his part, was somewhat stunned to see his new friend already there. Stunned but excited all the same, with most of the feelings he’d felt in the bathroom, when they’d first made plans, slowly overtaking his worries. He still couldn’t let Corey anywhere near his home though and so, as the two boys greeted each other, he put that small seed of his idea into action.

“Hey Corey…”

“Hey…” Corey replied, smiling up at his newest friend, only to have that smile falter a little at the odd look on the other boy’s face.

“Look… dude… I still totally want to come over, nothing’s changed, but… after all the crap at lunch, I never actually asked where you live… or how long you want me to stay?” Tyler enquired, somewhat innocently.

“Oh yeah… you never did, huh?… hahaha… I live that way dude…” Corey replied as he stood and pointed in the general direction of home. “Same road as the skate park, just further down… and I thought we agreed on the whole weekend… that is still cool right?”

“Oh… So you’re at the campground then?” In Tyler’s mind it had to be so, there was nothing else down there, nothing residential at least. “Yeah… the whole weekend sounds good…”

“Nice dude… um… do ya know it?” Corey said, instantly feeling stupid for stating the obvious. Of course Tyler knew about it, he lived in the same town, how could he not?

“Ah, yup… um… kinda… I’ve been there once or twice before.” Tyler said, in an overly sheepish kind of way, even going so far as to blush a little, although certainly not giving any indication of elaborating further.

Tyler’s slight change in manner, didn’t perturb Corey in the slightest, in fact, he barely noticed it at all and simply continued his original statement through to it’s natural conclusion. “My uncle bought it a few weeks ago… him and his partner are going to run it together…”

“Um… cool… ah… well… I live over that way though…” Tyler said, pointing off in the other, almost opposite direction, which wasn’t entirely untrue, but by the same token, wasn’t completely honest either. As ashamed as he was about almost lying, he really hoped Corey hadn’t noticed, but felt that he was committed now, so forged on anyway. “Kinda the wrong way, huh?… um… there’s no sense in both of us going all that way only to have to come all the way back again… and seeing as you have your board, do ya wanna just head over to the park and wait for me there?… I’ll be super quick… I promise.”

“Ahhh… ok… I guess I could… I was sorta curious about where you live though… is there some reason you don’t want me to come over?”

“No…” Tyler replied, and felt a warm gooeyness creep up inside him at the instant and sincerely heartfelt smile which popped out on Corey’s face, only to be replaced by a slight look of confusion when he continued. “… and well… kinda yes… um… this really isn’t how I wanted this to go… it’s really kinda complicated dude and we don’t really have the time to get into it right now… I promise though, I will tell you everything… but right now… please… just do this one thing for me… please?… just wait for me at the park?”

“Whoa… dude… that actually sounds pretty intense… are you sure you staying over is gonna be all good?”

“Yeah dude… it’s all good… trust me… you just can’t come over right now… it’s um… not safe… trust me on that too… please just wait for me at the park… ok… please?”

What had started out as a fairly decent plan, now lay in complete tatters at Tyler’s feet and he struggled mightily to regain some level of cool, all the while desperate to downplay the importance of the situation at hand. Begging helped a little in the second respect, but unfortunately, not the first. Corey seemed to be taking it well though, at least that’s what Tyler thought, until…

“Ok sure… I’m not sure I like it… but for you… I’ll do it…” Corey stated, effectively ending the discussion and in so doing, started walking off toward the park. Tyler still didn’t know the boy that well, even after everything they had shared so far, but that didn’t stop him from seeing, that there was definitely something in the other boy’s tone and manner, which led him to believe the conversation was very much, far from over.


As the two boys went their separate ways for the time being, each brooding in their own way over the situation, neither of them paid that much attention to their surroundings. They especially didn’t notice the unmarked and even more unremarkable low slung, blue four door sedan, in the lot across the street.

“That him?”

