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2060 Chapter fourteen – Book II

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Though the day itself had been unseasonably warm for the month of March, now with night creeping on, a small but, cool wind picked up, wafting lazily across the waters of the lake. Then, like a long lost lover in an age old intimate embrace, that same subtle breeze softly kissed the once serene landscape, rustling through treetops and tickling limbs only now brimming with the burgeoning new life of spring. The seasons were definitely changing, getting warmer, this was just a subtle reminder of a particularly cold winter now past. Stretching further towards whatever destination took it’s whim, the cool air began to flow gently, almost serenely across a campground built on a small rise above the water.

Still in its infancy, it wasn’t overly strong yet, even though by all accounts it had the potential to become something so much more, as off in the distance could be heard the stirring sounds of rolling thunderheads, but they were somewhat quiet, like they were moving in the opposite direction. Temperatures that had bordered the mid eighties all day, dropped considerably with the sun and as night moved in, it wrapped its dark cloak like tendrils around anything and everything in its path. Now that the darkness had completely consumed the entire landscape, the temperature had gotten bad enough that, not too long ago he’d been forced to forgo his comfortable almost summer attire, in favour of a sweatshirt and pants just to keep warm.

Sipping from an already half empty beer bottle he sat pondering, poking lazily at the fire not too far from his warming feet, a slightly blackened and charred stick in hand, giving testament to the length of time he’d been there. He’d found that stick while collecting wood in the small forest, which kept the lake from prying eyes, while taking a relaxing walk with his lover earlier in the afternoon. Though the small fire was well banked with stones that had to have come from the lake, the rising breeze still managed to make the flames dance and sway in its gentle loving, yet near tempestuous embrace, consequently causing what light that sprang forth to cast odd, almost eerie shadows through the trees.

Shifting around in the small camp chair he was ensconced in once again, trying desperately to find a more comfortable position, his mind drifted idly back to the lake and the hours he’d spent there that day with his boys, the boys that were now sound asleep, wrapped up warmly in their sleeping bags in the tent next to him. He thought about how much fun they’d had, how carefree and uninhibited they seemed to be right at that moment, jumping off the small pier, only to climb back up and dive off again and again, and couldn’t help but smile a soft smile of contentment. He knew he hadn’t seen them that happy in a long time and was vainly hoping he could somehow keep them that way, for at least a little while longer. With that thought in mind, he raised the still cool lip of the bottle to his mouth, and was suddenly reminded of how time spent with his boys, can make him feel as though nothing else mattered. Not to mention how excited their simple play could make him, with their ample boyish fun and mischievousness.

You see, ever since children have had to follow their parents’ rules, they’ve longed to get away from them and strike out on their own, in search of some kind of independence. And ever since mankind has lived in houses, even before stoves and electric lights, or any other convenience for that matter, those same children, have longed to get out in the wilderness and ‘rough it’, the Trevallian boys were no different. Every chance they got, they looked forward to going camping with eager anticipation, even though it was probably of what trouble they may, or may not, get themselves into. Just the idea of staying up late telling scary stories, while toasting marshmallows on an open camp fire, or a late night swim in ice-cold water, before going to sleep in a pup-tent wrapped up in the safe warmth of a well used, but still very serviceable sleeping bag. That’s what camping was all about, wasn’t it?

For so long Cameran Trevallian had been more than certain it was, but now he wasn’t so sure. As a boy himself, he and his friends had spent many long summer nights down on the beach behind his house. Though they didn’t always find the best spot, often times averting disaster at the last possible moment, it was still fun and exciting and they learned from their experience, making the next one even better. Then as soon as he learned to drive, and by that stage it was just Mark and himself, almost every weekend they were off to wherever fate took them to set up camp.

However, the last few trips Cam had made with his boys certainly hadn’t held that same lustre, and that troubled him to no end. In fact, camping now seemed to be an escape, his escape, from a life he had lost a little control over. But this time was different, he was determined to make it different for them, if nothing else. This time he wasn’t running from his own imagined demons, no, this time he was helping his boys run away from their very real ones.

