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2066 Chapter twenty – Book II

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Morning’s first weak forays of light filtered deftly through the cracks from the poorly drawn shades of his bedroom window, slowly enlightening the boy’s mind to a whole new day. Corey had never by any stretch of the imagination, been a morning person to begin with and this was especially the case, when those first stirrings of a new day found him far too early. In fact, if he was pushed, he would even go so far as to say, no sane person should ever be awake at that time of the day. But even as disgusted as he was by the whole situation, there was no way he could stop it. What surprised him however, was when he noticed, that he’d woken with almost the same elation with which he’d fallen asleep the night before. A simple unfettered happiness, which just refused to leave him alone. So much so, by the time the slow haze of sleep drifted away from his mind, he actually started to smile.

Lately, what he’d found on any given morning was that, he didn’t have much cause to get up feeling anything other than numb. Today was different however and although it took him a moment, he was pretty sure he remembered why. Just before he’d drifted off to sleep the night before, he’d made a conscious decision that, today and the rest of his life was going to be different and now that he was awake, he was determined to stick with it. At least, that’s what he hoped he could do. Sliding himself out from under the soft warm covers still clad in the same dark blue red and green checkered pattern cotton boxers, with which he’d gone to sleep in the night before, he idly scratched, while padding light footedly towards his bathroom for that much needed morning relief.

It was while standing at the bowl, going about his business,  that he couldn’t help but realize, just how different he felt. That morning seemed so much more than all the ones previous and although he was sure it was mostly Tyler who made him feel that way, he just couldn’t get past what happened the night before. Corey was a smart, if somewhat emotional teenaged boy, not at all unlike many others and just like all those others, he too felt some sense of the disconnect which plagued so many of his age. But unlike so many of those others, what didn’t entirely escape him, was the way his family was there for him and had in fact always been so. Getting the chance to talk to his uncle the night before had been more than just therapeutic for the boy, it had lanced something buried inside him, a pain so vast and so deep, even Corey hadn’t known he’d been carrying it. Then to top it off, finding those closest to him, waiting at the dinner table with nothing but him on their minds, near blew him away. He had to chuckle at his own stupidity over that thought and in doing so, he almost missed his target.

For so long he’d been obsessed with being the strong one, the one that everyone turned to in times of struggle, that he’d stopped noticing those around him had strength to offer as well. When their parents died, it was always Corey who comforted his twin. For days on end, it wasn’t at all uncommon to find Dale crying himself to sleep on Corey’s chest at night and it was only then, when his brother was finally asleep, that he let his own emotions overtake him. Then there was his uncle and all they’d gone through together, over the last year, culminating in the death of a friend and the aftermath that ensued. At every turn, he’d been there for the ones he loved, but even with everything that had happened, he’d never stopped to consider that they might just be there for him too. The word appreciation didn’t even begin to cover what he’d felt at the scene in the kitchen and Corey’s first thought at that moment, was to wonder how he could have been so selfish, so childish. Home is where the heart is, that much had always been true and with his family around, Corey knew his heart was where it had always belonged. These feelings coursing through his young body, though not new by any means were definitely different from the norm and hadn’t seen the light of day for some time.

In a way, he was only now just beginning to feel somehow connected to his new home, like for some reason, he only now belonged. It was a good feeling and this new found sense of belonging, was to Corey, like the first rays of spring on an icy frozen tundra. And just like those blades of grass fighting so hard to push their way through the rapidly melting ice and snow, reaching out for that budding warmth, he could feel an unbridled energy building up inside him. Pushing the flush and slipping himself away, he realized  he hadn’t felt that good in a considerably long time and because of it, decided to go for a run through the woods. Although the sun was rising relatively quickly, going back into his room, he could see it was still somewhat dark outside, so he knew he’d have plenty of time and hoping it wasn’t too cold out there, Corey just pulled on a t-shirt, some shorts and an old pair of sneakers.

