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2065 Chapter nineteen – Book II

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As was usually the case, Tyler woke up alone, his entire body pulled into itself like a ball. Mornings were getting to be his least favourite part of the day, unless he was with a ‘client’ of course, because then at least, he wasn’t alone. Mornings were always hard for young Tyler though, and as always, he valiantly attempted to hold back those same old tears, which threatened to spill over and consume him in despair. He could feel them building as they always did, in that place just behind his eyes and it took everything he had just to try and maintain his composure. To be fair, they were never really that far away anyway, but mornings were especially bad, when his memory first slipped from the safe confines of sleep and reconnected with his still tired mind. Of course, he expected it to be like that, because quite simply, that’s just the way it was and had been ever since that one fateful day, the one where Scott hadn’t come home.

Then again, having that knowledge, certainly wasn’t making it any easier for him. He absolutely hated those feelings of being scared and alone, he’d always thought he was stronger than that and on the outside, it certainly looked like he was. On the inside however, he knew he was nothing more than a scared little boy, hugging tightly to his metaphorical teddy bear, while huddled back into himself in a dark corner, which not to put too fine a point on it, really pissed him off. The fact remained however, Tyler missed Scott more and more every day, more than he’d ever missed anyone in his life before and that was really beginning to worry him. Scott had become his everything and though they’d only known each other a few short months, he’d really fallen hard and the boy’s death had left him feeling somehow empty and hollow. Yet at the same time, in his mind, he couldn’t help but notice that same hollowness was somehow morphing into something like a tunnel and like any other tunnel in the world, he could definitely see a light at the end of this one.

Having floundered in darkness for so long, the light’s sudden appearance scared him greatly, but he realized, he simply couldn’t contain his excitement over meeting Corey and that tended to scare him more. He was pretty sure there would be no romantic overtones to their relationship, not being naïve enough to think that every boy in the world was gay, or even had the remotest of gay-like tendencies, but he was still looking forward to what the future might hold with him. In all honesty, Tyler wanted desperately to move on, he just couldn’t and didn’t know why. He hated feeling that way and at that very same moment, his newfound excitement, seemed somehow overshadowed. So much so, he almost started to hate himself for that too because, in some way, he felt like he was somehow betraying Scott’s memory.

When the haze of sleep finally started to seep from his mind, like the lifting of an opaque veil, he began thinking more clearly and again about Scott, what he found was that his hatred definitely didn’t end there. Yes, he certainly was excited, thrilled even and for good reason, but did he truly hate himself for it, or was there another reason? He definitely hated that he hadn’t found Scott’s killer yet and also hated that he was still too small to do anything about it even if he did. Hated even more, that no one listened to him when he tried to get the case reopened. But most of all and this he found was the most startling of all, he hated putting himself at the same risk almost every day. He was supposed to be a tough as nails street kid, a boy of the world, but in reality, he wasn’t.

Finally coming full circle, he thought again about Corey, forcing himself to consider his options. Tyler hadn’t had just a simple friendship in so long, the mere thought of one really scared him. He might have lost his innocence a long time ago, but he still hadn’t completely forgotten what it was like to be a growing boy in the modern world and in all seriousness, every single day he still craved to be exactly that, just a normal boy. When he actually thought about it and he often did at times like these, he realized that it hadn’t been that long since he’d had normal friends. Kids he could just have fun with, to kick a ball around and enjoy life, build forts and generally just be a boy, it only seemed that way after all he’d been through. But his current circumstances, sadly, meant those feelings were starting to slowly slip away from him. They were still there though, a thought which did give him a little comfort, but they were getting more and more distant by the day.

He could still remember vividly that first time in the park bathroom, the one that had started him on his current path, sadly he could also remember every event in vivid detail, which had led up to it as well. Over two years had passed since his dad kicked him out, and though that might not seem like a hell of a lot to some, for Tyler right then, it was an eternity. A eternity in which a still very young boy, had seen far too much of a side of life, which no person his age should ever have to see. Having said that though, even now he couldn’t quite understand his dad’s attitude towards his son, his only child, boys experiment with each other, have done so since time began, no one could deny that and that’s exactly what he’d been doing when his dad caught him. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought he’d lose everything because of it.