“Aaaahh… I dunno Daddy… it might be, but there’s two of them… so I’m not really sure…”

“I’m not really sure…” The older of the two said, doing a whiney but poor, imitation of the boy’s voice. “God you’re a fuck up… how could you… my son… get punked out by a kid that small… some big top athlete you are…”

“I’m really sorry Daddy…” The boy replied, starting to plead against the beating he felt sure was coming, or worse. “He came at me from behind and he was all like super ninja or something… I swear if it was a fair fight it wudda been different…”

“Sure it would…” The older man said, with a derisive sneer and a sidelong glance of seeming hatred. “I swear you didn’t come from me sometimes… you betta sort this… you betta get your man card back, or your life really is going to be hell…”

“I will Daddy, I swear… I’ll get him… just like I did last time…”

“You betta… but you betta not make the same mess again… it took me forever to clean up after you that last time, you little fuckhead… what do I always tell you?… no witnesses and no evidence!… especially evidence that links you to me… understand?”

“Y-yes Daddy… I’ll do better this time… I s-swear!” The boy replied out of fear, as he started to huddle up against the door he knew he wouldn’t open, on pain of something that would hurt far more than just words.


By the time he got to the park, Corey was pissed and not just some “I want it!… I want it!” kiddie tantrum, this was true anger. The kind that Trevallian men are well known for and in that, Corey was definitely his uncle’s nephew. A storm was brewing within him and he knew he would have to do something about it pretty quickly, before it turned ugly. It wasn’t that he was totally mad at Tyler, because he wasn’t. Well ok, maybe he was a little, but it was mostly aimed at his feelings of complete and total helplessness over the situation as a whole. “Trust him” he’d said and to be fair, he did trust Tyler. Corey was a very good judge of character, always had been, probably stemming from his own sense of self, when around other people. The fact that he himself, appeared so unassuming and carefree, most often led people into dropping their guard, only to show their true selves. Corey had seen more than enough of Tyler, in their time together so far, to have gained a somewhat decent level of understanding about the boy’s true character.

Corey had to get his aggression out though and once again, it seemed the fates were at work in the two boy’s favour. The sun was bright and warm, he had his board and laid out before him, was one of the better half pipes he’d ever seen. What better way to get the juices flowing, he thought to himself, as he climbed the rungs to the top, before wedging in and tipping over the edge. As far as the crowd went, he was pretty early and it was pretty thin, so he had little to no competition for space at that moment. Probably a good thing too, with the way he was feeling. “It’s not safe…” he’d said, what the hell was that supposed to mean, how would it not be safe? He thought, as he pushed into another high side air and grab, only just touching the lip at the very last moment, before dropping back in.  Corey was making everything he was doing look effortless that day, grabs, flips, fakeys, grinds, switchbacks, three sixties, five forties and even a seven twenty, just to show off. But none of it really settled his mood, it just made him tired, he knew he had to have answers and those could only be provided by Tyler.

True to his word, Tyler did not waste any time getting back to his friend. He ran home, ran inside and even ran all the way up to his room before anyone could actually stop him. Not that they would have stood much of a chance, that afternoon, Tyler was in a very determined kind of mood. Once in his room, with the door closed and locked behind him, he sorted out a quick mental list of what he needed to do. First, he stripped quickly out of his uniform and placed it in the washing basket, which he knew would be cleared over the weekend. Then he dumped the contents of his backpack onto his bed, in preparation of packing a few essentials, which he did so by rummaging through his drawers. He put in the obligatory briefs and socks, then added to the pile, by throwing in a few t-shirts some shorts and a hoodie and on reflection, a nice pair of jeans, just in case. He also put out a further pair of shorts and a light button down short sleeve, to wear on the way over. But before he got dressed, he took a quick sniff of his pits and decided a fast, but thorough wash, was definitely in order. Even knowing for a fact, that he’d be just as sweaty when he got to the park, he also knew that if he had a quick wash now, he wouldn’t be twice as smelly and that, he felt was the most important thing.

Coming back from the bathroom, now squeaky clean, or as clean as a teenaged boy can be without actually showering, he mentally kicked himself for taking so long, but there were still some things he needed to do and do quickly. As fast as he could, he pulled on fresh underwear and the clothes he’d laid out, before fighting gravity and all his books, as he sat down on his bed to pull on his socks and his best pair of sneakers. He then proceeded to quickly tidy away what mess he’d made, knowing the grief of doing it, would be far less than if he didn’t. There were few rules in the home, but cleanliness was chief amongst those that did exist. Finally he was almost ready, but first, he took quick stock of what he’d packed and threw in the tooth brush and deodorant, that he’d forgotten. Tyler took another quick look around his room, just to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything else he might need, then on a whim decided to take his phone charger and laptop as well, before zipping up and throwing his pack over his shoulder.

