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2067 Chapter twenty one – Book II

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Tensions seemingly strong enough to be cut with the biggest blade imaginable only moments before in that overly crowded middle-school hallway, started to peter out pretty fast. Especially with the somewhat uncomfortable scene mostly over and the glare from the boys who had come to another’s rescue. Now that he could, without too much concern, Dale was finally able to take a quick furtive glance around. Initially, he’d really only wanted to see where the bully had ended up, but couldn’t stop himself from chuckling softly for the very briefest of moments and a somewhat dark, uncharacteristically mischievous smirk appeared, when he caught a clear view of his rapidly retreating form. He was even more amused when he saw the boy, who he’d later come to know as Kevin, propped up and supported by a couple of his buddies. This of course was particularly amusing to young Dale, especially when considering, he really didn’t think he’d hit the guy that hard in the first place, but hit him he’d had. Dale’s sense of mirth was short lived though and his smirk vanished just as quickly as it had appeared, when he turned his attention back on the small rumpled bundle of boy in front of him.

The first conscious thought that formed in his mind, was simply that the poor kid was a total mess, face filthy from the many silent tears he’d shed, some of which even now still slowly trickled down his otherwise sweet innocent looking face. Then his mind shifted to more practical matters, all in all, the kid’s clothes were probably the worst off, badly rumpled and disheveled but luckily, on a little closer inspection there was no really visible, or even permanent damage. Of course, all of that was just cosmetic and none of it really mattered in the grand scheme of things anyway, after all, clothes can be fixed and dirty faces can be cleaned. No, what it was that was really worrying  Dale at that exact moment, was the completely dead looking blankness on Tyler’s face and the almost total emptiness in his eyes. To tell the honest truth, for young Dale, it was as eerie, as it was frightening. Like looking into a black hole for the very first time and instantly feeling the dark immense power behind it, knowing that if it reached for you, it was all over.

To be fair, that’s why that look concerned Dale so much and deeper than he really wanted to admit, it simply wasn’t a look you would ever want, or expect to see on someone who appeared to be so young and innocent, no matter what the circumstance. In a way, it was like the kid had totally withdrawn into himself, as if that black hole really had reached out and grabbed him and he couldn’t fight his way back, though just how anyone could actually get that far inside themselves was totally beyond him. Sure, Dale had had his moments of depression, in the past he’d even had probably more than his fair share of dark secrets, but at least he realized that, his own life was more than likely something of a paradise in comparison to some others. Because of it, or maybe even in spite of it, as he tried to stare deep into the boy’s very soul, Dale knew how lucky he actually was for all he had, but no matter what he tried over the next few minutes, he just couldn’t shake the guy out of it. The simple fact was, he knew nothing about Tyler’s past, other than what little his brother had told him at breakfast, but even to him it was clear the kid had been beaten down pretty hard by life, especially on the emotional side. Which is probably why that look of sheer nothingness scared him so much and unlike most people, he had actually seen it once before.

Now there’s a pleasant thought, Dale realized, just as the memories of the incident in question surged straight back into the forefront of his mind, forcing him to involuntarily shudder a little. Not surprising really, the overwhelming fear, while watching his brother being taken prisoner through a pair of binoculars and how totally helpless he felt, knowing there was absolutely nothing, short of miraculously developing superpowers, that he could do about it. Then later, the all-consuming frustration he went through, of not being able to do anything to help him get over it afterwards.

At least this time he was able to do something constructive and for the time being, because of his own actions, he knew they were safe. Even still, with his adrenaline levels starting to equalize, he couldn’t quite stop himself from heaving a moderately large sigh of relief. Primarily because, on the peripherals of his very acute vision, when it became obvious their entertainment was over, Dale could see the crowd around them finally start to break up and move away, which in turn, had allowed him to breathe a little easier.

Although it was agonizingly slow, the halls did finally empty out slowly but surely, of all the kids who had for whatever reason, doggedly hung around to the very end. Like those that hadn’t stayed, most of them he figured, had either headed to their next class, or like in the case of the three boys,  gone to lunch. There is a big difference between knowing and caring however, and having said that, Dale found he couldn’t really care any less where they went, just so long as they were gone. After a while, he began to feel the subtle signs of heat from someone standing behind him and instantly felt a strong sense of security. On instinct alone, he knew it was Carl, he and his boyfriend were so in tune by that point, they usually always had that kind of effect on each other. Dale was thankful for it too, but at the same time, was growing ever more concerned with Tyler’s complete and total lack of physical reaction to his new found safety. It was like the guy was even more frozen than before, or worse, just totally numb. He realized he was going to have to do something about it pretty quickly, before the boy fell headlong into shock, Dale was a smart kid, he knew what shock was and he knew how dangerous it could become if left alone. He had to act and he had to act fast.