At first, it seemed, the boys had settled relatively well back into school, all things considered. Carl’s suspension had been a little hard, but they’d gotten through it. Especially, in addition to the punishment from the school, Cam had also grounded the boy for what he’d done. What made that near impossible to enforce, was the sleeping arrangements. Though to be fair, Cam’s heart wasn’t really into the punishment in the first place and ended it pretty quickly. Put simply, Cam just couldn’t punish the boy for standing up for what was right, and for doing the exact same thing, that he knew that he himself, would have and once did do. The boys were still suffering though, Cam could see it growing by the day, he knew a decision was going to have to be made, and soon.

As it turns out, Amanda Evans hadn’t been making idle threats that day she stormed out of Weller’s office several months ago. Though nothing much had happened for the first week or so, that very quickly changed. As soon as Carl finished his suspension and went back to school, he was greeted with what would become his own personal private welcoming committee. She had set herself up with a makeshift stage, on a patch of public property just across the road from the school, placards with bigoted slogans and so called calls for morality surrounding her, and as the days stretched into weeks, she became more and more insistent, through her bull horn microphone. What was really sad, especially in this so called enlightened era, was that she very quickly wasn’t alone, in pedalling that specific brand of hate.

The school staff, the school board and even the local authorities did what they could, to stem the tide, in some cases literally, blocking them off with barricades and the threat of being arrested or even legal action. The problem was though, while no one was actually being harmed, there was very little they could do to stop the abuse and vile comments from being hurled across the street. Such is the safety of a peaceful protest, regardless of what someone is protesting about. To make matters worse, in the weeks that followed, their camp seemed to be growing, even attracting the attention of local fundamentalist church groups. As far as Cameran was concerned, although his boys, or even anyone else for that matter, weren’t being physically hurt, that by no means meant they weren’t being harmed.

In fact, it was becoming less and less safe for any child to even go near the place, a point made very clear, when several students stopped showing up entirely. When asked by administration officers why their children weren’t in school, it seemed the same story was being told over and over again, no parent wanted to put their kids in that kind of environment. Principal Weller and his staff were at their wits-end throughout, there just seemed to be nothing they could do to ensure the safety of their students, which in turn exacerbated the problem. Mrs Evans had started out just wanting to make a point, but towards the end, even she couldn’t control the monster that she’d created.

Basic uninformed rhetoric, that was the main weapon of the mob and they seemed to take great pleasure in employing every filthy tool in their arsenal. From morality to religion to politics, nothing was left unsaid in their shouts and cries, or painted on their gaudy childlike banners and placards. Cam had heard it all before, had seen it all before, in point of fact he’d been fighting those same thoughts and feelings since childhood. When they started, he couldn’t find any way to explain them, but as he grew older and of course wiser, he knew what they were and accepted them as natural. What truly worried him though, was that he wasn’t quite sure if his boys had gotten that far yet, and as strong as they were, what would happen to them from seeing and hearing what had been, at one point, some very real fears of his own spouted out in such a disruptive manner.

As far as the mob was concerned, homosexuality was a simple and unnatural ‘lust’, perpetrated by extremely self loathing individuals who defied any and all human reason. They said it was a sickness, or at least that’s what most would call it, a disease if you will, like it was something that could be cured. But what would they know, they who were nothing more than preachers, or run of the mill civilians. They weren’t doctors, they weren’t therapists, and they certainly weren’t tolerant of anything different. In their minds, being gay, was a perversity, an unforgivable evil against god. So much so, that in a strange twist of irony, they believed it would actually eradicate their own unforgivable sins of hatred and intolerance towards the two young boys. In their mind they were right and just, because god told them so in his little book. It was really sad, but that their popularity was growing, and even some of the local townspeople were looking like they wanted to stone to death anyone that didn’t conform to their views of what was ‘normal’.

They said it was a choice, like anyone in their right mind would actually chose to be that way. To be persecuted by the close-minded, to be treated like filth, to be beaten and left for dead… honestly, who would chose that? They were the ones that thought they could cure boys, of something that was out of their control to begin with, that maybe it was a reaction to some kind of defective childhood, or some weird social disorder. Nature versus nurture, the debate was in full swing, and nurture looked like it was winning. Cam didn’t know whether to believe or deny it, trying to explain why certain people are attracted to their own sex, is like trying to explain why you like classic jazz versus contemporary rock. As ludicrous as the situation appears to be and it is, its just one of those things that can’t be adequately explained, you just do, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste.