Even though he hadn’t really thought about it, Tyler still knew what it was like to have friends, after all, he’d made several when he’d first gotten to the home. Since Scott was murdered though, he’d started to shy away from them, because that day, all the ramifications of the life he was living, really came down on him. That day he’d made the decision then and there that he wanted out, but most of all, he just wanted to protect himself from ever getting hurt that badly again. Tyler also knew without a shadow of a doubt, that what had started out as a simple means to an end, had spiraled way out of his capacity to control and into somewhere he really didn’t want to be anymore. But just like everything else that was going on in his world, he had no real clue as to how he was going to get himself out of it.

With his youthful innocent appearance, Tyler was highly sought after in certain circles and because of this, he was able to demand top dollar in an industry which had the capacity to pay very well. His personal bank balance certainly reflected that, what with all the work he’d done over the last year, movies, photo shoots, parties, he’d amassed quite a serious amount of money. Tyler was a smart boy and frugal, all those months on the streets of his hometown had taught him a great deal about fiscal security, a trait he’d carried over to his current employer. Because of that, he spent his money wisely, but only when he had to, never lashed out, like the other boys did on flash clothes and expensive toys. That’s not to say he didn’t have them, he had a decent wardrobe, a cell and an mp3 player, he even had a laptop, but they were all pretty low end, purchased for their utility rather than their flashiness. He never got into drugs like some of the boys did, even though they were readily available, he wasn’t a drinker either, the only thing he did do was smoke. He’d found a cigarette after a long shoot, was the best way to relieve some of the pent up stress.

Over the past few months however, with little opportunity presenting itself, his resolve to leave had considerably weakened. He knew he could easily survive for the time being, with the money he had saved, but he also knew that his age would be a problem if he struck out on his own. All he needed to do, he had originally thought, was that he just had to wait for the right opportunity. Had to be a really good one though, he realized, because given the amount of money he earned, you could bet his employers earned five times that off of him and he knew they wouldn’t give him up easily, no matter what they’d said in the beginning. Desperation and his yearning for something normal in his life was really getting him down, being all alone in his room, having to force himself to sleep every night, then forcing himself to get up every morning, was taking a toll on him. Sleep never came easy, fighting a constant battle with the all the happy memories that he and Scott had created right there, in that very room. Closing his eyes was the worst, because every time he did, all he could see was what could have been. Then when he finally did manage to drift off, only a few hours later, his body would snap awake, his mind forcing his eyes open onto the pain of a brand new day.

The morning after Tyler met Corey was no different from any other, he’d woken early like he always did, far earlier than any of the other boys in the home. That was kind of his thing and it was in those early morning hours, before forcing himself from the somewhat safe cocoon he’d make of his covers each night, where he would lie in his bed staring sidelong out of the window on the far wall and attempt to prepare himself for the new day. As far as furnishings go, his room was pretty basic, two single beds that were still pushed together, a small wardrobe and two chests of drawers on opposite walls from each other. Over on the far wall, under the window in question, was a simple desk, which held his laptop. Over the time he’d been there, in an effort to make it more like home, he’d put a few knick knacks around and a couple of posters on the wall, though nothing too extreme just soccer and baseball players mostly, because they were his favourite sports. It never really felt like home though, just like himself, the room felt hollow, like how it’s mirrored reflection must feel.

Finally, after what seemed like an absolute eternity, Tyler wondered if it was time to get up yet. So he leaned over to look at the bright green numbers, on the alarm clock sitting on his nightstand. Just after five thirty in the am, he noticed, but he needn’t have bothered really. He could already see the first soft, yet insidious, dim pink tendrils of sunlight coming in through the windows. The sun was just starting to show itself over the hills and lake, so of course Tyler didn’t really need to know the time, he could tell what it was, just from staring out at the ever changing sky for the past hour, the whole clock thing was just force of habit. As far as living arrangements go, he didn’t mind the home too much. Out of all the places he’d stayed in since his dad had kicked him out, this probably had to be the best. There were a few pricks who’d caused some trouble at first, but after a while they calmed down. He was sure they probably would have anyway, but he was also equally sure, being with Scott had helped a lot. He’d even gotten on well with the staff there, at first, but he’d gotten over that pretty quickly as well, as soon as he found out just how appreciative they were of his many talents.