Once again, knowing and doing are totally different things and at first, he wasn’t totally sure what he should do exactly. What he did know was, providing as much comfort to the boy as he could, should be his first and only concern. Like his brother, Dale was also very emotionally driven, although he wasn’t quite as resolute in his actions, as Corey was. They did however, still share the same traits of caring and compassion, instilled at first by their parents, then honed to a fine point over the years by their uncle. So what Dale did next really didn’t surprise him, though why it should have he wasn’t quite sure. Working on the same purely paternal and protective instincts, inherent in all males of the Trevallian bloodline, he snaked his arms deftly around Tyler’s small frame and pulled him up into a standing position. Though not entirely sure how the other boy would respond to this action, Dale hugged him tightly but briefly for a moment, in a not entirely misplaced attempt at forming a bond, before near carrying him quickly into the bathroom. That simple act of compassion didn’t surprise Carl at all either, because he knew what the twins were like. He was also, although it had taken quite a while, very secure in his relationship with Dale and all he did about it, was move to stand guard at the door while plastering a stern look of determination on his face. Which, as it turned out, was more than enough to deter anyone from attempting to venture inside for the time being.

Inside the bathroom, Dale had backed Tyler up against the long solid counter and was still holding him tight in an effort to comfort him. Tyler on the other hand, although somewhere in his mind he was feeling a little safer, on the outside, was still almost totally out of it and started shaking a little as his own adrenaline began leaving his system. For Dale at least, shaking was a good thing though and he just held on tight through it all, rubbing his hands slowly and gently up and down the other boy’s firm slender back. Of course all that care and attention, from the slightly bigger boy, was having a very real effect on Tyler and as he came back slowly into himself, he felt a strong blush following closely behind, spreading over his face. When something else started to stir a little and grow, the embarrassment caused by that particular situation, started to make him feel a little more like himself. Dale didn’t catch it at first, in fact he was so caught up in his soothing whispers and soft caresses, he didn’t even notice when Tyler started to hold him back. That didn’t last long however, but when he did finally pick up on it, he didn’t say anything about it at all. Over the next few minutes, he could feel Tyler getting stronger and thought it might have been okay to take a step back away several times. Tyler however, had other ideas and for the moment, although the little guy did seem incapable of supporting his own weight, somehow he still managed to keep his savior in a fierce ‘death-grip’ like hug.

While they stood at the counter embracing each other, an eternity seemed to come and go around them, although in reality it was probably only a couple of minutes. After a while though, standing still as they were became quite uncomfortable. This was especially true for Dale, since he was in fact supporting the bulk of their combined weight at the time, which in and of itself was rather comical really. Of course, Tyler wasn’t actually as heavy as Dale’s efforts would imply, or at least he wouldn’t have appeared that way to a casual observer. To put things into perspective, the kid was just under five feet tall and would have weighed no more than eighty pounds soaking wet, but for Dale right at that moment, he was nothing more than complete and total dead weight and Dale was nowhere near as strong or athletic as his brother, or even his boyfriend for that matter. Of course that’s not to say he was in any way a slouch in the physical department for a kid his age, he was still in pretty good condition, but even then, he had to admit he was starting to struggle a bit with the effort. While the minutes dragged further on, try as he might, Dale finally came to the end of his endurance. Quite simply, he had had enough and having to use more strength than he thought he would have needed, he pushed his arms and body outwards, to force a bit of space between them and backed off a little. This gave him just enough room to slide his hands gently up under the smaller boy’s armpits and with the very last of his well hidden might, he hefted the boy up to sit him on the counter top.

Now that the pressure was off and there was more space between them, Dale stood back a bit to assess the situation more fully and what he found near tore his heart in two. Obviously his face was still a mess, but on top of all that, Tyler just looked so beaten down and forlorn, while he sat there with his somewhat short legs dangling over the edge. As far as Dale was concerned, whatever it was that had brought the kid to this point, must have really been playing havoc with his emotions and he had that sudden sinking feeling, the one you get when you realize you’re not quite adequately equipped to deal with what’s in front of you at all. He had to at least give it a try though, so pulling some towels from the dispenser on the wall, Dale wet them down a little in the sink next to the boy and started his ministrations, by tenderly cleaning off Tyler’s face. As it turned out, the effort was somewhat futile, when Tyler’s emotions boiled over again, it had been so long since anyone had tried to take care of him like that, it just pushed him over the very precarious edge he’d been teetering on, since his mind had rushed headlong back into his body and all the fear and hurt he’d felt in the last few minutes just exploded out of him in great body wracking  sobs.

