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2062 Chapter sixteen – Book II

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Standing in the center of the room, he was finally able to survey the finished product, or near finished product, of what was now one of the biggest parts of his new world. In so doing, he was almost startled to discover how much he already felt at home there, feeling a change of that magnitude would have taken at least a little longer to fully sink in. Though only having been a week or two, so far he was pretty sure he knew he would eventually feel it completely, but as yet everything was still too new to give off any real level of comfort. At a shade under fifteen feet long and around twelve across, including a private bathroom and offshoot alcove that served as the reception desk, the room in question was his new office and it was a larger office to be sure, far larger than his last one at least. There was plenty of space and with an off white beige like color on the walls lending a certain level of warmth when the sun managed to creep in, made the room feel very homely. But then of course, there was also the stamp he’d made on the room with his own personal belongings, which did a lot to sooth his somewhat homesick senses.

The room was also considerably older than his last one as well, though not as old as the building that housed it, this of course made glaringly obvious by several patches of peeling paint dotted haphazardly around, patches that in some cases seemed to be doing their very best to escape off of the wall in many places. And then there was the odd, yet somewhat interesting stains here and there, all of which being evidence of a room well used over the years. He’d spent the first part of that morning cleaning up after the last occupant, rubbing the walls down in an effort to clean the stains and to get rid of the roughest parts of the peeling pant, before moving on to the floors. The deeper he went into his cleaning, the more mysterious the room became. The floors themselves were probably the most telling, with some very intriguing scuff and gouge marks in places you wouldn’t have expected them.

In the end, he put that all to the back of his mind for investigation at a later time, because he just wanted to get it done and dusted. After all, he had other things that needed his attention, a long list of other things. That still didn’t stop him from running it all through his mind while he cleaned and organized, he just didn’t focus all his attention on it like he normally would. All he managed to come up with was that, although it was the largest part of the administration building, which in and of itself, wasn’t really that large to begin with, the room just had a really strange feel to it. He knew the room was an addition, but the more he thought about it, it was almost as if the room was added on as an afterthought for something more sinister than what he wanted to use it for. That of course, didn’t bother him enough to be really concerned though, simply because the location was good, sitting in just about the middle of the campground, it gave him relatively easy access to the whole place, which suited him perfectly.

The somewhat shabbiness had bothered him at first but, through a bit of creatively judicial picture placement he was able to hide the bulk of the worst of it and now that the room showed some semblance of being complete,  a slow smile broke out across his face when he looked around to take it all in. It had been a long time for Cam, since he’d had to organize an office, but with all his toil and effort that morning, he was actually quite pleased with what he’d accomplished. So much so, he decided it was high time for a break and strolled over to the window where he could look out onto what had for some reason, become a very dreary day.

Not that he’d really noticed until right then, he saw now that large dark angry clouds had rolled in, probably had been doing so all morning for all he knew. What he did know, however, was that they lent the sky a very cold weary feel. There was a nasty cool wind too he noticed, the evidence of which could be seen clearly in the tops of the trees around the lake, bent over and struggling against their invisible burden. Though not unlike so many other places he’d been to in his life, this one was so much different to the sunny pleasant skies of the place he had till then called home. Enough at least, that he knew it was definitely going to take some getting used to. All in all though, it was actually quite a pretty countryside he realized and to him, it was the subtle differences that were making it so. The subtle yet supple blue of the lake and the sometimes harsh sometimes soft greens and browns of the surrounding woods, threatening to merge and in so doing, creating something altogether far more beautiful. But unlike where he used to call home, this place was far more open, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Well, it would have been, if he’d been able to see past the various camp buildings, bunk houses and cabins sitting outside that window, the only bonus, was that he could still see the lake from there.

While contemplating his new surroundings, he couldn’t help but wonder how his boys were doing, after all, they had far more at stake than he did. The boys in question, a set of fourteen year old identical twin brothers and his fourteen year old adopted son. Although the move had enabled them to take an extra week off of school, in addition to just the normal one week they had for spring break, this was a whole new week and a whole new Monday and they’d had no choice but to go school. This time it was different though, because that Monday had seen their first day at a new school. Even though they would only need to attend there until the summer holiday, which by that point was little more than a month and a half distant, they were still the new kids and he hoped they didn’t go through to much grief because of it.