Feelings have causes, not reasons, there is a distinct difference, if you stop to look at it closely. The truth is, most kids don’t know much about anything that they feel anymore, what with being bombarded by images from video games and TV, bowing to the pressures of their peer groups, they push their feelings deep down, far enough where they don’t have to deal with it, at least when they can help it. Not that those feelings don’t shoot straight back to the surface whenever they feel like it, and sometimes in the most embarrassing ways, puberty and the teenage years can be rather cruel at times, especially for boys.

Cam’s boys were no different, he knew the pain and stress they were going through, could hear the tears and sobs at night through the thin walls of their home. What enraged him, was that there was just so little he could do to stop it. That didn’t mean he didn’t try, he’d even put his own career in jeopardy, by leaving the office early every day, so that he could pick them up from school. There was no way, after everything they’d all gone through, that he was going to let another look after them, he just couldn’t trust anyone enough with that duty, it was his alone. At least Carl’s detentions had been lifted so he could take them all at once.

As for the rest of the world, over the last few decades people were starting to stand up and take notice. Though it had taken a long time, across the globe, well mostly anyway, people were waking up to the fact that being a homosexual wasn’t actually the bad thing they thought it was, but even then they still didn’t fully understand. On the whole if any gay man broke down and pleaded for mercy, even now, barely a single one of them would offer to give that man any real comfort. It’s even worse when it’s a teenager, or a child, in that position. How many young people have cried themselves to sleep, agonising about it. How many have sought their own end, to get away from the pressures that society puts on them to conform.

Cam knew his boys had cried about it, cried a lot actually, just because of some very narrow minded views, so much so he was sure that, they were beginning to feel like they just didn’t know themselves anymore. Feeling like there was something so terribly wrong with them, so terrible that people will see it and try to hurt them just for being what they always have been. To be fair, he was beginning to feel the same way and that’s a place he hadn’t been to in a very long time. Little did Cam know, however, that for Dale and Carl, it had gone well beyond that, simply because they were the primary targets. Now, not only did they have to deal with the collective mob, they were also facing increasing intolerance from their friends and classmates.

Inside that simple, quaint middle school, had formed a microcosm of what was happening outside. Somewhat emboldened by the efforts of the mob outside, the school’s bullying population, many of which had been associates of some form or another with Eddie Evans, started to rear their ugly little heads. Full of their own brand of self-righteousness they took advantage of the situation, praying on those that couldn’t defend themselves, which sad as it is to say, was pretty much everyone else. Both inside the school and out, they really did exemplify the absolute worst, in close-mindedness society has to offer. The only saving grace the young couple had, other than family of course, was that they had each other and that they also had the skills with which to defend themselves, skills they had to use more and more often. Unfortunately, there were several kids in that school, who had neither.

Throughout it all though, Corey was probably the worst casualty, if it can be called that. Even though he was the straight one, it seemed that didn’t matter very much to the bullies, either inside or out. As far as they were concerned, because his brother was gay, he was just as guilty, by mere association. This in turn put the poor boy in a very awkward position. On the one hand, through the love he held for his brother and of course Carl, he felt duty bound to help, or even at times protect them. But on the other hand, he also felt like he was being most unjustly persecuted, which of course he was, and wanted nothing better than to strike out in his own defence. At first Corey took it all in stride, he was, after all, a very strong and confident boy. But over time his resolve started to crack, the strain of these conflicting ideals was putting the poor boy under a considerable amount of stress, not to mention the tension it was causing on the home front.

As in all things, however, it seems nature itself abhors a vacuum. Not long after the popularity, which seemed to almost literally soar over night, of the haters grew, a few of the more tolerant and good natured people in town started to come out in the defence of all things different. By the end of that first month, the month of February, and well into March, there was two distinct camps. On the one side, there were those that were stricken with their puritanical views and on the other, those that fought against them. Not that it made any real difference though, in fact the only thing it really did do, was to draw the attention of first the local news services, then later, those of the national ones.

The media, they were the tipping point to the whole fiasco. Prior to their involvement, though still not ideal, the situation was being somewhat contained. But, as soon as they got involved, things blew up exponentially. Very quickly, the plight of Cam’s boys became news headlines. At first, the media appeared to be quite moderate in it’s reporting of the story, but even they succumbed to the situation, with various of their number staking claim to either side. Reporters and news vans were camped outside of the school day and night, and soon even outside their own home. It had gotten to the point, that they couldn’t even open their front door, without a camera or microphone thrust into their face.