Dale didn’t hesitate this time, he knew exactly what he needed to do and simply wrapped his slightly bigger arms around the boy and held him tight. The outburst didn’t last very long this time, no more than a minute or two really and as the sobs slowed down to slight huffs and like that first soothing almost refreshing breath of air as your head breaks the surface from a deep dive, Tyler’s mind finally started to clear from the fog he’d been in and he found his voice for only the second time since the whole grisly incident had begun. Although, all he could do was croak out into the soft skin of Dale’s neck, a very soft…


“It’s totally fine dude… you gonna be ok now?” Dale replied.

“Yeah I… I think so… um… you’re not Corey, are you…?”

Now ordinarily, he wouldn’t have been at all surprised that someone he didn’t know would mistake him for his brother, there were differences, but usually they were subtle enough to be avoided by all but the closest of observers. In fact, most times that kind of comment would have amused Dale to no end and if the situation were reversed, his brother may still have shown it. Dale didn’t think his brother was insensitive, far from it in fact, he just knew his brother was more prone to action over restraint and used humor rather than thought, to alleviate a situation’s gravity. Dale on the other hand, approached the situation on its own merit and decided on a slightly softer approach.

“Nope… I’m his brother Dale…” he said, with a soft giggle, while still holding on to him and although Tyler couldn’t see it, a somewhat cheeky grin spread out over his smooth youthful face. “…And that very sexy boy just outside the door is my boyfriend Carl… and you… you must be this mystery boy we heard all about at breakfast then… it’s Tyler right?”

“Um… yeah… I think I can kinda see it now… but you guys really do look the same…” Tyler’s mind still hadn’t quite re-engaged fully yet, but he couldn’t stop from giggling with relief either, as he began idly rubbing at where his neck had been pinched and chafed by the rough treatment of his shirt collar.

“You know what?…” Dale said, reaching out gently to take a look at the damage, before rummaging through his bag, pulling out a small pot of aloe cream and started massaging a little softly into the growing rash. “That’s the problem with being identical… I do all the work and my brother gets all the glory… seriously though… I am glad I was there…”

“Yeah… ah… me too… I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t stopped him… I really thought he was… Thanks…” Tyler said, rather sheepishly, not really wanting to let on what Kevin’s plan had been. After all, it was all he could do not to think of it himself, let alone having someone else know. “You guys are something else… you know that… I mean, not many people would stop to help… especially for me…”

“Seriously?…” Dale replied, the look of shock and disbelief evident on his face, but Tyler didn’t seem like he was ready or even going to elaborate, so he simply said, with a heartfelt and comforting smile… “Well that sucks, but don’t worry about it dude… anytime… how does that feel now?”

“Um… really good actually… thanks…”

“Cool… no worries… it’s good stuff this, I use it all the time… I’m getting really hungry though dude and I bet you’re hungry too… we really should get going before there’s nothing left.” Dale said, as Tyler nodded in the affirmative and slid himself off of the counter.

As the two boys took their first tentative steps out of the bathroom, both sighed with relief, seeing Carl was the only one still out there, and after a quick cuddle of the two lovers and an introduction made, they went to finally get something to eat. Luckily for them, because they took so long in getting there, the line for food was almost non-existent and they were soon taking their seats at their usual table, tucked away in the far corner by a large window to the outside. Corey, for the first time ever, had made it there before the others and as the somewhat tardy boys sat down, the relief that was at first on his face, started to give way pretty quickly to frustration. He was desperate to say something but Dale beat him to it…

“Hey bro… I think we found something of yours out in the hall…”

“Dude!… seriously!… where the fuck have you guys been…” Corey near yelled, then quickly looked around to see if his outburst had been noticed. It wasn’t, or at least by nobody that could cause him any grief that is, but as soon as his eyes shifted to Tyler, he was instantly startled by the rumpled, slightly stretched out shirt and the boy’s still red somewhat puffy eyes… “Wholly shit!!… Tyler… dude… what happened to you?”