Chuckling to himself at a thought, which would have been lost on anyone but him, he pulled his phone from his pocket and started flipping through some of the pictures he’d taken that morning. Truth be told, they were in fact a dirty mind’s every fantasy, a fact he only realized, while he flicked from one image to the next. The three of them really had looked quite cute in their new uniforms of tan dress trousers and pale blue polo shirts embroided with the school’s logo on the chest. The shirt and pants were mandatory, that fact they discovered when Cam had taken them all to school to enroll them the previous week, though it certainly interested them when they saw that everything else, including shoes, jackets, or sweaters, appeared to be left up to the individual.

Come to think of it, Cam thought, cute wasn’t really the right word, though it certainly sufficed at the time. Hilarious, was probably a better word to fit the scene that morning. While Dale and Carl didn’t seem at all fazed when they had to wear a uniform and in so doing, wore it well, Corey however, never wanting to be one that followed for no good reason, out of some sense of rebellion decided he would go un-tucked. Unfortunately for him though, his plan didn’t last too long. Especially when Cam stopped him on the doorstep and in an effort to make him look more presentable and much to Corey’s extreme embarrassment, personally tucked his shirt in. After all in Cam’s reasoning, unlike it’s closest neighbour this was a college town, filled with the more ‘well to do’ that today’s society had to offer. And because he knew how cruel and elitish those kinds of kids could be, he wanted his boys to make as good of a first impression as they possibly could. But even with that knowledge in mind, the poor boy was still mumbling about it, as the other two followed him out the door.

Coming back to himself, still smiling at the humor of it, he wondered if he could ever have been that young? Focusing his somewhat tired and scratchy dust watered eyes back out of the window, he looked at his watch, thinking that those clouds were sure looking pretty nasty, he decided to keep an eye on them for the next few hours, in case he had to go pick the boys up from school. Some time later, Cam’s thoughts were temporarily interrupted by an incessant ringing from the phone on his desk. He didn’t answer it, too consumed was he with his own musings, he found that he simply couldn’t be bothered, especially since knowing the machine would eventually pick it up anyway. He did listen at first, just in case it was something important, though once he discovered it really wasn’t, he hardly paid attention to the rest of what they were saying. Instead, all he did was watch the few beams of light that were strong enough to filter in through the still somewhat grimy window.

The voice on the machine had clicked off, having left it’s message, but again he hadn’t noticed. Because his  attention was held by the corner of the first cabin, which sat next door to the admin building and the sounds he could hear of birds chirping faintly in the distance. One of which startled him briefly, as it flew somewhat gracefully by the window through the seemingly heavy wind, before coming to rest on a branch from a neighboring tree. The mind works in some very funny ways at times, especially when you aren’t trying to think of anything specific, and somehow he began to think about the idea of flight and freedom, an idea he did know fairly well. At first, he thought of how easy birds had it, how they could just pick up and fly from one place to another on a whim, feeling the sensation of freedom without the use of machines. He had felt some of the same sensations they must do, the sensation of an idle wind blowing through and over their wings, but sadly not in the same way they did, his were always tainted by cold mechanical control surfaces.

While he pondered this, his mind moved on and he started to think about the word itself, freedom, the definition of it, what did freedom even mean? And who was subject to that kind of freedom? Was he even free to begin with? He had certainly felt like he was, all those years ago. Flight school had been a very liberating experience for him, or at least it was once he got into the sky, but that was nothing compared to the experience of flying a fighter jet off of a carrier. The window in front of him was nowhere near big enough, but it was probably thinking about the carrier, and his own mind making links, stringing his memories together in interesting ways which made it remind him of the many nights he spent staring out the back of the hanger deck. At times like those, what ever it was he was thinking about, always seemed to pale in comparison to the magnificent sight, when the sun kissed the water. The lake he was now looking at wasn’t quite the same as the worlds oceans, but he just knew this window would eventually do that for him too.

Coming back full circle and just as that thought fought it’s way into his mind, he began wondering about what freedom really meant to him, and if in fact it even mattered. Freedom, to Cameran Trevallian, was more than just a way of being, it was a state of mind, but again, did it really matter? What could freedom get him, what could it do, more than take him away from what he already had. Sure, he had responsibilities, he was even tied down, but it was those ties that really made his life worth living. A loving partner and three wonderful boys who would give him the world if he would just ask for it, was freedom worth losing any of that? Cam certainly didn’t think so. With that thought still drifting idly through his mind, he felt himself chuckling softly at the absolute absurdity of it, even minutes later when hearing the office door creak open behind him.