On his way out the door, he stopped briefly to sign himself out on the register, stating that he’d be away for a few days and therefore didn’t need any meals. This small task was important for several reasons, one was that the manager hated wasting anything, but chief among the others, was that it showed he was unavailable for the next few days. After all, the last thing he needed was a last minute booking, which would take him away from something, he felt, was much better. With that little task done, he was finally and well and truly on his way. Thankfully no one had bothered to try and stop him either, so as far as he was concerned, he was free and clear for the whole weekend. He hadn’t seen Chris, on his way out, so he was pretty sure, he’d dodged that bullet as well. Not that he cared really, because by the time he’d even finished that thought, he was halfway to the park and without realizing it, a much brighter future.

Corey was only half way through his routine, when Tyler arrived at the park, so for the time being, rather than disturb him, he just sat back and watched. Of course, Tyler had been pretty busy the day before and so, he hadn’t seen him skate. But the tricks he was seeing now and the effortless fluidity, with which Corey was pulling them off, left the boy well and truly in awe of his obvious skating prowess. Tyler could skate, though he knew he wasn’t really that good on a board himself, even with all of Scott’s efforts to the contrary, he was definitely a fan of the sport. In fact one of his most favourite things to do, when he was alone and it was quiet, was to watch all the online videos he could find. He knew it would never come to be, but he secretly wished he could pull off, even half of the tricks, he was watching Corey perform for him live.

Over the next few minutes, time for the two boys, seemed to stand dead still, while one watched and the other did what he did best. Funnily enough and in a direct contrast to earlier, they were both more than ok with that. But like every other great show, this one too, came to an end, as Corey popped up and ground to halt halfway along the edge at the top of the pipe. Somewhere along the line, he’d gotten too hot and left his shirt behind, but as he stood on the ledge, looking out over the park, he retrieved it, only to use it to swipe away the decent sweat he’d built up through his efforts. Now with his eyes clear, he spotted Tyler and the two boys waved timidly at each other. The pipe was still empty other than him, so rather than climbing back down, Corey let his board run down the drop and then slid down after it, landing at the bottom, before making his way over to Tyler.

As Corey approached, he didn’t look like his so far, usually happy self. Tyler was starting to get that tingly prickly feeling again, so before Corey said anything, he jumped in feet first…

“I guess you’re kinda mad at me, huh?”

“Yeah… I was… a little… but I’m over it now… I do trust you and I know you’ve got a good reason for what you said… I also know you’ll tell me what that reason is eventually…”

“I will Corey… I promise…” Tyler interrupted.

Though he didn’t say it, Corey thought that was pretty much good enough, and so with a nod of his head and a “Come on, let’s go…”, they were on their way. It didn’t take too long for them to get to the camp and as they made their way, their minds settled and their mouths loosened. Before long, they were back to being two simple teenagers, fleshing out their new found friendship. In fact, the closer they got, the stronger their bond grew and both Tyler and Corey opened up more and more to each other. They’d started off light though, as these situations often require, mostly funny stories about growing up, nothing too heavy, for the moment. Even though at that stage, they both knew, that those stories would eventually come out as well and by the time they’d made it to Corey’s front door, both boys were about as comfortable as two people, who had only known each other for two days, could possibly get.

“Hey Uncle Cam… where is everybody?” Corey said, as he walked still shirtless into the kitchen and found his uncle making a sandwich, to which he almost managed to snag a half, but unlike his uncle, was nowhere near quick enough.

“Hahaha… too slow buddy…” Cam taunted, briefly sticking his tongue out, but on reflection, pulled his plate slightly further out of reach anyway. “Get your own…”

“Fine…” Corey replied, moving towards, then thrusting his head into the fridge. “Oh um… shit sorry… Uncle Cam, this is Tyler… Tyler… meet my Uncle Cam, who really does love me… even though he won’t share his sandwich…”

“Hi…” Tyler said with a timid half wave, reverting back to his normal relatively shy self, for the time being. Cam simply smiled wide in return.

“Hey kiddo… it’s nice to meet you…” He said and pushed his plate back the other way, so that it came to rest in front of the younger looking boy. “Hungry?”

