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2055 Chapter nine – Book II

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For the first time, in the longest time, Dale was awake well before his boyfriend. His eyes fluttering open, to be brought slowly from his peaceful slumber, meeting the light of the ever present day. Initially, he felt a little shock, so much was the novelty however, for some reason he just couldn’t tear himself away from the sight before him. Chuckling softly, so as not to wake his lover, he just laid there watching him sleep somewhat peacefully. Dale normally didn’t get that chance, because it was usually the other way around…, but this time…, this time he took the opportunity to study the boy that was very much his prize. And study he did, taking in all his most intimate and intricate details.

Though still slightly damaged, from the beating he’s taken earlier in the week, Carl was extremely attractive to Dale. First seeing him at the park, all those days ago after he’d run off, his heart had near collapsed, on it’s way to dropping through the ground with worry. In fact, he was so scared, Dale couldn’t help but think, he may just loose what he’d not long found. Even the tears he’d shed at that thought had not the slightest chance of lancing the pain he felt in that instant. Sadly that pain still wasn’t totally gone, but the news at the hospital had certainly calmed him down some, at the time. Up until then, he’d been so caught up with trying to keep his boy alive, he’d had little time for much else. Not even knowing really, who the attackers were, until the police approached him and his uncle in the waiting room several hours later.

Pushing those thoughts to the very back deepest darkest depths of his mind where they belonged, he edged a little closer. Close enough, that when he took a deep breath, he could inhale all the warmth and scent that was his boy. Then with eyes only, he very slowly traced the soft subtle curvature of his lover’s cheek, making his way to nose still wrapped in a small bandage, then down to the sharp but friendly jaw-line. Over the last two days, the swelling that had so marred the beauty of the boy he loved so very deeply had gone down and the bruising that once stark and angry black, had faded to a sickly kind of yellow. Regardless, Dale could still see that which lay beneath, and spent several minutes committing every single detail to his already considerable memory of such things.

Laid out before him, was the embodiment of his perfect man, from the beautifully still tanned almost olive skin of summer, skin that hinted at some far-flung Mediterranean ancestry, to the light peach fuzz hiding the odd small freckle, slightly darker than the soft silken surrounding surface…, nothing escaped his notice. The boy’s body was also perfect, as far as Dale was concerned, but that really wasn’t his focus just at that minute. He so wanted to touch, to slide the backs of his fingers over that fuzz, to caress that silky skin he so loved…, to run those fingers through that soft dark chocolaty brown hair…, but he dared not…, not yet. To be fair, just the mere sight of him was enough to make Dale excited, but these were the moments he really cherished…, it was all he could do not to reach out…, to bend against his will…, for to give in and touch, would surely pull his love from slumber.

Dale’s desire…, which was considerable, and almost overwhelming, was overridden by his concern, at that particular moment in time, however…, he had been the son of a very respectable doctor after all. Though if truth be told, he remembered little of her, all he had left was snippets of memories, more feelings and emotions than anything else. But what he did remember clearly, other than the way she would care for her boys when they hurt themselves or were unwell, was her undying love. Many was the time, that even after her death, Dale would think of that love and within himself, he would crawl inside it, pulling it closed around him like a tight little cocoon when he was scared, hurt or sick…, it never failed to give him some level of comfort…, some level of peace. Right then, he was doing everything he could, to try and project that very same feeling onto the boy lying next to him.

With every passing minute, bringing the clear of morning further and further through his post sleep fog, he soon came a sudden realization. In his heart, Dale knew he wasn’t really as surprised as he first thought. In fact, as soon as the novelty of the moment had passed, he felt little surprise at all, that it was to be this way that morning. Risking a small smile, he couldn’t help but find himself thanking whoever it was who was watching over them, that Carl did look at least mostly peaceful.