Balance was still there, but the situation was tenuous at best, and even then the boys remained under considerable pressure. Cam could see it to, could see it all, the strain his boys were under near tore his heart in two. He saw it everyday when he picked his boys up outside the school’s front doors, their strong little faces valiantly trying to hold back the scared and frustrated tears they so wanted to let loose. But what worried him the most, was the dried blood stains and torn or crinkled clothing. Though they’d tried hard to hide it, Cam’s eyes were sharp, and it was becoming more and more common. He knew he had to get them out of there, get them to some place safe, but at that stage, he just didn’t know how, or even where.

His work suffered for it as well, especially when the media discovered his profession. Both sides wanted blood, and would stop at nothing to get it, so much so, that just in that last week Commander Cameran Trevallian, USN., had given up and bowed down to the pressure his superiors were placing on him to sign his reserve papers. The military’s policies on homosexuality were not at all popular, and the brass was concerned that too much media investigation into a senior officer could lead to their crucifixion or that of the Navy. He was discharged honourably, with full pay and benefits, but sadly, it didn’t even matter to them anymore if Cam was gay or not, the bad press was enough to seal his fate. In the end, that’s what had prompted this camping trip, he’d waited as long as he could to get them out of there and when spring break rolled around, he’d made his move.

For the moment he was free and clear of the navy, and at somewhat of a loss as to what to do. His first priority though, was always his boys. He’d been on the net all afternoon, on that last Friday of school, searching for anywhere out of the way, anywhere quiet. He didn’t like the idea of hiding too much, and if it had just been him, he would have stayed and fought. But it wasn’t, he had people to take care of and a tactical retreat seemed his only real and best option. Finally, after several hours of searching through online maps, he’d settled on some lake country that he could get to in the plane. So after picking up his boys at school, he’d told them to pack clothes for a week, and soon they were off, with a very confused Danny in tow.

Still sat in the chair by the fire, his silent pondering was interrupted by the sound of a soft yet masculine male voice. Looking up and towards the sound, he saw his lover as he padded slowly towards the campsite from the direction of the showers. They were pretty good showers too, he’d had one just before dinner, earlier on that evening. In fact, now that he thought about it the campground itself was pretty nice, a little run down, but nothing more than you’d expect from having been shut up all winter, and certainly nothing that a little hard work wouldn’t fix.

“The finest campground in upstate New York, set in the heart of a State Park, and is located on the peaceful shores of a Lake. Make your family vacation experience memorable at our five star rated camping resort. Site choices range from rustic tenting to big rig sites with full amenities. Rental options include rustic or premium cabins (some pet friendly) and RV rentals. Enjoy time boating, swimming, and fishing on the lake or relax at the pool and spa while the kids play in the splash pad.”

That’s what it had said in the brochure he’d found at the airport, it seemed like the perfect place, so that’s where they ended up. It wasn’t small either, there were several sites set aside for RV’s of all sizes with electrical and water hook-up points, and even more for tents, all of which had little hedges that had been well maintained to provide some privacy between them. Then there was the cabins, well built and sturdy log cabins, ranging in sizes for smaller and larger groups. He most certainly would have stayed in one, if they’d been ready, but aside from anything else, his boys had their hearts set on camping, so tents it was.

Ever since leaving the navy, even though it only was a week ago, Cam had felt rather listless. The simple fact of the matter was, Cam wasn’t much of a thinker, he couldn’t imagine himself sat behind a desk in some dark office somewhere, even though that’s exactly what he had done for the last few years, he was still a person of an operational nature. Other than maintaining the safety of his family, there were two main things running through his mind, first was what he was going to do with the rest of his life, and second was where he could take his boys so that they could be safe. The more he thought about it in fact, the place he now found himself in seemed to meet their needs rather well, there was the airport of course, not far from the main town, plenty of shopping opportunities, and seemingly decent schools. The town was pretty small, but Cam was sure that it could be just the right place, and to top it all off, if he needed any more encouragement, the campground was up for sale.