Turning to greet his unknown and surprise guest, his heart swelled with the fires of passion and excitement, when he laid eyes on the beaming face of his lover, a face with the silly grin he loved so dearly.…

“Well… hey there sailor… going my way?” Danny said, striking a provocative pose that looked very odd, given the crisp white t-shirt and colorful lime green board-shorts he was wearing, not too mention the lecherous but comedic smile breaking out across his face.

“Hey yourself… little boy!” Cam replied, drawing out the little and batting his eyelids in an overly obvious camp-ish manner, not even caring to hide his own somewhat lustrous stare.

Seeing that, Danny couldn’t hold it at all, breaking out into a fit of laughter, before his face slid back into the loving and gentle countenance Cam had grown so used to over the last few weeks. For his part, Cam couldn’t really keep up the pretense either and in the end, all it did was add to the already strange thoughts and feelings running through his mind. Not that that had anything to do with Danny, so even before he realized he was doing it, he’d spread his arms wide. Danny of course, not being one to miss an opportunity, rapidly advanced toward him. It was a moment of pure unfettered bliss they shared, when they came together in each others arms, one of the many they were both becoming quite accustomed too. Sadly though, like all moments, as beautiful as it was, it didn’t last and when they separated, Danny took his first real look around the room…

“Hey… cool… you got the office squared away… I was just coming in to… um… help…”

“Uh huh… thousands wouldn’t… but, I’ll believe you…” Cam replied, looking deep and lovingly into those gorgeous brown eyes that so enamored him, a soft warm smile creeping across his lips. “It’s ok though, didn’t take too long… what’ve you been up to all morning anyway?”

“Checking out the cabins… looks like they were pretty much closed up tight… they won’t need much in the way of cleaning anyway…”

“That’s good… well… we’ll just take that off the list then, I guess…”

“No doubt… hey, you want some lunch?… I think Reggie has something going.”

“Sounds like a plan… I could use a break anyway.” Cam said, taking a step back, sliding his hands easily into those of his lover’s.

Danny’s eyes tightened a little with pleasure when he did, the warmth of his man’s hands literally suffusing his entire being, goose-bumps rising across his flesh as the rough calloused sand paper like skin came into contact with his own. Danny was riding a cloud with pleasure, holding his head still, his eyes closed for a moment in an effort to cement the memory, when he opened them he found that even then, Cam still held him in his gaze. Staying like that for another immeasurable moment, before suddenly breaking into a smile at the shear comfort with which they were now able to touch each other. The word liberating didn’t even begin to describe the feelings that ran through both men, the way they were able to show how much they truly loved each other and all without the threat of recrimination or punishment, was  like a cold drink to a parched man. Danny’s smile was infectious and as bright as the sun itself where Cam, unable to help himself, could do nothing but smile in return. Gently he began to twirl Danny’s hands with his as he started to speak.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” Cam asked.

“What?… where the hell did that come from…?” Danny replied, trying but failing to suppress the small amount of shock and fear in his voice.

In point of fact he did remember, but he didn’t think Cam did. Slipping his right hand out of Cam’s grasp, he lifted it to his chin in a bid to buy time, and in effect making the man look down into his eyes. Cam was still smiling though, as if he hadn’t heard the tremor in his voice, even though Danny was sure that he had. But that’s not all Danny noticed, he also noticed the warmth radiating from his lover’s body in the somewhat cool room, and he felt immense comfort from the perpetual sun that was Cameran Trevallian. He noticed the stark white ivory sheen of Cam’s teeth and the soft golden hair sitting perfectly quaffed on the top of his head. The silky smooth clean shaven skin of his face and the irrepressible twinkle that shone in the man’s blue eyes every time he looked at him. Almost overwhelmed, Danny resisted the urge to brush his lover’s cheek, deciding on a whim, to lean in and teasingly use his lips instead.

“Of course I do… but… do you?” He whispered into Cam’s ear.

“Uh huh… it was a Tuesday…” Cam begun, wrapping his arms tightly around Danny. “You were standing in the middle of the quad looking like a little lost puppy…”

“I was not!” Danny interrupted, slapping his man lightly on the chest.