Tyler didn’t say anything, he simply nodded his head in the affirmative and  smiled gratefully and warmly at Cam, who had sadly, just shown him more affection in the last few seconds, than most adults did ever. Corey however, felt the very sudden need to object and did so loudly…

“Hey!… that’s not fair… that could’ve been mine…”

“Yes it could… but it isn’t, so get over it… guests first buddy… you know that…” Cam said as he pushed the last of the half sandwich from his hand, into his mouth and as he swallowed he walked over to his young nephew and picked him up in a tight hug. Cam knew he was probably embarrassing the boy, but he held the hug for several seconds, then, as if to add insult to injury, he wiped his mustard splashed cheek on the soft skin of his nephew’s face. “But you’re right… I do love you… hahahaha…”

“Eeewww… that’s so gross Uncle Cam…” Corey spluttered, while feverishly trying to clean himself off, all be it, still in Cam’s arms. “Totally gross… and you’ve been smoking again!”

“What can say… I’m still young enough to the need the odd vice or two.”

“Whatever… that’s two, too many… if you ask me…” Corey said, starting to struggle a bit in the embrace, as if signaling his desire to get out of it, the distaste slightly more than obvious. On the whole, Tyler was slightly shocked at this exchange, but even to him, it seemed as though they both really did love each other. Tyler felt a few small tears begin to form at the side of his pretty brown eyes, born of the sadness he suddenly felt, with the lack of his own familial bond.

“Well I don’t think I did ask you actually… but I know you still love me anyway… and to answer your question…” Cam sad, taking the hint and putting Corey back down on his feet, before going back to the counter, to retrieve his plate and put in the sink. “Your brother and Carl are in their room and I think Danny is helping Reggie finish off the kitchen in the diner… I’m pretty sure she wants to test it out tonight, so you boys better be hungry…”

“Ha!… Aren’t I always?” Corey stated, with a devilish sideways smirk.

Still watching the interchange between the two Trevallian men, with intrigue, Tyler came to the conclusion that Cam wasn’t at all what he’d expected. Of course, with the little that Corey had told him the day before, it’s not that he’d had that much of a pre-conceived notion to begin with. He just didn’t seem to be old enough to be a parental figure, which when he thought about it, wasn’t all that surprising really, given that he was uncle, not dad. Tyler hadn’t really known what to expect, to be fair, but he at least thought Cam would be someone a little older, maybe more distinguished or reserved. Someone who wore boat shoes and tan shorts, with a shirt that has an alligator on the breast. Instead what he saw before him, was a relatively young man wearing an old faded Navy t-shirt and cut off cargo pants. He was really built too, not overly tall, but he looked strong and on top of that, he looked like he knew what to do with what he had. But at the same time, Tyler could see that he had a real gentleness to him, a soft side that definitely shone through in his dealings with his nephew, even though he was making fun of him. In Tyler’s experience, that was usually an act to fool the weary, but with Cam, it just rang through with such honesty, that he almost instantly felt like he could be comfortable around him. That was not a very common occurrence for young Tyler, who suddenly felt a little bashful at being caught staring, when Cam shifted his attention Tyler’s way.

“You know what…” Cam said, as if he was completely oblivious to the fact that he had just been thoroughly appraised. “You’re our first official visitor… I have to warn you though, when you meet Reggie be prepared to be interrogated… she’s very protective of her boys that woman… and the Spanish Inquisition could have taken training tips from her!”

“Oh god… um… r-really…” Tyler stuttered out. Thinking he may have just been kidding, but when he looked at Corey, the boy gave him a nod in the affirmative and he started to panic again. Seeing this, Corey was instantly at his friends side to comfort him.

“Don’t worry too much though dude.. she’s really cool… for an old lady that is… kinda like Mrs Claus meets the terminator…”

“Hahaha… that’s actually a really good description…” Cam said with a smile. “I tell you what though… why don’t you two boys grab a snack and make yourselves scarce for an hour or two?”

“Ok Uncle Cam… we will…” Corey replied to his uncle, before turning to the fridge and grabbing a few things, including Tyler and dragging him out through the door.

“That’s my Uncle Cam… just by the way… hahahaha…” Corey said laughing and shrugging helplessly at the same time, as he led Tyler through the house. “Let’s chill out in my room for a bit… but first, how about a quick tour?”