Before leaving, he checked the clock on his nightstand, just to make sure and as an afterthought, decided to kill the alarm before it went off as well. Then grabbing his mp3 player from the dresser, where he’d tossed it after getting home the day before, he stepped out onto the landing and softly closed his door. As he did so, he looked towards his brother’s room, in that way when you’re trying to avoid waking anyone too prematurely. Corey felt a sense of ease creep over him, when he saw it was still firmly closed and now that he knew he was safe, he sighed heavily, figuring quite correctly, their door would remain that way for at least another half hour or so, if the clock was right that is.

Creeping slowly and quietly down the landing towards the stairs, he was struck suddenly by a sharp ray of light, coming through the great-room windows. Having not been up this early very often, he’d never actually noticed that no one closed the curtains on all those large windows and he was completely unprepared for the sudden bright onslaught to his still sleep sensitive eyes, as the sun crested the very tops of the mountains framing the lake. From where he stood, the view was spectacular and as his eyes adjusted slowly he leaned against the railing, for a better look. In doing so, he could finally understand why those windows were so big. It was like the house was built with that very view in mind and wit it, he just couldn’t deny it was going to be a nice day. What with the sky, though still a little cloudy, clearing rapidly from light rain overnight, it already looked to be quite warm out there. Now that he was watching the sun breaking slowly, but strongly through the trees, the grin which hadn’t left his face since he’d opened his eyes that morning, grew a little wider with the anticipation of enjoying that very same warmth.

Time however, was wasting and knowing he could easily get lost in the moment, if he wasn’t to miss his chance, Corey knew he’d have to get going. This of course, was further evidenced, by the faintly muffled, but very distinct noises, he was starting to hear from his brother’s room. Of course, Corey knew that, although they may not have been moving around too much yet, they were certainly ‘Up’ . With that thought, he chuckled softly to himself while backing away from the railing, to make his way quietly downstairs. His uncle’s door was also closed, he noticed, as he turned from the hall into the kitchen. That one was a little strange, he thought, because his uncle was always up at this time of the morning but, stifling his giggles this time, he decided against listening at that particular door, just in case. In fact, he decided he had no need to disprove his theory and instead used his better judgment, for a change and slipped stealthily through the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge on the way out.

Knowing what Carl and his brother got up to was one thing, he decided about ten minutes later, while rhythmically pumping his youthful strong legs into the still damp undergrowth of the trail. Confirming to himself what his uncle and Danny did, well that was just plain gross! As far as Corey was concerned, in his still very young teenaged mind, that would be like watching two grannies going at it and that thought alone, was a total boner kill! To be fair, he knew everyone in the house was active and it didn’t really bother him. After all, he wasn’t exactly a virgin either and by no means was he innocent, but as far as Corey was concerned, he certainly didn’t need to know about it. Being a teenaged boy however, thoughts of certain bedtime activities just wouldn’t get out of his head, so stopping for a quick moment to take a pull on the water bottle, he turned the volume up on his mp3 player. This was of course, was in the vain hope, some heavy and loud pop punk would drown out the horrifying images, his adolescent mind had conjured up. There was one thing Corey hadn’t counted on though, while the music helped a little, sex was sex and as a hormone fuelled teenager, his mind wasn’t about to let them go that easily. Which in turn, gave him another problem, but one that as the growing boy he was, was getting pretty used to.

All those images did morph into some of the more cuter girls he’d seen at school, but he was somewhat alarmed at how long they took to do so. Good thing the trail he was following was wide and flat underfoot, because with what he was thinking about, he wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going. More of a gentle path than a true trail, he’d found it quite early on in his stay there and had used it many times for that very purpose. Just under two miles long, it was a short nature trail stretching lazily along the lake, looping back onto itself just before where it started. An easy trail, if you were just out for a stroll on a sunny afternoon, but there were portions of it which were quite steep. Consequently, if you were running it, as Corey was, it made for a pretty decent workout, but if you wanted something a little more strenuous, you could always just run it more than once. He wasn’t really interested in a more strenuous workout right then, so had decided quite early on, that he’d take it round once then head home. Of course that was probably a good thing, with his attention being split in so many different directions, all he had to do was make sure his feet stayed on the path and he’d eventually find his way back.