Cam was definitely giving it some very serious thought, but those thoughts were becoming more and more interrupted by the young man who was approaching. Cam looked him over once, then twice, and then again a third time, just to make sure , before swallowing hard with his suddenly dry throat, often times his lover had that effect on him. Where before Danny’s tight pants and revealing baggy top, that he’d worn during the day, had given him a certain sluttyness that, well okay, it was sexy. Now, wearing warm ordinary clothes, Danny just seemed to be ‘all man’, yet somehow he still managed to posses a certain kind of mischievousness, one that extended him a somewhat boyish quality.

The smile, that’s what did it, even after all the crap he’d had to deal with in his life, Danny was still able to find the joy in any particular moment and that smile could light up the sky, even giving the stars themselves a run for their money. Finally, once standing directly in front of Cam, Danny kneeled down in front of him, just before reaching out to gently stroke the slight stubble and soft skin of his man’s face with the palm and ever so gentle touch of still warm damp finger tips. There’s just something special, different, about the touch of another human being. Cam definitely thought so, as he was temporarily struck dumb, when the softness of his lover’s hand, sent a warm electrical shock like shiver through him. Danny looked back up into the face of his lover, to gauge his reaction and with what he saw there, he was sure he was pleased. The look of complete contentment, was all the evidence he needed.

From Cam’s point of view, only the sparkle in the lovely deep warm brown eyes, that watched him from behind that now somewhat wild brown tangle and the subtle raspberry milkshake like curve of Danny’s kissable lips hinted at a certain naughtiness, one he found most appealing. In moments like this, Cam felt truly blessed to have this man at his side. To him, it seemed at times, that Danny had the playful sensuality of a puppy, but he was so much more, especially to Cam, because coupled with that playfulness, was a knowing intelligence and the natural warmth of the man’s generous heart. Cam looked deep into those brown pools before him and tried not to sigh like some moonstruck fool, but he was helpless and did it anyway, because quite frankly, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

“I’ve been thinking…” He said, as he too reached out to stroke the soft skin of his man’s freshly shaved face.

“Hmm… well that’s a mood killer…” Danny replied, a small devious grin etching across the same face that was adoring the feel of being touched by the man he loved.

“You know I love you right?”

“I’d like to think so… why?” Danny said, as a sudden doubt sprang forth from the depths of his still troubled mind.

“And you love me… right?”

“Of course… but, Cam… you’re starting to scare me a little here…”

Cam saw a single tear was sat ready to fall in Danny’s eye, and he assumed it was just in case the young man’s worst fear was about to be realised. In an instant, Cam thought over what he’d just asked, and realised where that kind of line of questioning could lead. Just as quickly, he mentally kicked himself in the head, over his own stupidity. Then with a speed, that was at the same time graceful as it was fast, he placed both of his palms on either side of Danny’s face, and with the thumb of his left, he lightly brushed that tear away, all the while smiling his most sincere loving smile.

“Oh God Danny!… it’s not that!” He said, as he gently pulled Danny’s face closer, before ever so lightly brushing his lips against the softness of his lovers. “Never that… I meant… well… I was just thinking about what I was going to do now… what we’re gonna do… there doesn’t seem much point in going back to live at our old house… we’d never get any peace…”

The relief Danny felt was palpable, and he nearly collapsed form the strain of it. As the stress left his body, he’d not even realised how wound up it had made him, but now that the moment had passed, he took the time to go through and process what Cam had just said. Looking up into Cam’s pool like, blue eyes, he could see that he was serious, about both the former and the latter. Whatever plan he had going, Danny was sure he was part of it. He was equally sure that he might just like it.

“Wait here…” Danny said, as he stood, pulling himself from Cam’s grip and headed towards their tent.

“Where are you going…?” Cam replied.

“You’ll see… just sit down by the fire… I’ll be back in a sec… I promise.”

And with that, he was safely inside their tent. Even though he knew he was being foolish, Danny still felt some of the stress from before, and he needed to release it. So taking this brief moment, he shed a few tears and a quiet sob or two, before composing himself and following through with his original plan. Moments later, he returned to the fire side, where he found Cam nestled against a small log that had been placed there to be used for seating. Sitting down next to his lover, he placed the blanket that he’d brought with him around both of their shoulders, and snuggled in tight…

“Ok… since you’ve been thinking so much… you must have a plan… right?… you wanna tell me about it?”