“Ok… sounds good…”

Out in the main hallway, the one which they’d come in from, Corey spread his hand out across a room Tyler actually knew pretty well, not that he let on to that fact. Of course, his subterfuge was helped mightily by the incredible view and the sight, which was still very much breathtaking every time he saw it, of the sun coming off of the mountains and streaming in through the many windows. That wasn’t the only thing Tyler was staring at though, and he was very lucky he didn’t get caught again, but this time he just couldn’t help himself. Corey just looked so beautiful all sun dappled like that, especially since he was still shirtless and with the sun washing over his body, Tyler thought he looked nothing short of godlike. He mastered his feelings pretty quickly however and just in time too, as Corey looked back at him, while he indicated towards the rear of the house. The back wall he was pointing at was a true marvel of new world technology meets old world artisanship. The wood used was a stained deep dark color but almost non-existent, making the glass panes seemingly large enough, to almost link what he described as, the “Great room” and the kitchen. And the view didn’t stop there, for as the two boys looked out of those windows, past the veranda, in the distance was a picture perfect, postcard view of the entire lake and the mountains beyond it.

“Awesome…” Tyler said, when his mouth finally caught up with his brain.

“I know, right?… come on… I’ll show you the rest of the place real quick…”

And quick it was, as Tyler followed him through what was left of the hall and into the magnificent master bedroom, which he was told belonged to Corey’s uncle and his partner. He’d spent some time in there as well, but it looked completely different to him now and for that he was very glad. Finished with the first floor, Corey took hold of Tyler’s hand and led him up the stairs and down the landing to his room. He was told, the other boys lived in the room at the opposite end and that the one across the hall was for visitors. At first Tyler was a little disappointed at hearing that, but as soon as Corey saw the look in his eyes, he told him not to worry, that Tyler would be sleeping in there only if he wanted too, which of course, he really didn’t. What was really different, out of the whole place, was the boy’s play area. That was something that had never been there before and Tyler was pretty shocked to see all the toys, from the four large flat-screens and the various gaming consoles, to the large DVD collection on the far wall. A glass fronted fridge full of juices and sodas behind a counter, made to look like a bar and a popcorn machine in the corner, made it every boy’s kind of magic wonderland.

Tyler was now, very much in awe of the way Corey lived, especially since he seemed like such a cool guy and so well grounded, nothing at all like the other boys he knew with money, who were just totally spoilt little brats. But even with that in mind, nothing could really prepare him for where Corey led him next, his own bedroom. As he stepped through the door and walked down the small hallway, past the private bathroom and the walk-in closet, it opened out into a complete pig sty. There was still several half empty packing boxes littered around the place, a large unmade double bed stuck out from the wall on the left and a beautiful oak writing style desk, with a brand new laptop, on the right, along with a matching ‘Tallboy’ chest of drawers by the window. Loads of graphic novels were stacked up against the far wall along with several more boxes that still had yet to be unpacked. Baseballs, gloves and bats, skate magazines and CDs littered what remained to be seen of the floor.

Corey was evidently, a bit of a slob, in Tyler’s opinion, but that did nothing to change his view of the boy. There was even a light covering of clothes, of all descriptions, scattered everywhere, forming a trail to the en-suite bathroom. But it was the underwear that stuck out the most to Tyler, as far as he could see, Corey seemed to favor the more mundane cotton boxers, rather than anything flashy, as there were several scattered around the room. Of course, Tyler imagined he’d look pretty impressive in them too. He knew this room as well, although once again, the layout was completely different. The walls had been freshly painted in a deep rich regal blue, with an ever deeper red carpet, which matched the décor perfectly and to top it all off, through the window at far end, you could see a bit of the lake and mountains in the distance.

“Sorry dude… it’s a bit of a mess, huh?” Corey said, with a sudden and completely uncharacteristically embarrassed blush forming across his face.

“Nah dude… it’s… perfect…” Tyler replied, smiling back at his friend. “It’s totally you.”


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  1. Hey Octavius! Long time no see!

    The last two chapters were great, a nice set up for the weekend to come. I can see happy, slightly sad, and probably some scary times ahead. But I’m sure you’ll throw a twist or two, or seven in that I didn’t see coming.

    Hope you’re well! Don’t be a stranger!




    October 6, 2011 at 18:14

  2. Well, just got back into town from my vacation(holiday). What a nice surprise. Keep it up. Drop me a line CT and let me know how you are. Summers coming for you! Cheers!


    October 10, 2011 at 17:41

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