Letting nature surround him that morning, just taking it easy and with his morning going as well as it was so far, he was beginning to find himself quite content, but with the ambient temperature warming up and quicker than he thought it would, he was also starting to get a decent sweat on. So warm in fact, as he crested the largest and last of the small rises in the path, he had to stop and finish off his water bottle, to replenish some fluids. He didn’t want to stay still too long, but looking out through a break in the trees at the lake, he could see even more rays of sunlight, as they played havoc over the ripples. It was truly stunning and had a somewhat calming effect on the boy and after a while, all of the pent up shit in his head, stuff that he’d worried and fretted over for so long, started to drift slowly into the background, like it just wasn’t that important anymore. Instead, or maybe even in spite of, Corey found he was starting to focus more on what mattered in the here and now and he couldn’t help but chuckle at himself when that realization hit him, because he was sure he’d heard that somewhere before.

Hot, sweaty and slightly mud splattered from the wet path some time later, Corey stopped in the laundry room to peel off his messy clothes and sneakers and in doing so, he thought there was something very familiar on the air. At first he almost didn’t catch it, being somewhat overpowered at the time by his own smell, however, like the soft whisper from a long lost lover, it kept at him, nagging incessantly at his senses. In fact, it wasn’t until he’d fully stripped down to his boxers and straightened back up again, that he took a good whiff and immediately his nostrils were assaulted, with the rich peaty salty aroma of his second most favourite meat. The smell of it alone, would have been enough to intoxicate the young teen, but past experience, told of it’s perfection and his mouth started watering far beyond his ability to control. That’s the way it always was though, slow cooked to the point of a crisp almost crunchy texture. Obviously, breakfast was to be bacon it seemed and because of it, he knew there would be pancakes too with flowing rivers of maple syrup, among other things equally as tasty. But of course, having now sampled that luscious smell, the boy was in a deep quandary.

Pulling his ear buds out to hear the rattle of pans and plates, Corey knew where food was concerned, he was always pretty much totally swayed by his stomach and this time was no different. What was different, however, was that usually he was at least fresh from the shower, this time he was filthy and reeked of sweat. To be fair, Corey wasn’t at all embarrassed by the fact that he was about to walk into the kitchen in just his underwear, because after all, there was no one in his family who hadn’t seen him that way. But his smell was something of a little concern, even to him. Having said that though, like most teen boys who find themselves in this situation, Corey didn’t think too hard before deciding his hunger was far greater than his need to be clean. Unfortunately, what the young man hadn’t taken into account, was the simple fact that, what we can sense of our own smell, is a lot less than what someone else can. Especially when that someone, just so happens to have, the extremely well trained and heightened senses of his uncle.

Even with that very risk in mind though, Corey’s path was well and truly set by then. Creeping slowly and stealthily towards the kitchen door, he peeked out to see if the coast was clear, he saw his uncle at the stove, with his back turned and thought that this was chance. Taking a quick peep in the other direction, over in the breakfast nook, he could see the table piled high with the most delicious smells wafting towards him. Sadly though, in the worst case of bad timing, as he was just about to step through and make good his mad dash towards that view of paradise, his tummy gurgled in a loud and almost painful way. Every action has a consequence and with the action his stomach had talked him into, there were two immediate ones. First, it made him remember just how little dinner he’d had the night before and with the run, how very hungry he now was. Second, it drew the extremely unwanted attention of his hawk like uncle, who turned in surprise to see his grubby boy, at a door he wouldn’t have ordinarily expected to find him that early in the morning.