“I… um… I… that is… we… um…” Tyler’s mind was suddenly in turmoil, for some reason he became so embarrassed, but if anyone had asked him why, he wasn’t quite sure he’d have been able to tell them. All he wanted right at that moment, was for a giant hole to suddenly open up in the floor and take him away. Of course he knew eventually he was going to have to say something, but as the seconds ticked by, his mind turned more and more to mush and he just couldn’t think of anything at all, that is, until Dale, seeing the boys worry, finally rescued him.

“We ran into a bit of trouble that’s all … but it’s sorted… it’s ok dude… don’t worry about it…” Dale said, trying to calm the storm he could see building up rapidly inside his brother.

“What… kind… of… trouble?” Corey immediately countered, somewhat darkly between what should have been calming breathes. Then turned his attention back to his new friend and spoke a little softer. “Dude, you ok…?”

Tyler nodded shyly and Corey seemed to be leaving it at that for the time being. However, Dale knew his brother far too well and because he wasn’t prepared to believe anything different, he knew he wouldn’t let it rest for very long and determined to keep a close eye on him. Meanwhile, as they ate, Tyler couldn’t keep his eyes off of the two brothers. Corey had told him he had a twin brother the day before, but he didn’t mention they were identical. Truth be told, he’d only ever seen identical twins in pictures, never in the flesh before. The more he looked, the more totally fascinated he became, he just couldn’t believe all the resemblances, even though he was soon starting to see the subtle differences. While he watched the two brothers eat, they seemed to settle down and concentrate on their lunches. Carl, on the other hand, having already finished, just sat back and watched the whole scene as it played out, chuckling a little every now and again at what he thought was some fairly obvious hero worship. He realized though, as amusing as it was, he could certainly understand it, he kind of knew how it felt after all, because he’d been in the same position with these two himself once.

Time can be a foul mistress, when you’re not paying attention to it and the clock on the far wall was rapidly ticking down to the end of the lunch period. Having now mostly finished their lunches, the boys settled down into some light ‘getting to know you’ chit chat and started to fully relax into the company around them. That is, right up until something smacked Tyler on the side of the head and instantly, they all heard the uproar, looking up just in time to see Kevin and his friends, pointing at them and laughing. Kevin’s hands appeared to be empty, but on closer inspection, at least two of his buddies were still holding their pudding cups, almost as if in preparation for another volley…

“What the hell?!” Corey yelled, as he stood up in a hurry and made to start walking over towards the bully’s table. Dale caught him before he could get too far however, and when he turned back to see if Tyler was all right, the boy looked like he was trying his hardest not to burst into tears and Corey’s anger deflated immediately, as his softer, more caring side kicked in. “Jesus Christ!… can someone please tell me what the fuck this is all about!?… why did he throw his pudding at you?”

“It’s nothing… please… just don’t worry about it…” Tyler said shyly, trying to wipe away some of the slimy mess that they’d thrown at him. Funnily enough, it didn’t actually matter to Tyler really, he’d been through it all before, never this bad, but by that point he was pretty much used to it anyway, he just wanted the day to end so he could go to the skate park.

“No way dude… you’re a total mess…” Corey said, his almost insane sense of honor and loyalty not allowing him to let it go, as he looked back over his shoulder towards the jock table, his anger growing stronger again, made possible by the overly snide superior grins on the jock’s faces.

“Just leave it Corey… please… for me… you’ll just make it worse… please… promise me?” The desperate pleading look in Tyler’s eyes caught Corey’s attention and he slumped back into a chair with a slight air of frustration.

Tyler was begging him, but for what he wasn’t quite sure yet, he certainly had no sympathy for those who had tormented him for so long, but, was it for him himself maybe? Or was it to try and protect the sweet boy he couldn’t take his eyes off of, the one who he just knew in his heart, would now and forever, do whatever it took to keep him safe. That thought alone troubled him greatly, yet at the same time, filled him with a sense of joy he hadn’t felt for a long time and this time, he felt safe enough to manhandle his emotions under some kind of control.