That was probably the biggest reason why Tyler wanted out, sure there were still a couple of boys his age he regarded as friends, but he really had no one left he felt he could turn too. He wanted a father figure, a man who wanted to hold him because he wanted to, not because he was paying to. Someone that would whisper soft friendly things into his ear, while not trying to ram their hand down his pants for a cheap feel. Scott was like that, had been from that very first night and Tyler desperately wanted that kind of friendship back again, he so desperately wanted to feel like something other than a piece of prime, but overpriced meat. That’s when Tyler started to get a little excited again, because he knew Corey could be that guy, even if they were the same age, after all, he’d held him for most of the previous afternoon. He just had to make sure that he didn’t fall for him, because that would be bad, very bad in the young man’s estimation.

By that stage, Tyler had pulled himself out of bed, but still not having the motivation to actually complete the task and get up. He had however, pulled his legs over the side, but was sitting there, still staring out of the window. He’d often find himself like this, contemplatively looking out at the stars, or the clouds, or the lake, just thinking. That was a problem he had, thinking far too much, worrying about stupid things most of the time, but sometimes he’d work himself up pretty bad and usually about the same old thing. Never finding a boyfriend again and becoming a lonely old man, who everyone had forgotten. And he knew that by the time he hit eighteen, if he stayed where he was, that would be exactly how he’d end up. That was one of his first and most dreaded fears, sure, he was pretty hot property now, while he was still young and attractive. But he was terrified that by the time he was older, he’d be so broken, no one would ever want him. No one would ever come for him and that he’d always be alone. He acted so mature and tough, but really, underneath that hard exterior, he was still that scared little boy with the teddy bear, who just needed desperately to be loved.

Tyler had gotten completely lost within the confines of his own mind, so much so, that when a very pressing need crept up on him slowly breaking him out of his reverie, he suddenly realized he’d been staring out the window for well over an hour. When his eyes started to itch a bit, he guessed he hadn’t blinked much in all that time either, so he reached up to rub them with the ball of his hands, in an effort to make them feel some sense of normal. That was when he decided he couldn’t hold off any longer and got up to pull on the same boxers and a t-shirt he’d worn the night before. After all, he surmised, he was only going for a shower, why dirty up clean things when he was just going to change anyway? Smiling sadly to himself at the stupid thought, he grabbed his towel and a change of underwear, then headed off down the hall to the communal bathroom at the end.

As he walked down the deserted corridor he noticed all the other rooms were still in total darkness, even though it was a school day and with the time as it was, he figured the other kids wouldn’t be getting up for at least another half hour. This alone pleased him to no end, because it meant he’d have the bathroom all to himself and he liked a long shower. When he got to the bathroom, Tyler instinctively locked the door behind him, something he’d done meticulously since that day with his dad, before hanging his towel up on the heated rail beside the one of the three sinks in the room. For all the bad things that surrounded the place, one thing that Tyler, or anyone else for that matter couldn’t fault, was the simple fact that the staff certainly looked after the boys who lived there. Of course, if you thought about it, which Tyler really hadn’t at the time, the sheer amount of money that they made off of the boy’s charms, really did behoove them to keep them happy and happy they were, for the most part. With the house and grounds constantly well maintained and modernized, central heating for the winter and air conditioning for the summer, new furniture or clothing if needed, three meals if wanted were available each day, there was even help with their schoolwork and with all other primary needs met, the boys were well taken care of.