Like the dear caught in a pair of extremely high powered headlights, Corey turned to look directly into the determined, but smiling, eyes of his uncle and froze. Still a little streaky with sweat, legs covered with a thin film of dirt and the saddest most forlorn, yet guilty, puppy dog look on his face, Corey simply couldn’t deny he’d been caught, with his proverbial hand in the cookie jar. Cam on the other hand, struggling ever so hard not to burst out with laughter simply said, while pointing to the other door…

“Don’t even think about it kiddo… you just get your cute little butt up those stairs and into the shower right now… breakfast will still be here when you get back.”

Corey had no choice but to comply, knowing no argument would ever be good enough to sway his uncle in a situation like this and turned to head towards the stairs. He knew Cam wasn’t mad at him, Cam never really got mad at any of the boys and as if to prove that thought, when he was just about to pass by his uncle, Cam gently put his hand on the boy’s chest to stop him. There was no hesitation in Cam’s action, not caring in the slightest what state the boy was in, he wrapped his arms around his nephew and held him tight. They stayed like that for what seemed like the longest time, even though it was probably only for a second or two and both could feel the connection, which had weakened slightly over the last few months, grow back even stronger than it had been to begin with. But as with all good moments, this one had to end and was soon broken by Cam…

“It’s so good to see you happy again kiddo… I’ve missed that smile of yours so much, you have no idea… I’ll tell you what… I know you’re hungry, but take as much time as you need… I’ll put some food on a plate in the oven to keep warm so you don’t miss out… ok?” He whispered into his boy’s somewhat slimy blond mop of hair.

“Ok… thanks Uncle Cam…”

“I love you so much kiddo…” He said, backing away slightly and staring deeply into his nephews eyes, letting his arms fall slowly away.

“I love you too…” Corey replied.

With his own arms still resting lightly on Cam’s strong shoulders, Corey couldn’t help but smile back at him and it wasn’t just any smile either, for the first time in a long time, this one had definite feeling. One of those smiles that starts off slowly in your chest, with your heart swelling till you think it’s about to burst, before it spreads upwards, right over your face. But in this case it continued on, until it got to Corey’s beautiful green eyes, making them give off that special sparkle which Cam hadn’t seen for quite a while. Nothing else was said, no words were needed, because somehow with that sparkle he saw, Cam just knew everything was going to be ok. Getting up off of the cold kitchen floor, he gave his nephew a light smack on the butt sending him on his way, while he himself headed back to the stove and the pancakes which were dangerously close to becoming burnt.

Although his uncle told him to take his time, it only really took Corey about twenty minutes to wash and get dressed in his uniform. The boy still couldn’t get over the uniform thing, mostly because he was still trying to be a little rebellious with it, even though there wasn’t much he could do to be different. His shower was good though, very good in fact, gallons of hot clear water had streamed down his taut frame, serving the dual purposes of cleansing, as well as soothing his body. He needed it too and not just because he was filthy from his run, but because it felt as if, along with the dirt sweat and grime, some of his worries were being washed away along with the water running down the drain. Of course, there was also the quick firm handshake he’d given himself too and that was probably why, as he stepped out onto the plush bath mat, he felt thoroughly refreshed, along with being squeaky clean.

Corey left his bedroom for the second time that morning, feeling a little lighter and a little brighter, but before he could stop himself, he couldn’t help but think about why his day was going so well. He tried hard to ignore the rising dread that was rapidly trying to consume him, but as the pessimist he had quickly become, while he walked slowly down the stairs, he had to wonder when the hammer was going to fall. Of course, by the time he got back to the kitchen and now looking somewhat more presentable than earlier, he’d managed to master it. Simply put, he did what he always did, he pushed it deep down inside him. Burying it under his new found happiness, in the place where he kept such things, the place where it belonged. Ever since the boat incident, he’d gotten so good at doing it, at hiding what he truly felt, he was even able to put real feeling into the smile he made as he stepped towards the kitchen.