Corey, however, was still in two minds over the situation, he desperately wanted to defend his friends honor, but at the same time, he really didn’t want to lose his respect either. Looking at Tyler, there was something so foreign to him in the boy’s eyes, like a mixture of hope and finality, it was in fact kind of scary. The more he delved into them, trying to produce some sense out of what he saw there, the more the point of an effective reaction had pretty much passed him by. So much so, by the time he’d returned his gaze to the other table, the pricks had obviously been satisfied enough with their efforts, because nothing else flew over to hit his friend. That of course, did nothing to sooth his anger any and especially didn’t help Tyler’s self-esteem either. Probably because of that alone, there was this sickening feeling of the most intense rage, festering away like a cancer, in the deep dark pit of his stomach, giving birth to a righteous sense of up and coming retribution building up within him. While he watched them laughing it up and applauding each other, before he even realized what he was doing, he’d picked up his own pudding cup, but in this instance, just one look from his brother was enough to change his mind. Besides, why would he want to waste the only thing that was worth eating on his tray? Especially since, he knew he could just as simply catch up with them later and hopefully find a quiet moment to let them know how he really felt about their attitude.

Corey’s pudding cup incident aside, Carl and Dale hadn’t noticed anything other than the pathetic almost tearful look on Tyler’s face and in the last few minutes, both had tried their best to clean him up a bit, being somewhat more successful than the boy himself. However, the chocolate pudding had started to break down, becoming more of a liquid than a solid and proved slightly more elusive than either boy were prepared for. No matter how they tried, the flimsy paper towels they were using, were rapidly becoming woefully inadequate. Once again Corey felt conflicted, he was certainly happy to see his brothers had accepted Tyler as quickly as they obviously had, but he was pissed at himself for sitting there acting like a spoiled brat having a tantrum, all the while letting them do a job which he felt should really be his. As soon as that feeling hit him, he felt an uncontrollably sudden surge of disgust at his own inactivity, which was just what he needed to galvanize him into action and without not much thought or explanation, he stood up and preceded to drag a very surprised Tyler off to the nearest bathroom.

“Take your shirt off…” Corey said, as soon as they were safely through the door.

“W-what…?!” Tyler replied, the shock in his voice evident.

“Dude… we need to get you cleaned up and we don’t really have much time to argue… so please… take your shirt off so I can try to rinse it out a bit…” Corey countered calmly.

Tyler was still a little in shock and although very much embarrassed by the prospect, quickly saw the sense of what Corey was saying. Instantly feeling the first signs of what was sure to become a full blown body blush, with only one more quick moment of hesitation, he pulled his shirt slowly from his slim, but well sculpted young frame. His skin tingled as it reddened, but at first Corey didn’t notice his friends discomfort, thinking more about getting the task at hand over and done with. But, when he reached out to take the shirt Tyler was holding with an outstretched arm, he saw the very red and embarrassed half naked young man in front of him, and a small cheeky grin broke out, the first since all this had begun.

“Nice tan dude…” He said, completely unable to suppress his giggles, as he took the shirt over to the nearest sink to rinse it out.

“Shut uuupp…” Tyler whined in response.

“Hahahaha… Dude, don’t be a girl… get over here and dip your head in the sink.”

“What… why?” Corey didn’t say anything, just pointed to the mirror and when Tyler took his first look, all he could say was, “Oh…”

Over the next couple of minutes, Tyler did his best to rinse the pudding out of his hair, stopping every so often to check his progress in the mirror, while Corey was doing his best to get the stains out of the light blue shirt. Although not as successful as he would have liked, because some of it had dried before he could get to it, he managed to get most of it out and then hung the shirt over the hand drier in the hopes of getting it dry. Now with that task out of the way, he went to lean over Tyler from behind in order to help him with his hair. For Tyler, this of course had quite a different effect than the simple gesture of friendly help would imply and because of it, he tensed up a bit, which of course Corey felt. He wasn’t immediately sure why his new friend was acting the way he was, it really didn’t even enter into his mind that Tyler may, or may not have been attracted to him and what the very close proximity of his toned young body might do to the boy. In fact, all he could figure, was that in some way he may have hurt or scared him, or something, which actually led him to the completely wrong conclusion, but he backed away a bit anyway.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything…” He said.

“No… god no!… it’s ok… really… I’m just not used to someone getting that close and personal… you know?” Tyler said, with his soft slightly effeminate, but very boyish voice, as he finished up with his hair and turned round to lean back against the counter. “I’m just not used to anyone caring that much about me… it’s been a really long time… I guess I’m just a bit jumpy is all… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be… It’s ok… I understand dude… totally…” Corey replied, the sense of relief palpable enough to spread out across his previously concerned face and with it came the courage to do what he did next. “Um… can I ask you something…?”

“Sure… I guess…” Tyler responded, somewhat nervously, still not willing to completely drop his guard.