None of that, of course, mattered right now to young Tyler and the first thing he did, after hanging up his towel, was what any boy needs to do first thing in the morning. Stepping up to the pristinely clean white porcelain bowl, he pulled the waist band of his boxers down and took a long overdue piss. As soon as his bladder started to slowly empty, he felt an intense rush of relief and just like every other morning, wondered to himself why he always left it so long in the first place. Shaking himself off, now that that task was done, he fully stripped off his boxers and t-shirt, before reaching over to hang them on a hook by the towel rail, where along with his towel, he placed his clean underwear, so they’d be nice and toasty after his shower. Checking once again, to make sure that he’d locked the door, he then went over to the full length wall mirror and stared at himself.

If you wanted to be harsh, which a lot of boys at school were to him, Tyler could easily have been described as the runt of the litter. Unlike the bullies at school however, that was a fact which had made him very popular with his employers, because although fourteen, he barely looked over the age of twelve. He definitely wasn’t a bad looking kid, he decided, there were certainly some very nice features about him, his very cute, but boyish face was primary amongst them. How he managed it, he had no idea, but he also had a sort of natural tan all year round. In fact the sun just needed to look once at him, for his skin to go a shade darker and though it didn’t help him with the creamy white tan-lines his bosses wanted, he certainly did look healthy. His colour and always clear complexion also served to really make his deep chocolate brown eyes stand out. He had nothing, other than a kind of soft peach fuzz, in the way of facial hair and the small patch of freckles that ran over his little nose just kind of added to his youthful appearance. He stroked the skin of his silky smooth face, not really caring that he looked so young, then looked down south.

If there was one thing that proved he was all fourteen year old boy, then what hung between his silky smooth hairless thighs was certainly it. At well above the average for his age group, the house doctor had told him that, there was certainly nothing wrong with him down there size wise, but boys are always paranoid and always wanting to compete in order to be the ‘biggest and best’. Biggest down there was one thing, but biggest overall was something else entirely and he took a few paces back so he could see the full length of his slight frame in the mirror. Over all, he was well below average, he’d always been a little smaller than those he was friendly with in his age group, but in the time since he’d been kicked out of home, his growth hadn’t been what it should have been. Sure, he had grown some, but nowhere near what he should have done, so much so, that he even brought it up to the doc when he’d first taken his measurements. Though the doc had agreed, he’d put it down to more than likely a simple nutritional deficiency, rather than any kind of possible sickness. Still not knowing if he actually agreed with that assessment, Tyler spent a minute or so further checking himself out in the mirror, for any odd bumps or lumps and only when he was satisfied there wasn’t anything that wasn’t there yesterday, he went to get in the shower.

Like everything else in that bathroom, the showers were all open plan and given the individual extractor fans above each of the three shower heads he had to choose from, Tyler was under no illusion that the design was anything but intentional, just like the three pots on the far wall. Of course, by that stage he’d gotten well used to the ‘open’ living, having said that, he still chose the head in the far corner, because he figured it would at least cut down the angles and offer him a little privacy. Turning the spigot, he waited for it to heat up a little, before he got under the strong spray. It was still pretty cold and it took his breath away for a moment, but it soon warmed up fully and he finally began to enjoy the warm water beating off his body. Putting both of his hands against the wall, he leaned in and let the water hit him on the head, before running in great rivers down his taught back. He loved that feeling and loved the warmth even more, so much so, that before long, he was starting to feel almost human again.

After about ten minutes of luxuriating in the water stream, he pumped some body wash from the soap dispenser on the wall into his hands and started to wash himself down. First under his arms, then his chest and stomach, then slowly but surely he got down to between his legs and beyond. As always, the warm soapy water felt good down there and he was quickly getting bigger and bigger as he cleaned himself. He was fully erect at a good six and a half inches when he decided he had a little time to pleasure himself, knowing full well the cameras would pick up everything he was doing. As he started stroking himself faster and harder, the warm water mixing with the last remnants of soap making it slippery and feeling oh so good, he found he was getting very close to a climax. But as he closed his eyes, to try and picture some nice fantasy to bring him over the edge, something clicked in his mind and he suddenly remembered what had happened the night before.