Standing dead still, Corey stood there in the doorway for a moment, just looking over towards the table nestled inside the bay windows, watching the picture of a perfect family. Cam was still at the stove, flipping more pancakes onto a plate and then looking further in, he saw Danny at the table with his brothers, chatting and joking away. He was amazed at how much he’d missed it and he started to forget everything else, as all the good feelings from that morning flowed slowly back through him. His resolve to get over his loneliness a little stronger because of it, he walked slowly but purposefully through the kitchen. Winking at his uncle on the way past, he slipped into his place at the table and blended easily into the camaraderie he’d previously witnessed. They were already most of the way through the piles of food that had been there when he came in previously, but true to his word, before too long, a plate piled high was set down in front of him and as his tummy rumbled again, he looked up at his uncle with extreme gratitude.

Conversation around the table was pretty light, as it usually was in the Trevallian household. The boys talked about school and what was happening with classes and what their plans were for the summer, while the older two talked about the prep work still needed for the coming season. Corey was content, to just sit there and take it all in, of course, he did offer his opinion if needed or requested. But mostly he was quiet, as he went about the task of devouring his meal, a task he took too with great enthusiasm. That is, until his uncle brought up the topic of Tyler and Corey felt obliged to fill in the gaps. He hadn’t had the chance to do so the previous evening and as he went on, he found the story easier and easier to tell. They all knew how important the subject was to him and so they just let him get it all out, with just the briefest of questions every now and again to clarify some point or another. They even all agreed with Cam’s suggestion about having him over for the weekend, which made Corey a little more excited about the prospect.

After breakfast, Corey raced back upstairs to brush his teeth and decided, rather than taking his bike, which had been his usual mode of transportation lately, he would take his board to school instead. There was no real reason why, other than making it easier, if he was somehow able to convince Tyler to come home with him. That was his plan anyway, it hadn’t been, but after talking with his uncle the night before and then again the talk at breakfast, he thought it was a really good idea. One thing lead to another, once that thought process started and he began to think about how he could entertain his new friend that night and maybe even the next day. He was sure he had plenty to offer, there was several gaming consoles in the games room and he had a TV and his laptop in his room. By the time he’d sat down at his desk in homeroom, he thought he had a pretty decent plan of attack, the only hard part was going to be convincing Tyler to stay. But when he saw him walk in and the smile lighting up the boy’s face as soon he saw Corey, was enough to convince him it might be.

*                      *                      *

Neither boy noticed the shit eating grin, or the somewhat triumphant wringing of hands behind them and as soon as the bell went, they said their goodbyes, before walking off down the hall in different directions, heading to their first class of the day. For Tyler, that first period was math and he absolutely hated it, not because he was no good at it, in fact he was probably too good at it, hence his rather strong distaste for the subject. It was in fact, this subject’s teacher was a somewhat regular client of his, which made things rather difficult for him. There was no real putting it off though, in his line of work, it was just one of those things that had to be done and he wanted to get it over with. Tyler had to chuckle though as he walked into the boring class, he couldn’t help but notice and without much surprise, that those already there were still half asleep. After all, he knew no one in this school really woke up until around half way through second period anyway, except for the really boring bookworms that is.

As usual, the teacher wasn’t in yet, so in an effort to hide himself away until the end of the period, he took a seat down the back and created a small wall on his desk with his textbook. Tyler knew it was a futile effort to try and hide, even if only for a little while. He knew he’d have to suffer the subtle, but lecherous stares of his teacher eventually, he just wanted to put it off for as long as he could. As it turned out, that wasn’t as long as he would have hoped, when Kevin Kirkland, the school’s pride quarterback and all round jock, as well as the tormentor from the back row of his homeroom, reached over and slapped his book away. Instantly, a shot of fear ran through him, half expecting another slap to come his way, but that soon turned to anger and humiliation, as the rest of the class erupted in laughter at his misfortune. Slowly he stood, to go and retrieve it and in so doing, he was confronted with the very thing he was hiding from.

