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1007 Chapter seven – The Sailor’s Awakening.

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I cruised into the office, that Monday morning, with a sense of satisfaction. The boys were still fast asleep in their beds as I crept out of the house. Last night Dale had pulled me aside, after he had gotten out of the hot tub, and asked if Carl could sleep over. I told him that it was up to him, that I trusted his judgement…, I also reminded him how thin the wall was between our two rooms. I wasn’t really expecting him to not, do anything, I kinda just hoped that he wouldn’t. To be honest, I still felt he was too young, though these things happen, I well know that, so all I could do is trust that he would be safe.

Breezing through the outer office, I greeted the Petty Officer I shared as a PA, with a colleague. He was young, bright and all too timid, with Dark brown hair, and even darker large brown eyes. His name was Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Harrison, and to be honest…, he really was quite cute, I noticed for the first time. I dumped my bag in its customary place beside my large wooden desk, and flopped back into my plush leather office chair. Looking around the room with its tall fern in the corner by the bay window, and its various pictures on the wall, I realised just how much I enjoyed it here. The memories stored on those walls, were a treasure, almost as good as the years I had gotten with the boys.

No matter how many times my eyes wandered those walls, I always stopped at one. My most prized memory…, a picture of Mark and I, at the base just outside Basra. My team had been running operations out of that base for a couple of weeks, when Mark’s unit had rotated in to relieve the current Ranger Company. Yes Mark was a Ranger, which I admit put him above most other Army personnel, but…, he was still a Groundpounder. I had had no idea that he was coming in, and when I saw him my heart near exploded with happiness at the sight of my friend.

To be fair, we made quite the scene really…, and there was the usual cat calls and shouts of “Homo” as we came together in greeting. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe we got away with what we did, but I guess unless you really know what is going on then two guys hugging in the middle of a firebase, is really just two old friends saying hello. As much as the military is very found of saying how manly it’s men are, really when you get right down to it, where the metal meets the meat, all you have is each other. In those circumstances, with crap flying every which way and you’re huddled down trying desperately to keep safe…,  even the most staunch homophobes seem all too happy to receive some comfort from a buddy.

Back to reality though…, that picture, why we’d thought that sitting in a gun position would make a good photo was beyond me. Not to mention the fact that the shutter came down just as a Blackhawk flew past kicking up a shit ton of dust. It had a great effect to the picture, but we coughed like bastards at the time. That was the last time we had gotten together before he was killed. Nothing had happened between us…, other than getting absolutely slaughtered on cheap whiskey, reminiscing about high school. I guess that’s why I took his death so hard…, he’d been so close when it had happened, but I was powerless to do anything about it. Mark used to say “Friendship is like pissing your pants, everyone can see it but, only you can feel the warmth of it.” Well buddy I haven’t felt that warmth in a long time.

Ah memories… I thought to myself, taking a moment, before I leafed through the mail. There was the usual Monday morning clutter, a couple of faculty newsletters, a weekly campus magazine, a few flyers…., and an official envelope. A little nervously I opened the letter…, I read it slowly…, then read it again, before sitting back in my chair with a sigh of relief. I had thought for a moment that I was about to be deployed. However, it was just a request to re-certify for fleet carrier flight operations. I hadn’t done this in a while, and somebody had obviously noticed. If I wanted to keep my wings, I would have to prove I could still do the job. Hmm…, need to do something about that I suppose. I put the letter aside as my cell started to vibrate its way across my desk. I picked it up and scanned the caller ID…

“Dale buddy what’s up?”

“Uncle Cam you need to come home right away!”

“Hey bud slow down…, what’s wrong?”

“Carl’s dad is outside and he’s pissed! Please come home now…”

…. And the line went dead. I had started moving out the door, at the first “come home”, but now I was running. As I passed Danny on the way out I asked him to cancel my afternoon, and inform the boss that I would be out on family business. The boys had never done this and I was worried, I can’t tell you the amount of things going through my mind at that moment…, the only concern I had was getting home. I tried several times to call Dale, Corey, and the house, with no success, so instead I tried Reggie…

“Reggie, Jesus!  At least someone knows how to answer a phone, can you see my place…, can you see what’s going on?”

“Oh Cameron, that man has been out there for ten minutes yelling and screaming for Carl to come out and face his punishment…., I think he might know, and if he does, he’s not happy about it!”

“Are the boys safe?”

“I think so, I think they’ve the door barricaded…., oh lordy Cameron, he’s a big man, be careful!”

“I will Reggie…, I’m almost there, if he gets in the house call the police, in fact you better call anyway…, ok I’m at Jefferson…, yeah I can see him now…”

I threw the phone onto the passenger seat as I did a fast “skid turn” into the driveway, and leapt out…

“Hi there…” I said rather more calm than I felt at that moment…, I could see things going south in a big hurry if I didn’t handle this in just the right way.

“Who the fuck are you!?”