Tyler’s night didn’t go as well as his new friend’s had done, sure it started out ok, he was certainly happy he’d made a new friend, even though his rapid departure that afternoon had left him a little concerned. He was unsure of what effects it was going to have on the new found friendship, but Corey seemed pretty cool and when he thought about it, with the fact that he’d heard worry in the other boy’s voice, he was still encouraged. Tyler hadn’t lied either, he did have a job to do at the home, he just wasn’t ready to tell Corey what that job was, not yet anyway. He did know that he wouldn’t be able to hide it forever and he’d probably have to tell the boy at least the basic details eventually, but he wasn’t ready yet, even though he had almost done so that afternoon. Tyler just felt wrong about it all, all of a sudden, but what he really didn’t want, was for his newest and only friendship to start out with pity. So instead, that afternoon Tyler had skirted around the truth, not completely, just enough to leave some doubt. He knew Corey wasn’t stupid, having probably already worked most of it out, but there was a big difference between working something out and knowing it as fact.

When he left the park, he saw Chris was there waiting for him and looking at his watch he realized why, he was totally late. He was sure he was going to cop some grief for it too, but he was still pretty hot property in the industry right now, so figured his punishment would at least just be some restrictions. That’s what he hoped anyway, he’d much rather have that, than any kind of physical beatings, like he’d seen some of the other boys get. Chris was scowling pretty heavily when Tyler got to the van, but didn’t say anything, he did however look at where Tyler was looking before he got in. What he saw there was nothing short of beautiful, a blond about the same age, with a skaters body that made his crotch twitch, coming out of the same patch of bushes that Tyler had come from. Again he didn’t say anything, just filed it away for use at a later time. Once Tyler was in and secure, Chris gunned the engine and they sped off, time was after all, a whole shit ton of cash.

As soon as they parked up in the home’s driveway, Chris told him in no uncertain terms, that everyone was waiting for him so he had better get his ass down to the studio and into the shower to get ready. That was of course, exactly what he did, fearing that if he took too long, the reprisals would not be at all pleasant. Tyler stopped dead when he got downstairs, because all eyes in the room were instantly on him, some were looking on with pity, but the ones that worried him, were the ones that had anger behind them. Those primarily, were that of the home’s manager and movie director, who for now, just told him to hurry up. Not wanting to waste any more time than he had to, Tyler started stripping out of his clothes on his way to the shower, which was off to the side of the studio. He didn’t care that he was getting naked in front of a bunch of people, most of the boys in the room had already fucked him at least once and the rest had seen him naked before anyway. As soon as he’d finished showering, which had been a very quick one, he got out and as he dried himself off, he went over to the director, to find what he had to do.

The movie that night was supposed to be one of those, ‘Look at us, were just two naïve teenagers filming our sexlife and oops it somehow got on the internet’ movies, which seemed to be very popular on the net these days. Tyler knew it was all bullshit, knew it was all staged and was pretty sure the audience did too, or at least if they’d thought about it, they should. After all, how many teenagers take good stills of the action, while at the same time they’re moving around, making their movie from various angles and close-ups? Still, he couldn’t really have cared less either, his heart just wasn’t in it anymore, but it paid well, that’s all he really cared about. The bosses didn’t care either, because as far as they were concerned, Tyler made all the right faces and noises at all the right times and followed his markers appropriately.

That night was a little different though, because Tyler was still on a high from making a new friend that day and his onscreen performance reflected that. This had the added effect of pleasing the manager and the director no end, in fact the whole production went so well, with Tyler hitting his marks so perfectly needing only one take, that they were able to make two movies instead of just one. Tyler definitely hadn’t planned it that way, but as he was later to find out, it would certainly work to his advantage. By the second movie though, Tyler was definitely feeling the pounding he’d gotten from the boy in the first, which he was sure was part of his punishment, but he was somehow having a good time with it. The boy that he was with on the second movie, which was one of those “Caught on camera in the school bathroom” type movies, lived in the room next to Tyler’s and wasn’t as cruel. His name was Alex, he was also the only boy at the home, who’d helped him get through the first few days after Scott’s murder. He was still getting pounded, but Alex was a friend and was as gentle as he could be, without being too obvious about it, Tyler appreciated that.