Taking a moment to master himself, he picked up his book and went back to his seat, to wait for the role to be called. Sitting back down, he was sure he heard the faint, but venomous voice of Kevin. Tyler didn’t catch much of what he said, but it seemed Kevin was determined for him to at least hear the word “Fag”. Like he always did, he just hunkered down in his chair and ignored it as best he could, though he did briefly look towards his teacher, to see if he was going to do anything about it. At first Tyler thought the man hadn’t heard it, but then he saw the faint smirk and sadly, knew he was on his own. This wasn’t the first time it had happened and it certainly wasn’t to be the last, in the years of schooling he had left to him. He didn’t know why some of the boys hated him so much, though on the whole, most of them did tend to leave him alone. Kevin however, was different and for some reason seemed to revel in making Tyler’s day shitty. Sadly, Kevin also happened to be in most of Tyler’s classes, so in a valiant effort to fight back tears of anger which threatened to spill over, Tyler just sat in silence throughout the rest of the period, until the bell finally rang, ending the cloud of boredom and despair surrounding him.

For the rest of the morning, Tyler sat in his normal seat in all his classes, always left back corner near the window. Doing this, so he could get away with not really paying that much attention and in the hope that no one would really notice him. He didn’t do it because he thought he was above the material, even though more often than not he was, or even that he was better than everyone else, he did it in order to survive. For Kevin’s case in particular, he was just trying his best to stay out of the other boy’s way. Sometimes he even succeeded, but that particular day, Tyler seemed to always be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It was like Kevin was gunning for him at every opportunity, real or imagined and he just couldn’t figure out why. By third period, Kevin’s intent had become very obvious and Tyler started to really worry, he couldn’t afford to get messed up in any way, he knew the guys at the home would understand, but the bosses would be pissed at him over the lost earnings. Still, there was nothing much he could do about it either way and he just tried harder to stay under the radar.

Later that morning, as the bell started ringing for his lunch period, Tyler grabbed up his books, before walking to the door. The day was half over by that point and he was still pretty ok so far. Of course by that time, the lack of any real hostility, had lulled him into a false sense of security and he was simply on autopilot, just trying to get through the rest of the day unscathed. He was in a trance like state, with his head down to avoid eye contact, as he wandered off up the hall towards his locker, to put what books he wasn’t going to need for the weekend away and get some that he would. For Tyler, not having much in the way of friends at that school, invisibility was his only protection, that’s why he kept his head down. Though he was upset about it, he knew he only had to last a little while longer, then he was out for the summer and he could forget it for a while. Having just shut his locker, he started walking towards the cafeteria and lunch, it was the first time he knew he’d see Corey and he’d been looking forward to that all day. Unfortunately, Tyler still had his head down and consequently wasn’t looking at where he was going, so when the guy in front of him stopped suddenly, Tyler bumped headlong into the back of him.

Not being the strongest or most athletic of boys, poor Tyler near wet himself, when he saw who it was who turned around and said, “FUCK! Watch where you’re going, Faggot!”

“S…s…sorry Kevin… I didn’t mean anything by it… I swear!” The now trembling boy said, as he tried desperately to walk around his most ardent tormentor and escape to the relative jungle like safety of the cafeteria. Of course, by now Tyler well knew, hope will always be the first step on the road to disappointment.

“Oh no you don’t… little faggots like you don’t get away that easy… I was in a real good mood right then… and then you have to go and fuck it up… you’re gonna get it now!” Kevin sneered at him, before he started dragging the much smaller boy towards the nearest restroom. Then whispering quietly into Tyler’s ear, so nobody else could hear, “I should fuck that little faggot ass of yours real hard… show you what a real man can do… would you like that?”

Tyler was petrified and with his mind no longer clear, he started praying, begging to any and all deities he’d ever heard of for help. He’d never seen the bully so angry or vicious before, usually he was just content to use him as a plaything, only to be thrown away when he was done. But this time seemed different and through his fear, Tyler couldn’t help but focus on what was about to happen to him. He’d never liked getting hurt in the first place and being raped was no different, but he was pretty sure this time he wasn’t going to survive so easily. What really hurt the young teen however, was that his interaction with the Kevin in the hallway, seemed to have been completely missed by everyone. Because of it, his heart sank even lower with the realization that no one was going to lift a finger to help him, that’s when the fear really struck him full force and he started to cry.