“Are you going to let me finish or not?” Danny said nothing further, though it was clear he wanted too, so Cam did just that, “Like I was saying… before I was rudely interrupted… you were standing in the quad… and you were lost… I can remember the way you first looked, kinda scared… but even then you were beautiful… the way the sun streamed down over you like it did, made you look like you were glowing… I can’t say I fell in love with you right then and there, but if I could’ve admitted it at the time… it wouldn’t have been far off.”

“Oh wow… I almost can’t believe you remember that… you weren’t too bad lookin either though, if I remember right… and that smile… that’s…” Before he could finish, Danny’s cheeks went redder than a fire engine, but he managed to get it out… “…I did though… fall in love with you that is.”

“If I’d been able to… admit it to myself, that is… I probably would have too… seriously…” Cam repeated.

“Do you really mean that…?” Danny said, as he rested his head against the rock hard, yet gentle softness of Cam’s chest.

“Yup…” Was all Cam could reply with.

“Good… I really do love you… you know that right…?” Danny said as he looked up into Cam’s eyes. He didn’t need to hear it back, he got everything he wanted from the warmth of his lover’s smile, so breaking away he took hold of Cam’s hand and headed towards the door. “Come on you… I’m hungry…”

Letting go of his hand, before placing his arm over Danny’s shoulders, Cam pulled him in close and held him tight, as they walked out of the admin building headed towards the house, their house.

That alone was worth all the good feelings Cam had had lately. In fact, while they walked the short distance Cam couldn’t help but marvel at just how well things had gone so far. In the two weeks since they’d made the deal with the previous owner, every thing had moved really rather fast. When Cam and Danny got back to the camp on that first day, it was late, but the boys were still up. They’d all sat around the fire and talked for hours, well, it was pretty much Cam and Danny doing the talking with the boys doing the listening. They did, however, ask some very pointed questions at times. Though they’d started out just telling the boys all of what they had discovered about the place, with their interest peaked, they went well into the night discussing it’s potential. Carl and Dale seemed particularly interested, but while Corey liked the idea of it, the work side didn’t hold as much luster for him and noticing that, Cam had to make it very clear it was going to be a joint venture where everyone would have to pitch in.

By the end of the evening, it was only Carl who was still paying any real attention. He seemed to be thoroughly engrossed with the business aspects in particular, appearing to have a very level head when it came to numbers. Something of which Cam thought he’d keep a keen eye on, even if only for a possible future for the boy. Corey had been asleep for over an hour by that point, lying back on the ground, his legs across Cam’s lap and Dale had drifted off not too much later, cuddled up to Carl by the fire. As Cam and Danny talked, now to just Carl, he was listening attentively, all the while lazily stroking and curling his fingers through Dale’s hair. It really was quite cute, and Cam was almost startled when he found himself doing the same thing to Danny, like a mirror to the boys actions with his own lover.

They had spent the next day at the camp, trying and mostly succeeding to just have fun, but every now and again the two men had to go off and complete some business here and there. That business was, of course, the change over of title and money, to which the lawyer that Cam had found in town, had sorted through his bank after making sure everything was indeed above board. Excitement levels of all those involved, however, were running high, so they decided to cut their trip short. After all, it wasn’t like they were going to be leaving the place and going home for good, they were home and at the time, they were all starting to feel it.

Like everything, moving has a process, they had made their decision and secured their destination, which is always first and second on the list. Now they just had to get themselves and their belongings there. That was the third step, and that next step was probably the hardest on all of them. After all, packing and moving away from a place that had been your entire life for so long, is never an easy thing to do.

In the end, it was decided by all involved that they would do the packing themselves, as well as making whatever travel arrangements needed for that which they couldn’t easily take with them, rather than letting some random removal team do the work. Having said that though, there was a certain amount of fear and trepidation at the same time. Because, quite simply, going home also meant putting themselves back into the spotlight, or worse, into harms way. Thankfully, when they got there they found they needn’t have worried that much, because although the story was still running strong, the reporters and news vans that had been camped out in front of their house, had long since gone after their hurried departure nearly a week prior.