The only thing that really bothered him the whole night, was whenever he would look over at the manager, Chris was always there, bending his ear softly about something. Sadly, Tyler thought he had a very good idea as to what that something was and if he was right, he really didn’t like it one little bit. After the shoot though, his suspicions about his earlier treatment while filming the first movie, were well and truly confirmed. But at least by then he knew he’d had all the punishment he was going to get, when the manager pulled him aside after wrapping up and a second shower, Tyler apologized profusely and was simply told never to be late again. Not really knowing quite what to make of that, he decided to just ignore it, concentrating on what he thought of as a much bigger possible problem and went upstairs to see if he could scrounge up some dinner. Rounding the corner into the large dining room, however, disappointment set in, as he saw all the shutters closed. Kicking himself for not checking the time before wasting all that effort, he turned to leave. Doing so, he instantly felt his skin crawl a little and didn’t know why, until he saw Chris sitting at one of the long tables, with a couple of sandwiches, a soda and some other goodies in front of him.

Knowing that was the last thing he needed right then, Tyler’s mind was in a quandary, he knew Chris had seen him and although he desperately wanted to, knew that Chris wouldn’t let him get away with saying he hadn’t. However, still thinking he might be able to get away, the point became moot, when Chris beckoned him over. Tyler had no choice now and bowing his shoulders slightly to the inevitable, he made his way over and sat heavily into a chair opposite the man who was quickly becoming his nemesis.

“I knew you were gonna be late kid, so I fixed you something to eat…” He said, pointing to the food in front him. “I thought you’d stop by see… good thing too, coz you and me need to have a little talk…”

“But I already said I was sorry to Simon downstairs… I thought we were cool…” Tyler replied hesitantly, starting to feel a little more than concerned.

“Oh we are… we are… it’s not about that, don’t worry… eat your sandwich…” Chris said, staring at the boy intently, until Tyler felt he had no choice but to comply. When he finally did pick one up and took a bite, Chris continued. “That boy you were with at the park… was he a trick?”

“Wh… what boy?” The quiver in his voice was unmistakable, but Tyler desperately hoped Chris hadn’t caught it. Sadly, he had…

“Don’t be like that kid… you know the one I’m talking about… don’t make this harder on yourself or him, than it has to be… ok?… now… what about that kid?”

Tyler had no choice but to tell him, he left out certain details and embellished others, but the end result, he felt, was always going to be the same. That was of course, Chris wanted Corey, but not just for himself, the manager wanted him too. Tyler was under no illusions, that if Simon wanted something bad enough, that he’d certainly get it eventually, after all, he was pretty sure Simon had the cops in his pocket and that meant he’d have no help there. He still tried a bit of damage control though, he had too, if he was going to save his friend. He’d managed to put Chris off for the time being, saying that he could probably get him there eventually, that if he just gave him a little time he could convince the guy. Thankfully Chris agreed, but made it clear to Tyler, that he wasn’t a patient man. Now it was just up to Tyler to come up with a way to somehow keep Corey away from all this. The fact that he was also given the weekend off from shooting, certainly helped in this plan.

Tears started to flow unabashed, mixing with the steady still warm stream of water from the shower head, as Tyler went through his options, his boyhood lying flat and long since forgotten. Bringing Corey here was totally out of the question, he decided, it was bad enough he had to live through this, he wasn’t about to subject anyone else to it. That left him only two real others, first, was to tell him everything and hope for the best. The second, was to break off the friendship before it even started and though it hurt him greatly to do it, Tyler reasoned that one to be best for all concerned. He’d simply tell Corey he didn’t want to be friends, then wait a couple of days and tell Chris that he wasn’t interested. Never once did it enter into his young mind, that Chris would not be so easily dissuaded.