Thinking back on it, Dale could remember the previous night had been anything but, for both of them. As far as anyone had been concerned, Carl seemed mostly fine, especially when he was awake…, so good was he at hiding his feelings. But sleep was starting to bother him more and more, even to the point where the mere thought of sleep worried him greatly. Dale had never been convinced…, Dale had always known. Carl had tossed and turned all night, and Dale hadn’t gotten much sleep because of it…, not that it bothered him, more that it worried him deeply. Nights were getting harder and harder for both of them, though each for very different reasons, and he was scared that he wouldn’t have the strength to keep his boy sane for much longer.

You see, the note he’d left for his uncle the night before, hadn’t been a complete lie…, but then it hadn’t been the complete truth either. Carl wasn’t feeling well, that much was true, but his ailment was not of the physical sense. The simple fact of the matter was, he was terrified of closing his eyes. For when he did, all he could see was the angry dangerous faces of his brothers, would feel what was to him, the very real pain which followed…, both emotional and physical. No one was actually hurting him, on some level he did know that, it was just the powerful memories of the many torments he’d only just survived. It hurt Dale immensely, thinking of the anguish his lover was so obviously in. But even with that thought in mind, he still didn’t want to disturb his sleep, believing that at least whilst he slept, his body would get what it needed to heal…, even if his mind did not.

Since Carl had come into Dale’s life, as his boyfriend, his own outlook for the future had improved immeasurably. He’d thought at the time, that if this is what being in love feels like, he could easily get used to it. Though Dale still felt that way, it was also becoming quite clear to him that love definitely had it’s downsides. Even still, up until that eventful moment all those months ago, his every waking thought used to be of himself or maybe of his brother and uncle, now though without fail, almost every thought he had revolved around Carl in some way. He was also certain that the same was true, but in reverse for Carl. Love might indeed have a few drawbacks, but for Dale right then, he knew he’d fight his way through it…, he also knew the pair would come out stronger on the other side, if he had anything to say about it.

For nearly twenty minutes more, he laid there still, the only indication that he was even awake, being the fact that his eyes were open and fixed permanently, staring at his boy…, his lover. While he did so, not for the first time, he observed those little twitches in his face, the rapid movement of his eyes as he dreamed. Saw on the odd occasion, Carl’s lips seem to mouth words that he simply could not decipher, yet instantly knew the meanings of. Then all of a sudden, like the morning sun that takes it’s first peek over the horizon, Carl’s eyes crept open, just as a hesitant smile crossed his lips when he managed to be able to focus. As that smile grew to something far more substantial, he looked deeper into Dale’s piercing green eyes for the longest time, drinking in his love, before he finally spoke…

“That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever had to wake up to…, my Dale staring into my very soul.”

A similar smile, made it’s echo on Dale’s face, before without a word of his own, he finally and totally let go his restraint and leaned in to kiss his boy. When they kissed for the first time that morning it was tender, loving, and completely unhurried, as if they had all the time in the world. As their lips came together, Dale wrapped his arms around his lover, holding him as tight as he dared, while Carl made a very valiant attempt to pull himself away from the strong arms of Morpheus. Eventually, Carl returned his lover’s embrace and held him just as tight…, that is, until the needs of his bladder somehow managed to overpower his love. They broke their embrace grudgingly and then shucked back the covers on either side. Neither wanted the other to be alone that morning, so they both stood to walk, hand-in-hand into the bathroom they shared, before standing together to relieve themselves.

Not a word was spoken, not a word was needed, the smiles they gave each other spoke more than mere words could ever convey, as they moved as one to the shower. Dale reached in to set the temperature then turned to very slowly strip the pajamas from Carl’s taught frame. A leery grin that just wouldn’t quit broke out anew on Carl’s face, while he waited patiently. When he was nude, he pulled Dale into a warm embrace, then slowly went about the same task. Now that they were both as ready as they could be, they entered the stall. Still wordlessly, they caressed each other with slick, soapy hands, not missing even the smallest portion of the others skin…, skin that by now, they knew so well. Once clean and thoroughly rinsed, they exited the shower and lovingly towel dried the other’s body.