My god he was big! Six foot three at least, and he looked like a steel worker from the docks or something. The man was not just big…, he was a small building! I approached a little, stopping just short of about five feet from him. All the while  maintaining my calm, hoping he would catch the feeling and answered…

“I’m the man who owns the lawn you’re standing on…, is there some kind of a problem?

“Fuck yes there’s a problem! You’re raising a FUCKING FAGGOT! And he’s turned my son into one!”

“Well to be honest Mr Sommers…, I assume you’re Carl’s father…., it doesn’t really work that way…, and if you ever use that word in my presence again you’ll really wish you hadn’t.”

“FUCK YOU SAILOR BOY! When that boy left yesterday to go to a ‘friends’ house, he wasn’t gay…, and now this morning he comes home and tells me he is. If I had known he was coming to this little queers house, I would have locked him in his room! NO SON OF MINE IS A QUEER…, YOU HERE THAT BOY? GET YOUR LITTLE ASS OUT HERE AND GET READY FOR A BEATING…, I’M GONNA BEAT THE GAY RIGHT OUT OF YOU!”

I was hoping at this point the police would’ve arrived, I really hoped that Reggie had called them, as I could feel myself getting more and more pissed at this guy as he continued…

“And you! Don’t give me that shit…, if that’s the way you think then you’re obviously one too! Not surprising really, everyone knows you sailors are all queer for each other…”

I really didn’t want to let that stand, but as he was yelling I noticed three scared boys peeking through the sitting room windows. He was big, but I was better, this I knew. However I also knew that no man should be beaten in front of his son, no matter how much he deserved it.

“Now sir…, I’m going to let that one go because you are obviously under a considerable amount of stress at the moment, but only once will I do this…, do not presume to project your hatred onto one of the services that provide you the freedoms you obviously take for granted.”

“FUCK YOU FAG BOY! You don’t scare me with all those ribbons and gold. I WAS A FUCKING MARINE! We’d eat guys like you for breakfast then ask for seconds.”

Marine, eh? This just got a whole lot more complicated. Quickly I appraised the situation…., he was older, but only by five years or so, he outweighed me by at least a hundred pounds, he must have some training if he was a marine, he was in a rage and I had been behind a desk for the last five years. This was not going to be a walk in the park…

“All right then marine…” I said as I threw my hat into the jeep, and unbuttoned my shirt, which went the same way, “I’ll make you a deal…, you and me one on one, if you can take me in a fair fight you can do what you like…, but if you lose, you leave peacefully and we’ll talk about this when you calm down…, deal?”

“You’re on!”

“UNCLE CAM NO!” Screamed Dale, as he banged on the window.

Well that was interesting, I thought as I picked myself up off of the ground, clutching my jaw. He had moved faster than I thought he would have been capable, as I had turned my attention to Dale for a split second. I won’t make that mistake again!

I looked up to see him coming in again, and I dropped to the ground and rolled out of his range. Springing to my feet, I dropped into a crouching attack as he swung again. This time however he was off balance, and going the wrong way, I put two quick jabs into his left side, and spun around with the momentum, to put a kick to the back of his knee. He went down with a grunt as his knee made a sickening smacking sound into the earth, but was up again in less than a second. My jabs had done the trick though, as he was visibly slower.

His rage, was doing nothing to slow him down any, and as I sidestepped again, this time the other way, he lunged with another of those crushing blows. All he did though was to overextended himself and I brought my elbow down on his back, between the shoulder blades, with a sickening crunch. By now he was obviously in pain, because, his breathing was laboured…, hopefully I hadn’t done to much damage to his ribs.

Wanting to end this quickly, as even through the pain he was still formidable, I took a risk and stepped inside his reach with a left right combo to the jaw and the side of his head, culminating in a roundhouse kick to the other side of his head, and following through with another few quick jabs to the sternum, and a further uppercut to the jaw. All this happened in seconds, that’s the trick when dealing with someone much bigger, they may have bulk and strength on their side, but you have speed…, the death of a thousand cuts. He was tough but he went down.

“Are we through?” I asked looking down on him, my knee digging into his neck.

“We’re…, through” He gasped through the pain. “And so is he, if he’s a fairy, then he’s no son of mine and I want nothing to do with him!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way…,” I said getting up. “If you ever want to see your son he’ll be here. Now get off my property before the cops arrive, and I file trespassing charges!”

“Dad! Dad please…” Carl said running out the door, “Dad I’m sorry, but I can’t change the way I am.”

“Until you do, you’re dead to me boy and to my family!” He didn’t shout, but the finality in his voice was earth shattering. All Carl could do was drop to his knees, his face in hands, his tears escaping between his fingers.