Before Cam started, he looked down at Danny, who was waiting patiently, then just smiled a loving smile and nodded. In that moment he finally understood that he had the most generous, considerate, amazing boyfriend in the world. One that cared for him simply because he loved him genuinely, and to Cam, that’s what true love was. As far as Cam was concerned, although he enjoyed them immensely, love wasn’t in the sex or the kisses, or even in the cuddles which he truly adored. Wasn’t in the smiles or the words either, though like the rest, they were definitely part of it. True love was just about the giving of it, without any expectation of reward, purely because giving love is it’s own reward.

“Before I tell you what I have in mind… I want you to know, that you’ll have just as much say in this as the boys… I want to know what you think of this place…?” He said.

“It’s nice… I like it… why?”

“Because I think it would be perfect for us… look around… there’s that beautiful lake, the forest, hills to climb… and it’s not that far from town… it’d be a safe place for the boys… and a place we could work together… not to mention that beautiful big house up there that we could make our own… what do you think?”

“I think you’ve had one too many beers… are you sure about this?… is this what you really want?”

“Yeah… yeah I really do… it’s for sale… and I know I can afford it… would pretty much tap out my savings, but we could sell the old house… that should give us a few extra bucks to fix this place up… maybe even make a few modifications here and there…”

“You know what… I like the idea… but I’ll have to think about it some… and you still have to convince the boys… but I like it… come on… it’s too cold out here now… let’s get warm and get some sleep… we can all talk about it in the morning.”

And with that, Danny stood, holding out his hand to help Cam up. As they stood, they came together in a quick almost chaste, but loving embrace, before they both headed inside. There was a little play, and a lot of snuggling, but both men were worn out from the days exertions and soon found themselves sleeping soundly in each others arms. When he woke in the morning, Cam knew that he had never, in all his life, found deeper peace in sleep than he did that night wrapped up in his lover’s arms.

*                      *                      *

The next morning they got out of the borrowed jeep and started walking along the narrow trail they’d been told about. It was a peaceful slow rise of a trail, there was even a stream of crystal clear water running alongside that must have come down from the mountains, before it fed into the beautifully clear lake below. The higher they went, the more the sunlight streamed through the trees, shining off the water, casting light shadows all around the landscape. The guy they’d borrowed the jeep off of was the current owner, who seemed very keen with the two young men taking over, he was close to retirement and wanted to spend his remaining years closer to family. He was also right about something else too, it wasn’t much of a hike. Cam and Danny had struck out late that morning, after talking with the boys, to venture around to the other side of the lake from the campground.

He’d started out with the boys at breakfast, much the same way as he had done with Danny the night before, although he left out most of the mushy bits. However, he had waited until they were finished eating, as he knew there was no point in trying to get intelligent thoughts out of hungry teen boys. Once they were finished, and when they could give him their complete attention, he’d outlined his original plan. Much to his surprise, as he had thought they may have not wanted to leave what little life they had back at home, they seemed more than for it and were very excited, pelting him with questions, questions to which at that point he had very few answers.

They were keen though, and that was all it took for him to start thinking seriously about it, the small nod from Danny also helped to solidify the process, so the decision was made. All that remained was for them to get their stuff there, including the boat and Cam’s jeep, which they knew they would need. It was also decided to try and convince Reggie to move along with them, the boys seemed most insistent on that idea, and were sure they could convince her. Armed with a firm plan, Cam and Danny went to see the guy that owned the place, it was time to talk business.

The hill that now loomed up ahead of them, was an imposing thing of trees and granite outcroppings, offering near limitless adventuring for boys of any age. It was there, that the slow low lazy trail they’d been following, levelled off, overlooking the lake, before it branched off in a fork. One way lead back down the hill, to a small sandy lakefront beach and the other up a steeper incline to the top. It was the latter that the two men decided on, thinking they could go down to the lake on the way back to cool off a bit, before heading back to camp.

They were both a little winded when they reached the top, and on the pinnacle, they found the last remaining remnants of an old and very abandoned fire-tower, which stood atop a large smooth flat rock. On further inspection of that rock, they found that one could climb up and sit on it to gain an incredible vista of the entire valley, the lake that rested in the bottom of it and the rolling foothills beyond. They had both shed their shirts on the way up, as the day had become considerably warmer than the one before, and now that they’d had time to catch their breath, they each used their discarded shirts to swipe away the gleaning sweat on their taught hard bodies. Looking out over the stunning view laid out before them, they decided this was as good a place as any and broke out the packed lunch of sandwiches and bottled water they’d brought with them.