Returning to the bedroom proper, Dale plopped himself down on the still unmade bed, and watched intently as Carl went about the process of dressing himself. This was one of the parts that Dale truly loved each morning. Though he struggled to understand why, watching his boy dress, was just something incredibly erotic to him…, almost as good as watching him undress. For his part Carl simply emitted a soft chuckle, as he did most times, and left his lover to it…, he didn’t understand it either, but who was he to put an end to something that obviously gave great pleasure to the boy he loved.

Carl, who was normally the more solemn and quiet of the two, was the first to break the silence, since they’d left the safety of bed that morning. Having just finished putting on a pair of stark white ankle socks, which completed the ensemble of blue jeans and a dark green t-shirt, he stood and looked down at Dale, who was still very much naked and incredibly appealing…, not to mention up for the occasion…, it was everything he could do, not to fall to temptation…

“All right perv…, show’s over! … get up and get dressed so I can make the bed…”

“Aww…, do I have too…, can’t we just stay like this…?”

“No…, now come on…, besides I’m already dressed now…, you should have said something earlier…”

“We could change that pretty quickly you know…?” Dale said, with a strong leer in his eye.

“NO! … Look baby…, this has been the nicest morning I can remember in my entire life…, I don’t have to tell you but it makes me feel so really good to say…, I love you Dale McTiernan…, more than life itself…,” He said, as he held out both hands, when Dale placed his own in them, Carl gently pulled him up and slid his hands around his lovers waist, bringing them to rest just below the small of his back. “I don’t think I could continue without you…, and I can’t for a moment imagine my life without you.”

Carl then leaned in and gave Dale a tender kiss, tender yet full of immense passion. As he did so, he was slowly turning them in his embrace so that Dale’s back was now to the far wall, putting himself between Dale and the bed. When he broke the kiss, they were both smiling, and Carl gently smacked the silky smooth yet firm skin of Dale’s butt with both hands, before releasing his hold…

“Now get dressed so we can go down for some breakfast…, I’m starving!”

“Sneaky fucker!” Dale mumbled under his breath, as he saw the way things had transpired.

Still chuckling softly to himself, at his boy’s very cunning and devious nature, he did just that. By the time he was in an approximate match to his boyfriend’s ensemble, Carl had made the bed and tidied away the clothes that they’d worn the day before. Now that the chance of anything more amorous occurring was at the minimum, Carl pulled his lover back into an embrace. Looking at the clock, he decided they still had some time before Cam would probably have breakfast ready, so thought it might be appropriate to get something off his chest that had been bothering him since his attack.

He’d meant what he’d said earlier, that was the best morning of his life, but when he thought about the attack, all the fears and hurt came rushing back in. He tensed up, even though he felt safe where he was standing in Dale’s arms, he just couldn’t help it. Dale felt it too, how could he not, a man with no senses whatsoever could have felt it right then, but all he could do was hold a little tighter and ride it out. Eventually Carl managed to master himself, and led the two over to the small sofa that sat against the outside wall of their room. Still holding each other they sank back into it…

“I thought you were hungry?”

“I am…, there’s just something I have to talk to you about first…, ok?”

Dale looked deep into his eyes, and what he saw truly worried him. Gone was the soft lovable boy from the shower, in his place was the scared little boy that he’d held so closely the night before. His concern was almost overpowering, but he could feel that this wasn’t his time…, this was Carl’s time, so he just patiently waited him out, while he collected his thoughts.

Carl saw the look, could feel how anxious Dale was, but at the same time could feel the love that seeped from his every pore. You see, Carl had refused to press charges against his brothers, even when the police had gotten involved at the hospital. It was that, that was really on his mind at that moment…, the last few days had been a real struggle for him. It’s true, they had beaten him near to death, but he still loved his family…, still loved his brothers…, the problem was, he was so unsure if he’d done the right thing by not having them arrested. His fear that the same thing would happen again to him…, or worse…, Dale…, that’s what was causing him such stress.