The bastard limped off just as the police arrived…, perfect timing as always, I had been about to go after him again. It took some explaining with the police, but after the prick had left, several of the neighbours had come out to corroborate my story. Not to mention the obvious fact that the boys were all shaken up. While the cops were taking statements, I called my boss to explain what had happened. I left out certain details of course, it was not my place to “Out” anyone. He suggested that, due to the circumstances, I should take some leave time, to stay with the boys. That’s the beauty of having a family man as a commander I suppose.

After the cops had left I ushered the boys inside, I looked over at Reggie, and she followed. I lead everyone into the kitchen and told them to sit down, while I put the kettle on. I noticed that Dale had taken the seat next to Carl, and had his arm around him, that was good, he needed the comfort at that point. It was then that I spoke…

“Carl I am so sorry that it’s come to this, but I want you to know that you’re always welcome here. Your dad’s really angry at the moment, but I hope he’ll calm down and realise what he has done…”

“He won’t…, he hates gays, I should’ve never told him!”

“Why did you?”

“When I came home he asked where I was last night, and I told him.”

“But how did he know Dale was gay?”

“My brother…, see there’s rumours going around school…, everyone thinks he is, and Dale never denies it…”

“Wait a minute, I’ve never heard these rumours…” Corey interrupted.

“They’re there trust me on that one bro…” Said Dale.

“You and I are going to have another talk later.” I said to Dale, then turned to Carl, as I put out cups of tea for everyone, “So your brother told your dad, and he went at you?”

“He chased me off yeah…, I didn’t know where else to go, so I came here. I didn’t think he would follow me…, I’m sorry I put you guys in danger.” That last bit had his head in his hands crying again. Dale just rubbed his back affectionately.

“I can’t say I’m happy about it, but I can see why you came here. I meant what I said before…., you are always welcome here. Though this puts me in an uncomfortable position. Perhaps it would be better if you stayed with Reggie, can you take him?”

“In a heart beat, but it’s up to him.”

“I don’t mean to be rude Mrs Lipscomb, you’re a really nice lady, but I’d rather stay here if that’s all right?”

“Of course it is dear, isn’t it Cameron?”

“Sure but…, I’ll have to talk to a lawyer…, I need to see what needs doing to put you in my care for the moment. Is there anything you want or need from home?”

“Yeah…, some clothes and stuff…”

“I’ll go over there later today…., that man won’t dare hit a woman, I can assure you of that! Just put a list together and I’ll collect it.”

“Thanks Reggie…” I said.

“Thank you Mrs Lipscombe.” Said Carl.

“Think nothing of it dear, call me Reggie.”

“Ok Carl, well for as long as stay with us, you can call this house home. You can tale over the guest room as yours…, I know you two have become close, but while you live here I want you to be respectful of this house, of me and of the law. I can’t and won’t stop you from doing anything, just remember that this is a trust thing.”

At that all the boys looked at me. Each look was different and to be honest…, unsettling, but I silenced each look with a look of my own.

“All right?”

“Sure thing Uncle Cam…” Corey

“Yes Uncle Cam…” Dale

“Yes Mr Trevellian, you can trust me…” said Carl.

“I hope so boys. Like I said I can’t stop you, you’re going through some things that need exploration…, I understand that…, but I expect you all to be in your own beds at night…, and Carl, from now on you can call me Cam.”

Each boy nodded their assent, and I went upstairs to shower and change.

Later that afternoon, Reggie returned with Carl’s things, and the boys helped him set up his new room. I took a look in the door a couple of hours later, to tell him that dinner was ready. Good thing I knocked first, though the guilty red faces of Carl and Dale told the story better than actually catching them in the act. Like I said before I didn’t really mind, as boys will be boys. I just hoped they would live up to the nightly bed rule. They arrived down stairs a few minutes later, still a little red in the face, and we sat down to dinner. A nice meal of steak, salad, and a baked potato, with apple berry cobbler and custard for dessert.


Written by bigct/Octavius

November 15, 2009 at 15:50

4 Responses

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  1. Theres the reason I never came ourt until both parents were gone. I can’t help but think I lost out on some happiness but who knows. Great chapter! Keep writing!


    November 15, 2009 at 17:06

  2. Whew! Things are developing faster than I ever imagined. I guess it
    is for real with this boy Carl. Unforgiving fathers are no fucking fun.
    That has to be a real bad situation all around now. Being a parent now for three boys is not gonna be a picnic. You have you hands full and then some!


    August 22, 2010 at 16:00

  3. Wow, things sure happen quickly in this story! You’re a terrific story-teller…lots of action. I am enjoying
    your style. Thanks for sharing! Vern


    July 8, 2011 at 13:40

  4. *sigh* hatred and bigotry, though we say it’s betting better, is it really? Those that never spoke before may be on a gay persons side now, but not as many as should be. Don’t you wonder what bigots and homophobes are so afraid of. What hard does who we love, do them ? *sigh* I have yet to hear a reasonable answer to that question and I am probably old enuf to have heard as many answers as drops of water in the oceans


    May 4, 2012 at 18:42

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