Reggie was another matter entirely, like the stalwart she was, she’d been very busy while they were away. Though she didn’t make mention of it, it became very clear from some recently cleaned patches on the walls and some obviously new panes of glass, that there had been some trouble. To her credit though, she’d hid it so well, if the boys noticed at all, they didn’t show it. Because, as soon as they were out of the jeep, she was all smiles and hugs. Just like the grandmother, mother and friend that she’d always been to them, she gave out nothing but, a warm loving greeting. Of course, it really wasn’t any surprise to Cam that she was there to meet them, having called her from the airport, what was a surprise was the meal that awaited them on the table and it was during that meal of home made pizza and breadsticks, that the boys made the first moves on convincing her to move with them.

Like all teenage boys, once they had their minds made up, they were very persistent. Reggie however, was somewhat stubborn, and though it was clear to all but the boys that she really did want to go with them, it was equally clear that she had some very reasonable doubts. She had no family, other than those sitting around that dinner table, or any real ties to keep her where she was, but chief among those fears was where would she live and of course, where would she store a lifetimes worth of treasures. Cam had already thought of that though, and when he laid out his plan to give her one of the larger cabins as her own, he could see she was definitely coming around to the idea. In fact after that, and with the boy’s dogged persistence, she finally came to the conclusion that she could go and relented. The boys were so happy, they near suffocated the poor girl, as they tried to hug the life out of her.

*                      *                      *

Packing up a life’s worth of trinkets and belongings, then closing down the two houses was not as easy as they first thought it would be. Though it was probably the most distressing for Cam, knowing he’d probably never set foot in the place again. A house that had been his home for his entire life, and a place that held his most cherished memories. Moments which he knew could never be replaced, like all those times Mark slept over, all those times his dad had picked him up and held him, soothing away the ills and woes of the world, all those times he stood side by side with his mom just talking about anything and everything. Those were the moments he cherished most in his life, and those were the moments he had no choice but to say goodbye to, no matter how hard he tried to put it off. Everywhere he walked through that house, he remembered something new and the whole experience started to hurt him greatly, but he didn’t show it, couldn’t show it, he had to be strong one for the others. Primarily because, when all is said and done, the dye had been well and truly cast and now there was no turning back.

The boy’s rooms seemed to go the easiest, though they too became more and more emotional as the days went on. They hadn’t spent as much time in that house as Cam, but they still had a lot invested there. Having said that though, they were still excited about the move, thoughts of what was warring inside them with what was to come. They worked hard and by the end of that first day, they’d sorted out what they wanted to take with them immediately and packed the rest of their things into boxes. All that remained, was for the removal company they’d hired, to collect all those boxes and the furniture.

Packing an entire house is a somewhat arduous task, but with all five pitching in, they certainly made short work of it, and by the end of the second day, the only room that was left was Cam and Danny’s, and of course, the small hidden room behind it, which Cam was definitely leaving till last.

It took them a full two days to do their house and an extra one on top of that to do Reggie’s, but by the end of spring break, their belongings were on the road to their new home, leaving only a few things left to take with them. Cam’s special items, having been packed and transported to the airport late that second night, were safely stored away from prying eyes on the plane. The only things remaining to be shifted, were the jeep and the boat, which they had decided to take with them for use on the lake.

The jeep was the easy one, Danny was going to drive that to their new home, with a few of the smaller things on the trailer. The boat however, that was going to have to be shipped by truck and Cam would have to wait around until it could be loaded the following morning. Reggie too was taking her car, so rather than waiting with him and being bored, the boys said their goodbyes to those friends who had always stuck by them, some of which were very tearful, with promises that they would visit, then Reggie took them with her, leaving Cam behind for the day that it would take to finish up.

In a way, he was kind of glad at how it had all worked out. Thinking to himself, it was rather fitting he had this chance to say goodbye all on his own. But, his last night there gave him an eerie feeling, there was still power, but nothing to use it, other than the naked bulbs on the ceiling. But that wasn’t the real issue, the real problem was the extreme emptiness, the whole house was empty and Cam had never seen it that way. Although he knew it was his house, and knew all the little corners, they just looked different, almost forebodingly. So much so, when he tried to bed down for the night, he found he just simply couldn’t settle. Finally, after some time spent tossing and turning, he pulled himself up into a sitting position with his back to the wall and his arms hugged around his legs, he tried to replace all the furniture in his head. After a while, he took that one step further, when he got up and started wandering through the house room by room.