Something inside him snapped, it wasn’t anything physical, no it was something inside his head. Up until the previous day, everyone from that school, except Corey that is, had either ignored him, or treated him like shit and he took it. He took it, because if he didn’t, with his size, he wouldn’t have survived. On a daily basis he cowered down to anyone at that school, who was bigger than him and he didn’t know why. He wasn’t helpless, prior to coming there he’d lived on the streets for over a year and because of that, he could pretty much improvise anything into some kind of weapon. Necessity had proved to be a great teacher time and again, but it was then it hit him and in the end, it was his own self-loathing that figured it all out. His mind told him, not so surprisingly in the voice of his father, that he deserved this, deserved this punishment every day. After all, he was nothing more than a faggot whore, why would anyone help him, or treat him nice for that matter, unless he was naked and on his knees that is. Someone, or something had other ideas though…

“HEY!!!… What the fuck do you think you’re doing… LET HIM GO… NOW!”

Tyler was on to his last mental straw, he’d almost successfully shut himself down, like he always did in these situations, so he wouldn’t be able to feel the pain that was coming. This time though, something held him back. Even with as loud as that shout had been, Tyler had been almost too far gone, but somehow, somewhere he’d heard it and all that he was rushed back to the surface. He almost screamed out with joy, when he saw the most beautiful blond boy walking towards him.

“Stay out of this new kid… if you know what’s good for you…you got no friends here…” Kevin was still holding onto Tyler’s collar, but his bluster was somewhat weakened, with the apparent resolve being shown by the smaller boy’s would be rescuer.

“Hmmm… let’s see… good food and regular exercise… the love and respect of family and friends… and a good fuck every now and again… yup… I totally know what’s good for me… but it doesn’t look like you do… and I’ve got all the friends I need right here!” Replied the boy, getting right up in Kevin’s face. Only Tyler had seemed to notice the brown haired boy behind the blond at first and there was an audible gasp from Kevin, when he stepped out from behind him and sidled up beside the bully.

“Don’t do this…” The brunette boy whispered into Kevin’s ear and the bigger boy jumped a little with shock. “We only have two weeks of school left, why risk it…?”

Kevin was a little shocked that these two would try and take him on, he was so much bigger than they were, but they seemed so confident, so assured, that he actually stopped to think about the situation. And as he looked around, seeing all those he thought of as friends, his bluster started to return and wrongly he thought to himself, the newcomers were nothing more than extremely stupid or totally insane. “What does it matter to you anyway… no one cares about this little faggot… no one’ll even know the difference…”

“Are you so sure…?” The blond replied.

“Are you willing to risk it…?” The brunette continued, as if they were talking in sync and in so doing, in his mind, proving Kevin’s second assessment.

“Who the FUCK are you two?” he yelled out, his grip loosening on Tyler, along with his resolve. He’d not seen these two before and what Kevin hated the most, what any bully hates, is the unknown.

“We’re like him…we’re no one…” Said the brunette.

“But we’re not someone you want to mess with… we can promise you that!” Said the blond.

By this point, Kevin was losing his mind, never before had anyone stood up to him like that, especially someone smaller. Also by this time, he’d completely forgotten why he was in this mess to begin with and just wanted to go and eat lunch. Problem was, he was the big popular jock, he had a reputation to maintain, he couldn’t just let these two wimps punk him out this way. So he did what anyone in his situation would do and lashed out. Kevin went for the brunette boy first, which was a big mistake, because the more dangerous of the two was actually the blond, who’d read the bully like an open book.  Moving with hard trained speed and agility, like a momma bear protecting her cubs, the blond boy near tore the bigger bullies arm off as he reached out, to stop it. The blond boy caught the clumsy swing in mid air by the wrist, twisting it painfully and almost to breaking point, before pulling him over, using the bigger boy’s weight to create the momentum necessary to spin him over his shoulder onto the floor. Kevin’s mind couldn’t quite act fast enough to process what his eyes were seeing. One second he’d been standing, the next he was on the floor on his back. As he moved to get up, he noticed the form of the brunette standing over him, waving his finger in a “No you really don’t want to do that” gesture.