He was a target now, that was the best that his fourteen year old mind could come up with, and the reason the nights were getting worse, was the fact that school was rapidly approaching. It wasn’t school itself that had him so concerned, no…, school he could handle…, it was the close proximity that school put him to his brothers. Sure he was still in junior high, and his brothers were both in highschool, the problem was, the highschool they attended backed onto his own. All this was running through his head, as he sat there staring back at Dale, it was only the soft smile that gave him the strength to let it all out…

“I love it when you hold me like this…, I feel so totally safe when you hold me…, when I’m in contact with you…, it’s like I’m on fire.., but it doesn’t hurt…, it’s wonderful…,” Carl began, and even though he fought it as hard as he could…, he just couldn’t hold back the tears as he continued…

“You don’t understand Dale…, and I’m glad that you’ve never had too…, but I’ve never really felt safe…, not in my entire life…, never! …, my brothers…, my dad…, they’ve always been there to torture me…, I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is not to be around them anymore.”

With the tears came sobs, deep body wracking sobs. It was all Dale could do not to give into them and break down himself, but he knew he couldn’t, he knew he had to be strong right then…, had to be there for Carl. Pulling him almost into his lap, he held on tight as he looked deep into his boy’s eyes…

“Don’t worry baby…, they’re not here…, they can’t hurt you now…, you just gotta put them and all the beatings…, and…, and everything…, out of your precious mind…, you’re with me now…, with us…, you’re totally safe…, I’d die to protect you…, you know that…, so would Uncle Cam…, and Corey…, that’s a promise!”

“God I love you Dale! …, I love you all so much…, but especially you…, you don’t know how much you saying that means to me…,” Carl replied, looking back into those eyes he so loved…, it broke his heart to continue, but he just couldn’t see any other way…, “… I’ve put you in danger though…, I don’t know about Charlie…, but Tony won’t stop…”

“I love you too Carl…, more than I can find words to express…, I love you with all my heart!” He said, as he leaned in to softly kiss away the other boy’s tears. “But don’t worry baby…, I’m not gonna let them hurt you anymore…, not ever…, last time they had you alone and unaware…, I’m not gonna let you out of my sight from now on…, and Corey won’t either…, between us we can take those punks!”

Dale squeezed his boy tightly, as if that alone would hold back all the worlds monsters,  and right then, it was doing a pretty good job. Carl returned the squeeze with his one arm that was still around Dale, and with his other, he pulled a hand free and took hold of it tightly. Stroking the soft skin on the back of that hand, which he had taken possession of, he slowly ran the tips of his fingers over the slightly pronounced veins he found there. Initially, he did it to try and calm himself, but as his fingers made their way, he suddenly felt himself recharging…, that fire brewing and roiling around him.

“I hope you’re right dude…, I really do…, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow huh? …, no point in worrying until then”

*          *          *

The poor little guy just wasn’t himself at all that morning, even though it had started particularly well for him, but with all the stuff that was going on in his head that day, there was still something else at the back of young Carl’s mind. Something that still bothered him greatly, though with the events of the last week, he hadn’t had the time to fully sort it all out yet. It was, however, something he felt a strong need to get sorted out, and in somewhat of a hurry. Because quite simply, unlike all the rest of the many things that he had to think about lately, he felt at least with this, he had some level of control over the issue, and made the decision to do so at the earliest convenience possible.

When the boys went down to breakfast, his resolve steadily built with each passing minute, so much so that by the time they were sitting down to the veritable feast laid out before them, he was going through steps in his head, forming plans, and making some headway in the process. Though he was concentrating hard on his problem, he still took time to enjoy the delicious meal. It was Sunday, and just like every other Sunday since he’d first moved in, the table was covered with everything that makes a tasty breakfast, bacon, link sausages, pancakes, eggs, and toast.

The word ‘Gusto’ is close, but even that wasn’t quite adequate enough to describe the way Carl attacked his breakfast that morning. He was like a man possessed and even Corey, the human eating machine, was impressed with his efforts. In fact, if a stranger was to walk in right then, you could certainly forgive them for thinking the boy had never been fed before. As soon as he finished gorging himself, he sat there patiently waiting for the others to do likewise. Though his patience was rapidly wearing thin, he did his best not too let it show, after all…, it wasn’t their fault he was in such a hurry. Taking a few moments to calm himself down, he started to take notice of his surroundings, he’d always been pretty observant, he’d had to be to survive his previous life.