It was a strange feeling, what he was doing, the weirdest part of which, was although at first he could see how each room had looked only just recently, the more he stared, the more the rooms morphed back into how it was when he was a kid. So, it was not overly surprising when he found he’d ended up in his room, a room that had up until only a few days ago, been Corey’s. Nostalgia hit him hard and he could see everything exactly as he’d had it all those years ago, the twin bed by the window, the desk by the far wall covered in papers and homework, the chest of drawers with his TV on top and the bookcase filled with books about planes and flying, all his treasures were there. He could even see Mark’s smile, especially when he walked into the bathroom and ran his hand over the slight rise his knee had made on the shower wall. He could feel it in the air, feel all the times he’d shared with his best friend, feel the excitement, the joy and of course, the sadness. Wanting to be close to his memories just one last time, that room was where he finally managed to sleep that night.

The next day was busy, that alone probably gave him the strength to do what needed to be done. With the morning spent preparing and loading his dad’s boat on to a tractor trailer and then the flight home, Cam was thankfully unable to think of much else but what he was doing at the time. It wasn’t until he taxied into what would become his permanent spot, and saw the face of face of the man he loved, that he was able to let it all go. Finding himself in the loving arms of Danny, that was exactly what he did, let it go, what he’d left behind was in his past, now he had to concentrate on the future and he couldn’t help but smile, when he realized that he was looking forward to it. Looking forward to the future that they were going to build together. Though he wasn’t exactly looking forward to the last step in the moving process, unpacking.

The house they’d moved into whether it was built that way, or modified later, was not your typical affair. With two stories above ground and one below, there were four bedrooms all told, each with it’s own bathroom. The master bedroom was on the ground floor, the other three, two of which would be for the boys, were on the top floor and the other one being a guest room. In addition to the bedrooms, there was also a large sitting room that the boys could use upstairs. Downstairs there was a large room roughly in the middle of the ground floor for entertaining, and an even larger kitchen with breakfast nook, a decently sized dining room, and a smaller sitting room, as well as the two bay indoor garage. The floor below ground, held several rooms for storage, including a locked one that would hold Cam’s special items. There was also a moderately sized indoor pool, sauna and gym.

The first few days in the new house, were spent cleaning, unpacking and sorting enough to make the place immediately livable, but once that was done, they spent a great deal of time mostly just visiting the local sights, in an effort to acclimate themselves with their new surroundings. They went into town to go shopping too of course, for some extra furniture and bit’s and pieces for the house. While they were there, Cam enrolled the boys at the Junior High School, then took them to get their uniforms. At the same time they also went to get a car for Danny. There wasn’t much in the way of choice, even though there were several dealers and between the five of them they just couldn’t decide, until he saw a dark blue ‘01 LandRover, and just instantly fell in love with it.

*                      *                      *

They’d timed it perfectly, climbing off of the last step onto the porch just as the heavens opened up and a torrential downpour swept quickly over the surrounding area. The wind that Cam had noticed earlier, made it cold and given that the two men were still only in shorts and t-shirts, he was glad they’d made it back in time. Having said that though, being sheltered as they were by the house, Cam couldn’t help but look out onto the large lawn in front of him and considered being very childish. He smiled perfectly at Danny, placing his hands on his arms, Danny of course, feeling a little bit of fear, stood stock still in anticipation.

Seeing that, Cam instantly changed his mind, instead moving a hand to Danny’s waist and latching on to his hip. Pulling the young man close enough, so that he could feel his breath on his lips. Danny gulped quietly but, with the rain surrounding them and acting like a buffer to the outside world, it sounded very loud. Cam’s smile turned into a crooked grin and Danny’s heart stuttered at the small change. It was so subtle and almost insignificant, but made a huge difference to his features, making his already handsome face far more endearing. The kissed softly at first, but soon the passion they felt for each other increased their vigor, it wasn’t until both of their bellies started to rumble incessantly, that they remembered why they were there to begin with.


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March 17, 2011 at 21:31

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  1. I was wondering if Reggie was going to make the move with them. Now we just have to see how the boys will get acclimated to a new town, school, etc.

    Another chapter well worth the wait.


    March 17, 2011 at 23:41

  2. Glad to see a new chapter with lots of hope and future

    Dave Floyd

    March 29, 2011 at 03:29

  3. ahh the start of a new life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ superb!


    June 15, 2011 at 23:27

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