Tyler was stunned silent, as he fell to the floor and curled up into a protective ball. Like Kevin, he too had never seen anyone stand up to the bully before either. In fact he was so surprised that, for once his prayers had been answered, he barely noticed the blond boy kneeling down next to him, until he spoke…

“You ok…?”

Why he was surprised he didn’t know, who else but his newest friend would come to his aid. Or at least he thought it was his friend, the voice was slightly different, but he had the same face, almost, same color hair, same eyes, Tyler loved those eyes…

“Corey…?” He tentatively replied.


Written by bigct/Octavius

July 29, 2011 at 18:26

11 Responses

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  1. Very intriguing Octavius. Tyler is an interesting/deep character and I’m seeing a lot of intrigue and dare I say trouble coming down the line…….keeps me reading and waiting anxiously for the next installment. Fine job.


    July 30, 2011 at 06:37

  2. Very good, C.T. Well worth the wait. Don’t wait too long with the next one. Yep, you got to watch those “nobodies”, they can turn into a somebody real quick. Can’t wait for Tyler’s surprise. Cheers. Talk to you real soon. Lots to go over.


    July 30, 2011 at 13:53

  3. Hey Octavius.

    An interesting chapter. I really like how you’re incorporating the different point of views, but without confusing the story. Very well done.

    Now, if we could just work on the wait time between chapters…..

    Hope you’re well!




    July 30, 2011 at 20:14

  4. CT,

    How dare you leave us out on a limb like this, especially after such a long hiatus!!! Great chapter though!!!! Well worth the wait (though it could have been another 3 or 4 thousand more words!)! Guess I’ll just have to break out the patience of Jobe, and wait for the next one. I agree with Kevin though (which will probably get me kicked off your Christmas Card list!) about the lapse times. Yet I know you’re trying to build some kind of a social life for yourself. But who needs a social life when you have us?!?!?!?



    July 30, 2011 at 21:07

  5. Wow Octo. Took you long enough. Just kidding!!!
    Thank you like always for sharing your great story with us.



    July 31, 2011 at 13:54

  6. Great chapter CT , bummer you left us hanging just when things got exciting again.
    Glad you don’t live in Christchurch.
    Take care


    August 3, 2011 at 13:20

  7. Good story Octo. It kind of hits hard but I like it. I really like your story a lot, and you write really well. Just a Friend


    August 7, 2011 at 19:25

  8. Well it looks like I finally caught up with the story, now I just have to eagerly await updates like everyone else. I wish I had someone like Cam around when I was growing up, or even friends like the twins, it would of made things slot easier on me. Anyway I really enjoy your story and hope you continue it for a looooong time. I’m very excited to see how cody and tylers relationship grows, and what they decide to do about tylers unfortunate situation. Thank you for writing this great story and I look forward to reading more of anything you write in the future.


    September 8, 2011 at 00:33

  9. Love the whole story, being former Navy myself. (I was just a cook). Please don’t give up with no ending or a happy ever after.


    September 22, 2011 at 18:28

    • SaltyDog…

      Don’t knock being “just a cook”! I was a cook on a crab fishing boat for three years, and had more power than the captain!!! Piss me off, and you got crab legs for dinner (or worse)! I got away with so much shit, but even after almost 30 years, the captain still remembers me.


      September 29, 2011 at 18:51

  10. OK What has happened. All of a sudden all of the good internet stories like yours have frozen to a halt. It seems like a conspiracy to keep us readers frustrated. For the most part this has up until now been a good story- though a little too introspective occasionally. I can hardly wait for it to continue. I hope that you are well and in good health. Please don’t freaze us out now. Talk about cliff hangers- We have all been left dangling over the side!


    Ted Macklin

    September 29, 2011 at 10:03

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