Sitting there at the table he looked over at each of the people he cared for most in the world. Started to listen more closely to what they were saying. Paying closer attention, he soon found that like always, conversation must have been pretty light throughout the meal. This didn’t really surprise him, as it usually was that way…, he’d even joined in when it went to talking about the up coming school term.

Though when the conversation turned to the events of yesterday, Carl’s impatience took a serious backwards step, as he watched Corey squirm a little…, he had no idea why, but was confident that he would find out in due course. Thinking about it a little deeper though, there was a definite possibility it had something to do with his cousin’s relationship with Sam…, he knew the two had spent a considerable amount of time alone together the day before.

Feeling distinctly uncomfortable, Corey himself increased his efforts, and as soon as he was finished, made as hasty a getaway as he could…, this in turn gave Carl his long awaited opportunity and he jumped on it with both feet so it wouldn’t get away. The problem was that Danny was still there…, it’s not that he had any problem with that per-se…, it’s just that this was a rather private thing, and he didn’t want to share just yet…

“Cam…, um…, I…, I mean we…, have a question…, can we talk for a minute?” Carl asked, concern clearly shown on his face.

Cam looked around the table, then at the boys. “All of us?”

Carl spoke up quickly, but with an apologetic look towards Danny. “No…, alone please…, I mean…, just you Dale and I.”

There was an instant look of disappointment shown clearly on Danny’s face, but even he accepted the situation as what it was. He knew there was going to be times like this, when one or all of the boys would need to have a private word with Cam, but that didn’t completely stop the feelings of being shut out…, he had been secretly hoping he could get to that place with them as well. Still, it was early days yet, and not wanting to jeopardize any chance he may have in the future, as gracefully as he could he got up, then with a knowing nod and small smile to Carl, he left the room.

Carl, still looking his way, said to Danny as he was almost out the door…, “I’m sorry Danny…, it’s nothing personal…, honest…, we’ll only be a few minutes.”

A backward wave and a soft “I know”, was the only answer he needed. For Cam’s part though, he was more than a little concerned. In the past, anything that needed discussing, had usually been open to all, so the fact that this wasn’t, meant to him that it was surely something big. Even Dale was apparently in the dark, if his expression was anything to go by. Still they had the room to themselves, so Cam thought to just let it play out as it will, he did however, get up and started to clear the table…

“Ok…, so you got me…, what’s this all about?” he asked.

“Incest.” Carl said, rather more calmly than he felt at the moment.

Calm was a situation that suddenly Cam was not all that familiar with either, at that  exact point in time. As a bolt of shock that emanated deep in his gut, traveled up the back of his spine, passed through his brain, then ended up in his hand, forcing him to drop the frying pan he’d just picked up to rinse at the sink. When the word finally sunk in, he turned in stark disbelief at the two boys sitting at the far side of the table, just in time to catch the shocked expression on his nephew’s face. Carl however was undeterred…

“Now that we’re legally cousins . . . are we…, you know…?” He said, now wondering why he couldn’t say it.

Having at first, thought the absolute worst, Cam now grinned and took a deep satisfying, and very calming breath.

“Jesus Christ Carl! … You scared the shit out of me…”

Carl gasped and threw his hands over his mouth, as the full implication of that and his last statement, hit him like the proverbial freight train. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought Cam would jump to that conclusion…, so he hurriedly tried to cover his quickly rising embarrassment. It’s a shame his hands didn’t reach far enough to cover his ears, ears that had turned the brightest shade of pink. Seeing his boyfriends instant change in colour, Dale tried to jump to the rescue…

“Uncle Cam…, you’re a good looking guy…, but you’re totally not his type…”

“Oh man…” Carl muttered under his breath, as he tried very valiantly to will himself into sinking through the floor. This wasn’t going at all like how he’d planned.

“HA! … So you say small fry…, so who is his type then…?”