Corey saw the concern on the other boys face and wasn’t sure what to do next. This kind of situation never really happened to him. Usually his confidence was so strong, but there was something about the brokenness in this boy that gave him a moment of pause and he was suddenly not sure whether or not he should continue. One thing was for sure and that was, Corey knew without any shadow of a doubt, that this was a watershed moment in their budding relationship. So plucking up what was left of the courage he’d held so recently and with the increasingly curious yet nervous look on Tyler’s face, he pushed on…

“Um… what are you doing this weekend…?”

“Hmmm… nothing really… why… are you asking me out?”

It was meant as a joke, or at least an attempted one, but as soon as the words were out of his mouth, Tyler knew he’d stepped a little too far. To be fair, the look on Corey’s face wasn’t that of disgust, or even anger, more than anything it was blank. In the back of his mind, he had to admit, that he realized something like that might happen, but he really had tried very hard not to think about it. He knew Tyler was more than likely gay, given the things he did at the skate park and god only knows where else, but he wasn’t. Not that he cared if Tyler was, that really had no bearing on what he felt about the boy, all he wanted was a friend and in Tyler he’d recognized something similar to himself, a sort of loneliness that he thought they could fix together. The last thing he wanted was to, muddy the waters, so to speak, with something he most assuredly was not. It’s not that he hadn’t thought about it, after all he was one half of a whole and half of that whole was, but that’s all he’d done, think about it, he had no desire to act on those thoughts.

The look on Tyler’s face however, had taken on a whole raft of emotions, from humor to concern, from concern to worry and then from worry to fear. Even while Corey went through his inner turmoil, it only took him a mere moment to realize he needed to fix the situation fast, once he’d seen that look of fear. He’d never meant for the silence to stretch out like that, after all, it’s not like he wasn’t used to gay humor, he lived with it every day!

“Dude shit!… I’m sorry I went all quiet… but, why’d ya have to say that?… I still really want to be your friend… I don’t care if you’re gay, or whatever, but I’m not… you know?… I really need you to understand that… ok?” Corey pleaded.

“God I’m such a fuck up!… I really didn’t mean it that way… I know you’re not like me… I really do… it was just a joke dude… honest…” Tyler said, as he started to tremble, even with what Corey had just said, he was still strangely afraid. Whether it was because of the situation, or because of the boy in front of him, he really didn’t know. But at the time, he also didn’t know Corey, didn’t know the truly sweet and caring side of a boy who at one second could tear the heart out of any danger and the next wrap his warm loving arms around a person he cares about.

There was that watershed moment again for the two boys and this time, Corey didn’t hesitate. Before Tyler had even realized anything was amiss, Corey had closed the distance between them and wrapped those very same arms around his friend, for as far as Corey was concerned, that was exactly what he was. For Tyler’s part, the warmth of that embrace, soothed him in ways he hadn’t even realized he’d forgotten and simply melted into it, resting his face against the firm strong chest of the slightly bigger boy.

“I know it was… I knew it then too… it just kinda took me by surprise is all…” Corey whispered softly into Tyler’s light brown still damp, but silky smooth hair, “I meant what I said though, all of it… I guess I just needed to get it out there… but if you’ll have me, I am your friend and where I come from we stand by our friends… no matter what it takes…”

“I’m kinda starting to see that…” Tyler replied, all be it slightly muffled by the folds of Corey’s shirt and as Corey leaned back out of the hug, though still holding on, Tyler looked deep into those clear piercingly warm green eyes and suddenly felt safer and more loved than he’d ever felt before in his short life. Even when he was with Scott, he hadn’t felt that good and he couldn’t help but smile in spite of himself.

Sadly the moment was cut far too short, when the shrill wail of the school bell sounded, signaling the end of the period. Both boys timidly smiled at each other and after a short bout of giggles, Corey went over to retrieve the shirt from the hand drier. It was still a little damp, but looked much better than it had originally and Tyler was very grateful for his efforts, evidenced by the sincere smile that popped up on his face just before he put it on.

“Shit… we gotta go…” Corey said, as he looked forlornly at his watch, before turning to head towards the door.

“Wait… why were you asking about the weekend?”

“Oh… shit… yeah I totally forgot… Um… Uncle Cam wanted me to ask, if you wanted to stay over this weekend… and I thought it was a really good idea… do you want to?”

“Yeah… yeah that sounds cool…”

“Sweet… ok… I’ll meet you out front after last period… we can swing by your place to pick up what you need and go from there.”

“Sounds good…” Tyler said, nodding his head in the affirmative.


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October 6, 2011 at 01:13

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