Together, as they sprawled out shoulder to shoulder, along the smooth cool granite surface, they stared up into the beautiful stunning clear blue sky, the sun caressing  their skin, the breeze blowing lightly across their still wet bodies. A smile broke out slowly across Cam’s face, when he felt Danny’s hand slip into his own. He couldn’t imagine a better moment, the sun was warm, the smooth rock beneath his naked back was even warmer, but what’s more, he was sharing it all with someone he loved. Cam just couldn’t help himself, and as much as he didn’t want to spoil the moment, he wanted Danny more, wanted to feel his body against his own, so taking a good grip of his hand, Cam pulled Danny close. Within moments they were cuddled up together, wrapped up in the warmth of the sun, the rock and the love they shared.

That’s when he realised something, though he knew he’d never forget Mark and all they’d shared and meant to each other, he had finally come to the conclusion that he’d moved on. There was a brief moment of sadness in his heart because of it, and he wondered if that might have been from Mark himself. But, just as quickly as it had happened, he knew Mark would understand and in his own way had let Cam go too. This whole time Cam had always known that he loved Danny, but this was the first moment that he truly felt that he was in love with him, both heart and soul. There was something about the way Danny pulled himself into Cam’s chest. The way Danny did his best to protect and care for him. The way his eyes twinkled, so sincerely, when he said those three words, ‘I love you’.

It was clear that they were both getting excited, Danny had started to lightly kiss Cam along his neck, and when Cam looked down at the bulge forming in his lover’s shorts, he knew what could only happen next, and was somehow pretty much ok with it. Looking back up, directly into those startlingly gorgeous brown eyes, he knew Danny was ok with it too. Both men locked onto each other’s gaze for a moment and then without warning, Danny pressed his soft lips against Cam’s. Arms found their way around backs as they ground together, mashing their bodies in a dance as old as time. A breath with a sweet hint of honey mustard found its way into Cam’s mouth when Danny chewed lovingly on his lower lip. Below, Cam could feel the absolute and obvious evidence of Danny’s love, when he felt the pressure of his manhood against his own and knowing this was about to get very messy, he pressed his own hips against him.


Written by bigct/Octavius

January 30, 2011 at 18:12

10 Responses

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  1. Great Chapter CT! The family needs a fresh start from all the crap that’s been happening to them. I’m anxious to see where this leads to. The campground sound wonderful, even though it’s still on the east coast!!! HAHA!


    January 30, 2011 at 19:27

  2. Glad for the new chapter and a new beguiningCam, Danny and the boys all need to get to the peace of the Lake and all that it will provide. I do find your writing extremely thought provoking and reflective. In an age of changing mores and peer pressure, one thing still stands above all else, and that is LOVE.Thanks for sharing .


    January 30, 2011 at 21:17

  3. Another great chapter Octavius. I can’t wait to see where you take this.

    Hope you’re well



    January 30, 2011 at 21:45

  4. CT a new start sounds great, I just feel sorry for those left left behind to deal wiyh all the crap that was stired up. In many respects you only put into words the total injustice many of us feel.
    On a little foot note I was very glad to see that Reggie was included in the decision.
    Another wonderful read


    February 1, 2011 at 15:12

  5. Well, I’ll say again your wasting your time.. You should be professional writer. Nice chapter and I like the direction the story is going. Hope you are well. Nice wheather we are having up here.


    February 2, 2011 at 09:31

  6. I wish I was going to go live at a camping place like that. That sounds like so much fun to me. I could live there for a long time. Is there a school close to them? Or they got do home school now? Great story Octo. Richard


    February 6, 2011 at 11:58

  7. Also so sorry it took me this long to read it to. Been busy and I just got to read it. Sorry.


    February 6, 2011 at 11:58

  8. Im really enjoying your story CT. Sounds like it is coming full circle and I’m very happy that Cam is finally giving Danny his complete love. Im sure the fresh start for the boys will bring exciting prospects as they start to come of age too. Please keep writing so that your thousands of readers may continue enjoying your great talent.

    Hugs and very best wishes always.



    February 7, 2011 at 06:58

  9. Beach

    June 15, 2011 at 14:36

  10. **SIGH**


    June 15, 2011 at 14:39

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