Emotionally spent, Tyler decided to wrap things up in the bathroom, turning off the water, he stepped out and went over to retrieve his towel so he could dry himself off. Then putting on his fresh underwear, he decided against putting his shirt back on and padded softly down the hall to his room so he could get dressed. Uniform on and in place just so, he went over to his mirror and fixed his hair, before going down to breakfast. By the time he was downstairs, he wasn’t so sure he could do it anymore. He’d been so certain in the shower that morning of what was best, but the more he thought about it, the more he just couldn’t be alone. He knew he was being selfish, knew calling it quits was what was best for Corey, but the more he thought about it, as he ate his morning cereal and toast, the more he started to consider what was best for him.

The fresh air while walking to school didn’t sooth his mind any either and the more he thought about it, the more he was looking forward to seeing his new friend. Tyler was still mulling over the possible scenarios, right up until he stepped through the door of his homeroom and then everything came crashing down around his ears. Because right in front of him, was those same intensely gorgeous green eyes with a certain sparkle that soothed him, below the mop of satiny soft blond hair and the very cute infectious grin, that was the embodiment of all that was Corey. It was right then that Tyler decided, in way or another, that he just couldn’t give him up.  Taking the seat next to his new friend, he smiled back, but there was a little something there, just behind it. The little sight of pain that Corey caught, but completely misinterpreted, brought out the other thing that made Corey, very distinctly Corey and he placed his hand on Tyler’s shoulder and gave him a gentle friendly squeeze. A move which did not go unnoticed by some of Tyler’s more boisterous tormentors in the back row of the class.


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June 11, 2011 at 21:25

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  1. Well worth the wait, CT! Why is it I feel like Tyler and I have a lot in common when he says he feels that he’s betraying the memory of someone he lost so tragically by meeting someone new? Just a thought.

    Hope you are doing well, and that your “sabbatical” has helped you sort things out!

    Love and friendship, Rick.


    June 13, 2011 at 15:40

    • Not sure mate, I think I explained it pretty well in the email I sent you though.



      June 13, 2011 at 23:45

  2. I like your story, but I don’t like it too. Sorry…….

    Just A Friend

    June 13, 2011 at 19:54

  3. Geez Octo…sure took you long. Just kidding!!! It is great like it always is but so sad too. Thank you for writing and showing us.


    June 14, 2011 at 10:12

  4. CT great chapter – poor Tyler is in a bit of a dilemma – looking forward to see what transpires.
    Regards Stef.


    June 14, 2011 at 14:05

  5. Wow Got to book II Ch 19 and like all here want more, Knowing that your longest night is just a few days away, I hope you have time to write 🙂

    Have a good Winter solstice !!


    June 16, 2011 at 14:21

  6. Thank you for another wonderful chapter. Tyler found an extremely powerful friend in Cody, one that I am sure that the staff at the home where he lives will soon find out. I look forward to the next chapter and the next..and the next…and the next. Hope everything is going well with you, SaltyDog


    June 16, 2011 at 16:40

  7. CT, love the story still. I finally made to this chapter and am loving the story. Please keep up the great work. We really do apprcieate it. Tyler is in for the best of times at some point. I think he must go through some more rough times first though.
    Hope to hear some more from Dale and Corey also. I am wondering how they are faring at school.

    Hope all is well with you also, thanks again,



    June 17, 2011 at 12:25

  8. Octavius, my man, you’ve done it again. Thankfully, not with a cliffhanger, but with the heartstrings.

    I can’t wait to see where this is going. I have so many ideas going through my head I can’t make heads or tails of them.

    Hope you’re doing well, and all is good.




    June 18, 2011 at 18:28

  9. Very nice chapter,CT. I can see a “resue” in the near future maybe. Possibly another addition to the extended family. I kind of thought you could’ny go too far with out se sort of action taking place. Keep it up. You a getting better and better. Cheers.


    June 23, 2011 at 15:00

  10. CT, I’ve only recently picked up your story, recently being two months ago. Since this time, I’ve read ever night until I’ve caught up with Chapter nineteen of book two.

    Now, not being an “original” follower who has read since day one, it seems to me that you are on a form of hiatus from the story… :S Do you plan to post another chapter anytime soon? If not, I’ll gladly wait! I’m just curious as to when I will be able to find out what happens with Tyler! 🙂

    Cheers mate! 🙂



    July 21, 2011 at 09:14

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