“Oh god…, shut up Dale…, I love you…, but you’re just making this worse…, Cam I meant Dale and I…”

Now that the absurdity of the situation had finally cleared the very tense air in the room, all parties took a deep breath. Cam was first to speak, this was one of the things that he’d anticipated, and had been meaning to talk to the boys about long before now. In fact he felt a little bad about it, since now that the boys thought they had to bring the subject up themselves. If he hadn’t been so preoccupied lately….

“Well…, in the letter of the law…, I would have to say yes.” He began, and saw the instantly crestfallen looks on both the boys faces, even Dale now seemed to be worried about the possible implications this would have on their relationship. “But! … Understand that the reason incest laws came into being was that the genetics of marrying your first cousin or an immediate family member was a child that may well have some serious problems…, so…, I don’t think that’s a danger with you two.”

Both boys had been on the edge of their seats as they listened to what Cam had to say, now that what they thought as the worst of it was over, they both collapsed back into their chairs, relief flooding over them like a warm summer’s rain. However, Cam wasn’t quite finished just yet…

“Since you’re both still only fourteen…, and the age of consent is sixteen…, and even though you’re both willing partners…, there still might be problems under the eyes of the law…, so until you turn sixteen you still have to be careful…, personally I don’t see it as an issue at all…, but others might…, ok?”

“So you don’t care that we’re sleeping together…, and that we…, well…?”

“Look boys…, of course I care about it…, to be fair to you both…, I’d much rather you weren’t there yet…, but I can’t put the genie back into the bottle any more than you can…, nope you’re free to bump uglies all you want…, well…, depending on where you do it and how loud he moans.” Cam said, pointing at Dale.

“Uncle Cam!” Dale blushed.

Carl, grinning slyly, then with a chuckle that he just couldn’t help…, “Yeah…, Dale’s definitely the screamer…, I’m pretty quiet in comparison.”

Dale’s normally beautiful tan had faded since the sun had disappeared for the winter, and unfortunately for him, this caused him to find incredibly deep shades of red, as he turned and looked at Carl…, started to speak and then just as quickly shut his mouth, grinning in crimson silence. The boy was a lot of things.., but dumb wasn’t one of them…, he knew when he was beat.

“Yeah well…, those little soprano squeals of yours leave very little to the imagination kiddo…”

“Wha…, what d’ya mean…?” It was again Carl’s turn to change colour.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve told you how thin those walls are…, you could try to be a little more discreet…, if not for me…, then for Corey…, he’s the only one that can’t share in that kind of fun…”

“Shit! …, sorry Uncle Cam…, well try to be more quiet.”

“Good boys.., now.., unless you plan on helping me here…, I suggest you run…, fast.” Cam said with just the right air of a threat around him.

A teenage stampede suddenly occurred and Cam stood alone, staring at the mess the kitchen was in. Not that it bothered him much, he knew he wouldn’t be alone for long, and shortly after that thought made it’s way through his mind, a pair of well formed arms slid their way around his waist.

“Good talk with the boys…?” Danny said, as he lightly kissed his mans neck.

“Yeah something like that…, you know if you keep doing that you’re gonna get me all excited…”

“What can I say…, a little ‘Personal Growth’ and gratification never hurt anybody.” Danny chuckled.


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August 15, 2010 at 23:13

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  1. Great chapter. I cried and laughed at and with Carl and Dale. The sexual truths and misconceptions of fourteen year olds is truely amazing. Cam handled the situation pretty dang well, considering what he thought was coming in the talk. And thankfully, Danny was not the topic of concern. It is good that Carl went to the Rock of his young life, And Cam and Dale were there for him . Looking forward to your next chapter. Dave


    August 16, 2010 at 05:48

    • Thanks Dave, I appreciate your comment. I hope I can live up to your anticipation.



      August 17, 2010 at 17:56

  2. I really liked this one.


    August 18, 2010 at 12:10

  3. Very nice, emotional, chapter. Eagerly awaiting the next.


    August 20, 2010 at 04:36

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